Bushcraft in May | Hammock Camping, Camp Cooking, Feather Sticks, Flint & Steel.

It’s May. I’ve got my bushcrafting gear
with me. I’m bushcrafting in May. Hi folks I’m Craig Taylor and as always a huge
thanks for joining me here on my youtube channel
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if you are a regular subscriber or watcher you will know whether for the
past two-and-a-half years I guess I’ve made a commitment to come out every
single month of the year and either spend all day outside spend an
overnighter or do a combination of the two and that’s what I’m doing in 2019 in
fact for the first time in 2019 I’ve come out not just for the rest of today
but I’ve actually come out to do an overnighter and spend most of tomorrow
out in the woods as well if you’re one of those regular viewers you’ll know
that rather than just coming out to potter about in the woods aimlessly I
like to come out with with a list of things to do a plan and may is no
exception on my hit list for this month and in no particular order I am going to
try out my new hammock for an entire night I’m going to try sleeping in my
new hammock for the first time so that will be a that will be an experience one
way or the other other things I wanted to tick off as
well I wanna carve an adjustable pot hanger I want to make a simple one pot
meal in my Billy can I would like to try flint and steel as a fire starting
method haven’t touched on that for a little while so I want to revisit the
flint and steel using differents hinders who I can get to it to take a spark and
the other thing that I want to do which is a little unusual is I have a new
second-hand video camera I’ve actually had it for a while now but I’ve never
used it at night and one of the reasons that I bought this one is because it has
an inbuilt or a built-in light on it which I hope will allow me to extend my
filming somewhat into the night time so those
things that I want to tick off this month I’m not gonna get any of those
things done by stood here waffling to you so where so let’s get cracking shall
we first things first I’m gonna get my
hammock and sample reason being he’s been a very clear data lovely warmed
over the last two or three hours there’s been a big buildup of cloud I don’t
think they’re rain clouds they’re really high they’re really quite light but it’s
a significant difference to this morning so I’m gonna use this tree to put my
hammock between a might tap above that I’ve never set up a hammock and tap
together I have it was 24 years ago but let’s forget that I’ve never in living
memory set up a hammock and tap together it looks like the hammock goes at first
and the tap over the top of that clearly not underneath that but you’re not I
mean the hammock first then the tap so that’s the order that I’m going to do it
today I’ve also discovered a new knot and I’ve got a becket hitch I believe it
is that will negate me needing to use a carabiner that I’ve used in my previous
videos it’ll also negate me needing to tie loops in my strut my tree strap to
string the hammock from it’s all done via Rebecca H and therefore is theoretically infinitely adjustable
unlike the loops that I’ve been tying him let’s see a close-up and see what
I’m doing and I’ll talk you through well no I won’t talk you through it because
I’ve never done this before you but you can see what I’m doing if I feel
confident enough I will talk you through it that I believe will find out when I’ve
been in bed about 30 minutes today and it all comes crashing down but that I
believe is the Becca it’s the thing I was taught to look at rules to make sure
that the continuous loop is on top of the strap and above the knot itself and
that yeah I can see how that works that is not going to corned unless I pull on
the dead end of the strap here that isn’t gonna come undone so perfect I’m
gonna go and tweak this now both this end and that end to get it level and to
get the 30 degree angle between the years a continuous loop and the strap
itself but in terms of the knot I’m happy with that and of course all I need
to do now is to loosen that off move the continuous loop that will pour down the
strap and I’ve got my infinite adjustment there as opposed to
previously when there was you know every six to eight inches there was a loop and
I was carabiner in into that this infinitely adjustable off-camera I’ve
tweaked the height of the hammock in terms of the tree straps I’ve adjusted
the Becket hitches at both ends to get the man to get the angle that I’m
looking for there is one thing that’s bothering me though and it’s the fact
that I’ve just mentioned that all I have to do to undo this Becket itch is to
pull on this end it’s quick release it will all pull through which is great for
when you’re stripping down in the morning not so great if you accidentally
catch this around your bow on a night pull it all through and your hammock
collapses here’s what I’m gonna do when I kill two birds with one stone and then
I take this loose end of strap which I would have coiled up anyway I’m calling
it all up into a really really loose hank there just enough to tidy it up I’m
gonna place that into this loop it’s now acting as a safety catch if you like I’m
gonna pull that loop tight there now if that loose Hank of cordage hadn’t been
