Bulgogi [korean food recipe/cooking] 불고기, Local people make

(Korean traditional food) (Bulgogi Cooking Method) (Today, let’s make bulgogi with a Korean local family.) Let’s find out how to make bulgogi, a traditional Korean dish. Na: It looks like she’s starting surgery. Mom: This is pork. B: I’m preparing pork. B: Pork that is already cut to a size that is good to eat when purchasing. B: What is the purpose of this act? MOM: I’m wiping out the blood, because to get rid of the bad smell. MOM: Soy sauce. / Na: Soy sauce. MOM: Put the soy sauce in the right place. Na: It’s a pepper. MOM: Put it in there. Na: What is this? / MOM: Garlic! Na: That’s fine. MOM: Put it in moderately (about a spoon) MOM: Daginomycetes MOM: This is alcohol. Mom: Just a little soju. MOM: And this is sesame oil. MOM: A little bit. MOM: It’s a sesame oil made in the country. MOM: I’ll add some more garlic. Na: And it mixes well, doesn’t it? (Mixed with meat) MOM: Now let’s wait a little while and let it ripen. Na: Wait until the seasoning is marinated in the meat. (Waiting the meat to mature well) (About 20 minutes later) (Prepare carrots and onions for meat) (Prepare mushrooms for use.) (Now I’m going to bake the ripe meat.) (In fact, it’s more like cooking than baking.) (Down with prepared vegetables) (Add extra shredded red pepper and green onion.) Mom: Isn’t the food color pretty? (Cook like this for 20 minutes and it’s done.) (My brother told me that it’s a tall exercise to stand against a wall like this and stay still.) (It looks like a pathetic exercise.) (Tasty Korean Traditional Cooking Bulgogi) (My younger brother refuses the interview and runs away.) Na: That’s really not helping. Younger brother: This is the first-ever denial of broadcasting (It’s time to eat.) (I think we should taste it if it’s made good, right?) (Normally, Koreans eat Bulgogi with vegetables like me.) (Of course, a little ssamjang.) Bulgogi is a traditional Korean dish that has been eaten for thousands of years. It is a barbecue dish that contains the wisdom of our ancestors. Bulgogi is said to be the only food in the world where meat is marinated in a sauce and grilled. There are similar foods in China, but they are not marinated in advance, but they are roasted or ground and eaten with seasoning. Thanks for watching.

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