Bringing healthy food to Strathcona Heights

This is your United Way Minute. MarketMobile is a rolling grocery store that
comes into Strathcona Heights which is a neighbourhood in Sandy Hill. I’m a community developer with Sandy Hill
Community Health Centre and I work in this neighbourhood as part of a United Way-funded
project called “Taking Action Together”. We’ve built community gardens and we’ve partnered
up to create food banks and we’ve also partnered up with MarketMobile to bring it into this
neighbourhood so that people do have better access to healthy and fresh food. As a young mom, I had a double stroller and
I had to walk all the way downtown. It was pretty heavy. I had two kids, a bunch of shopping bags… So, to have this MarketMobile, it’s amazing. Bringing fresh, healthy, affordable food into
this community is really important towards contributing to a better quality of life and
healthier lifestyle for the people who live here. Help build strong communities. Make a donation at
or call (613) 228-6700.

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