there the whole Becket it would have undone but this strap now we stopping it
pulling through and it’s no longer on the ground loose around me and
if we get any rain in the night and it runs down the tree strap this is acting
as a rain stop to allow that to drip off not gone to my continuous loop and on
sir my precious hammock the hammock is up fingers crossed it stays up
throughout the night while I’m laying in it next job is to get the tap above that
get the top stakes out and then I’ve got a warm dry area to work from should the
heavens open there we go all set up quite happy with
that kissing it was it was the first time I’ve done that a couple of things
it’s made me realize is the higher up you put your hammock when you strap it
the higher you have to reach in order to be able to get your tap ridge line above
the tree strap so yeah once it might be fun to be higher off the ground it isn’t
fun when you’re trying to outdo that even further with your tap resign I’ve
got ever such a slight concern with this at the far end the the the the part
where the tap is gathered together and bunched up and the continuous loop runs
off it it’s underneath the tap by probably there are maybe a fist
something like that this end here it’s protruding from the tap by about a fist
so my worries if you were to have rain they the actual tap material itself is
exposed there and if that gets wet now it’s just gonna seep down into me and
give me a pretty busy miserable night there’s not all I can do I
it’s not like I’m too far one way or not the other if I move it at this end and
push it that way that ends going to protrude so I just need I need to have a
think about this in the future I guess just does the hammock need to have more
of a bend in it I don’t think that would lead to a good night’s sleep is the tap
the wrong size maybe that’s maybe I’ve got too small a tower or do I need to
put the thing about putting the tap like I’ve seen some photographs on a diagonal
this tap layout you can see here is the standard a-frame that I go for maybe I
need to go for more of a Dimond type configuration I’ll try it out another
time but for tonight I’m gonna stick with this and I think before I go to bed
I’m going to create some sort of ad hoc probably with my air by de sac liner
some sort of ad hoc temporary extension to the end of my tap
I’m just hoping I don’t need to get planning permission for the said
extension no gonna make a start on getting all the the fuel kindling tinder
together you can see that I’ve already got a bird’s nest ready there of dead
ferns keeping it off the ground on this bench I’ve got a decent couple of
armfuls of silver birch twigs pencil led thickness
and above and now what I’m going to do is process down some already butchered
on some already quartered pieces of pine I think their pay I want to move butcher
those down process those down into some some fairly decent size thicknesses of
kindling and then hopefully all my fire stuff will be together and I can make a
step on my pot hanger and get some food down my neck Jenga as mentioned at the outset of the
video I’m gonna go with flint and steel to try and start this fight here there’s
the Flint there’s the steel there’s some Chad would I come around in my face
starting kit there it’s on top of a small amount of honeysuckle and that’s
on top of the dried phones that you’ve seen earlier on so let’s see if I can
get this charred wood to catch a spark I’ve not had great success with child in
the past I’ve often found it difficult to get a spark to learn but let’s see if
today’s going to be any different lots of spice hope you’re picking that
up plenty of sparks getting one to land is another matter okay I’m scrubbing that not because I’ve
got no patience but because time is ticking on it’s actually it’s quite a +7
at night now I’m not gonna have liked for too much longer so something I need
to practice when I don’t have when I’m not up against the clock let’s stick a
bloody great big piece of charcoal in there now let’s see how we get on with
that there we go okay once landed I just want to drop a few more on now that’s
long did well that’s taken well okay splendid Jim he does it create any does that one pot meal time the pot be my zebra
Billy camp the meal being this let me talk you through what I’ve got in here I
love these sorts of meals I think they’re they’re nutritious they’re
incredibly filling they’re incredibly simple to make they take up little or no
space at all what have I got in here I’ve got a couple of handfuls of dried
pasta I’ve got a handful of mushrooms that I’ve already sliced up at home I’ve
got a couple of uncooked sausages in here I’ve already sliced up a home into
sort of bite-sized pieces I’ve got a cup of soup now we don’t consume Cooper’s
soup at home to be honest no one really likes it but when you mix this with
water what you’ve essentially got is a source when you don’t start to put
solids in like this what you’ve got is a pasta sauce essentially so that’s what
I’ve got it’s a really really simple meal you can swap the sausage out for
whatever you particularly like to eat if you’re a meat-eater it could be some
bacon it could be some cooked chicken maybe you’ve got leftovers from a meal
