Burristas Burrito Food Truck Hamburg

i´m Vivian and this is Jil. Together we are Burristas. We have the first Burrito Truck in North Germany, rolling through Hamburgs Streets.. and deliver our tasty Burritos to the people Our Burritos are made with only fresh ingredients we use only our homemade sauces, which we prepar fresh everyday we use only German meat and in-season vegetables Our burritos is prepared with Mexican rice and black beans creme and of cause our famous pulled beef or pulled chicken, then we add some fresh salad some grated cheese, if you wish we will add… our homemade guacamole creme, then we roll up the burrito give it out and you’re ready to roll! Bon appétit! what we enjoy about running a food truck, ist driving to new locations and meeting new people and spreading the word and the movement to the people as siblings we are the perfect team we know our strengths we complementary ourselves. In stress situations, we keep cool because we are siblings and make the perfect team Hurricane: We´re happy to have you on board. Jil & Vivian

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