grab a couple of handfuls of that mate and that will go in there very very
easily it takes no longer to cook than it does
to brown off the small pieces of sausages which don’t take long and
soften the pasta so ten or twelve minutes so you’re probably looking at
maybe 15 minutes from start to finish to have a really really nice hot one-pot
meal the fire is churning away behind me it’s doing its job so I’m gonna get on
with adding all of this together in the right order in the right quantity along
with some water that I’ve brought in with me
I’ll get this over the fire and 15 minutes I guess after you’re not placing
over that fire I’m gonna have a meal good to go square of olive oil just to
help the sausages Brown off sausages going there remember they’ve
already been sliced up at home so that would help them cook through much
quicker out here and there we go already starting to cook
food fantastic the sausages are nicely browned off they’re nice and sealed so
I’m just gonna add some water in here just enough to cover the sausages there
we go the pasta is now going in now gonna let that water come to the
boil and continue cooking the sausages that are in there and of course cooking
the pasta as well I’ve just added let’s have a check-in shower you can probably
see or maybe account what the light is starting to fade here so I thought I
would do a check-in as to what we’ve done so far
tap and Hammack well it’s up you can see it behind me if you see me tomorrow
morning on cookies or being cozy fact out on a spine board and it didn’t go
well if you don’t then it probably won’t well I’ll let you know if I have a good
sleep later on in the video but that went up well it went up quite quickly to
be really honest considering I’ve never done it before it will of course be much
quicker next time because that Beckett hitch and is something that I’ve been
well practiced in whilst I was setting us up so it’ll be even faster next time
the fires on the go they’re dirty even in merely sort of bubbling away I’ve
brought it off the main flame it’s just setting the embers now just just
simmering away there the adjustable pot hanger didn’t quite go to plan it was an
absolute nightmare to find anywhere close to here that had the right species
size of a branch the right fork the right diameter Greenwood all of that in
the end I walked almost back to where my carries found a sweet chestnut compost
took something from there brought it back here made a decision as to which
part was gonna be the upright and which part was going to be the the hook at the
bottom sod that off and then discovered the upright was actually dead wood I’d
sawn off the green would want to start to carve into it it just shattered
didn’t go anywhere so abandoned that and I just used part of it for a a
bog-standard simple 45-degree angle pot rest that you saw earlier on in the
videos as I was hooking my pot on and off it it’s doing the job it’s doing the
job fine I just wanted to have a little bit more practice with carving and
adjustable hanger maybe next time so that’s sort of my midpoint check-in
there I’m gonna get my face in that castle will join me if you will and I
want to finish that I’m going to show you what my evening setup is going to be
in that hammock and how I plan to configure it for this evening proof is
in the pudding although the puddings a mars bar and a
Snickers I’m not technically show perfect perfect nice actually wish I’d
brought a little bit more I think the sausage is do enough but I probably
skipped a bit on the pasta she’ll probably throw another handful of pasta
in there it’s nice and filling really really simple to make that you just need
some leftover so you just need some dry ingredients like I said some pasta some
sort of powdered sauce if need be a cup of soups fine some mushrooms just
crumbled up so you don’t have to sort of tough around with them when you get out
here could even bring out some cooked meat you could potentially bring
everything out that’s already cooked other than the pasta just soften that
pasta let it simmer for a few minutes and you’ve got a really really really
tasty quick cheap you could all you know it’s almost up the meal that you can
make from leftovers at home and bring it out and enjoy outside really really
enjoy that I’m gonna throw my face into this I’ll see you back under the tap
very shortly ah you join me under the tap quicker than I’d expected why well
because if you listen you may be able to pick out it’s started to rain quite
heavily so I’ve stoked the fire up in the hope that this shower doesn’t last
long and I’ve still got by that I can leap over to sit by later on but I
thought I’d come under the tap now and show you what my plan is for sleeping
arrangements tonight aside from the obvious one which is to
sleep on the hammock so let’s have a think about a few things then one of the
observations that I’ve made previously about the amount of gear that’s needed
when you go hammock in seems to be this whole under quilt over quilts type thing
that people have going on I often thought it was a bit of a faff
to be honest but then the other day couple of weeks ago I was in one of my
videos I was just laid in this in the woods during the day no sleeping bags
just laid in it in it in it in a shirt and I could feel the cold air wherever
my body was touching this I could literally feel was a cold breeze it
wasn’t a cold wind but I could feel the heat the air passing underneath me been
sucked away so I can kind of you know I can kind of a line with what people’s
thoughts are around this whole underquilt thing having said that I’m
still not planning to buy one so there’s there’s no fear of that happening what I
plan to do with this tonight is to put my standard therm-a-rest NeoAir Neal
thermic say whatever it is on here so it’s sleep on my standard blow up
sleeping mat I’ve got my army shoe gore-tex bivi bag in that I’ve got the
army issue jungle sleeping bag she’s nice and compact and in that I’ve got a
silk sleeping bag liner which adds a nice an extra layer of warmth there I’ve
also brought with me a long sleeved warm top as well and a hat should I feel the
need to put those on during the night so that’s the plan and guess what I’m
saying is I’ve not brought anything out other than the hammock as part of my
sleeping system that I would normally bring there’s no over quilt there’s no
puddin to quilt there’s nothing like that it’s my usual sleeping system but
in a hammock how it’s gonna play out I don’t know it could be the coldest night
in living memory we just don’t know do we so em let me do
all of this unfold let me get it in here and then we’ll see what the night she’ll
bring I’m also gonna try experiment with this camera switching this ere this
front light on that it has because I suspect as the night is drawing in the
fact that I’m under a tarp it may not be the easiest thing to see well that was the first time that’s
happened did you notice the sheer self-control I demonstrated there by not
screaming like a little girl or swearing at the top of my voice just took it in
my stride the first time that’s happened boy I really hope it’s the last came as
a shock I’ve just put the front camera light on think think that’s working okay
and let me know in the comments below compared to what it was 30 seconds and
60 seconds ago something right now it is quite off-putting because it’s so
bright it’s difficult to look at the lens because the light is just too buff
alone so what I am doing is I’m looking at the monitor just to the side and I’m
just wondering from an eye contact perspective what that does this me
looking at the the lens this is me looking at myself in the monitor it’s a
good-looking lad in the lens at the monitor can you notice the eye
difference I’m not moving my head just my eyes monitor lens on it sir
lens well if you can pick it up anyway I’m going off on a tangent here is this
camera is this it is this light help or is it is it helping to end to illuminate
things compared to what they were a few minutes ago I guess the big acid test
will be when it gets really dark if I do any recording them and waffling on an
eye let’s get on with the sleeping system Burma rest
baby bag sleeping bag sleeping bag liner a sudden dawning realization has hit me
how the hell’d you get in all this in a hammock yeah I mean it sounds it’s be
honest it can be difficult enough getting into it all when it’s on the
deck well you’ve got the whole of mother nature when you’ve got the whole other
planet Earth support yeah how’d you get in a hammock
I mean I’m gonna find out in the next couple of hours but and I don’t know why
I’m asking you because there’s by the time you’ve answered I’m already in it
or I’ve fallen out of it but it does seem an interesting concept doesn’t it
how do you get in it in the hammock I wonder if I should sit on the edge of
the hammock shuffle up into it shimmy into it there’s not enough shimmying
goes on nowadays shimmy into it and then swing my legs over just as if I was
sitting in the hammock just for a chilled out summer afternoon as opposed
to sleeping in it maybe that’s what I’ll do maybe I’ll shimmy into it and flick
my legs over what could possibly go wrong you join me back round the
campfire out from under the tarp again why well because it stopped raining and
fingers crossed it stops raining as well so that’s good it’s it allowed me to get
out here I’ve just bought myself up some water gonna have some hot chocolate to
that that’s my evening brew there’s another reason though that I’m quite
pleased I was able to get out from underneath the tarp but that’s because I
wanted to sit comfortably so were each other have a little chat yeah just just
me and you nobody else just me and you let’s have a little chat how do I put
this what what do you get out of my channel
yeah what do you get out of my channel why do you watch it and obviously if
this is the first time you’ve come across one of these videos and that
there is no background but I suspect most people watch my videos and that
comments are and subscribers on regular views people that people that drop by
regularly watch you get out of the channel what is it that why do you come
here to watch this this is a fishing exercise I am I am I am fishing here I’m
not fishing for a particular answer I’m fishing for an answer any answer and an
honest one the truth for what a genuine one the reason I’m asking is because to
be perfectly honest in the last couple of months I’ve had a bit of a crisis of
faith with YouTube actually no that that’s not true no it’s not a crisis of
faith with YouTube it’s it’s a crisis of faith with my youtube channel that’s
more accurate not a bit of a crisis of faith with it there have been several
occasions probably since about beginning of the year maybe more February time and
where I’ve just I’m just I just felt like giving it up to me I
just felt like stopping it and not deleting it nothing like that just sort
of stopping maybe not stopping forever but just just pressing the pause button
at least for some time I don’t really know why I mean I’ve got my suspicions YouTube’s had work YouTube can be hard
work and there are people in that way kadam say hard on it than I do I know
that I’ve put a video every week since January 2017 it’s now May 2019 so what
we’re getting towards two-and-a-half years getting towards two-and-a-half
years every week there’s been a video every week since the beginning of this
year mid January time there’s been two videos a week my Thursday stock video
which is quite short sharpen to the point no more than five minutes and then
these sorts of videos here that a longer form videos usually with me being
outdoors doing something and it takes time and effort
it takes time away from the family it takes time away from the family even
when I’m at home because you know I can spend an hour and a half editing the
videos I know it doesn’t look like that when you look at them but trust me it
takes me that amount of time and I know there are people who spend a damn sight
longer filming the bushcraft 8 videos on YouTube and editing them I mean or some
of the skills that they have mean some of the videos are just this cinematic is
the word I think that kind of award-worthy things even if I don’t like
the person all that person’s channel or the way they come across and trust me
there are a few I have to I have to dip my lid to wear to the quality in the
effort that goes into there they’re filming the shots the transitions the
background music it’s a real skill set really admire them for that and I don’t
put out a lot of timing I’m not pretending I’d go but it still takes
time and I guess I don’t know I don’t know what I was looking for from YouTube
from my youtube channel I don’t know what it was I was looking to get from it
I don’t think I was I think at the beginning it was all about made pouring
myself into it I think it was all about me wanting to document my journey my
trials and tribulations my success is my failures my experiments my getting stuck
in whatever you want to call it was about that and it still is from time to
time I may be put out a video that’s more of a tutorial if it’s a subject
that I know I can speak with authority about usually navigation most of the
time it’s me tinkering around with things that I’ve read about or seen or
heard or watched or or being exposed to on a course and I you know I invite you
to come along to see me doing that I never protest to be an authority on them
I hope that always comes across that this is me trying something out you know
you’re well if you get something from it great really good but but if you want to
learn about it you probably better going where else with the exception of the
navigation where am I going with this where am I going with this I guess what
I guess what it’ll be interesting to hear from you and this is this is not
asking for you to pull the violins out this is not wanting you to blow smoke up
my backside or anything I’m get enough of it blowing in my face from this and
this is just you me asking you just what do you get from this channel what value
does it add what why’d you come along to it why’d you tune in why do you walk why
do you subscribe what yeah what do you get from it just it will be interesting
to hear it will be interesting to hear maybe you can help me overcome my crisis
of faith in my youtube channel I should say this isn’t this isn’t this isn’t was
word I’m looking for this isn’t a come-on fill the gaps in what is it what
am I trying to say this isn’t a panicky video this isn’t me kind of pre-empting
me closing the channel down I think I’ve gone through that stage I think I think
I’ve gone through that stage who knows if you don’t see me next week you know
that I haven’t and it’s not me it’s not that it’s not me sort of you know
raising the red flag to say this is the penultimate video nothing like that no
nothing I’ve got still a huge long list of videos I wanted to record and and
experiment with I guess I just wanted to sort of share that that kind of crisis
that I’ve had that I’m still having but to a much lesser degree much lesser
degree and so hear from you you know be interesting to hear what you get from I
know what I get from it or don’t get from it be interesting to hear what you
get and what don’t you get from it that’s it that’s a good question tell me
why you come along but what could I do better what videos aren’t I recording
are they – sure are they too long are they too waffling
this one clearly is because I’m going on a bit do you want to see more navigation
or less what what you know what would what would you like to see more on I get
I guess I guess that is probably the same answers why you come here I suppose
to a degree what would you like to see more
to see me doing more I’m not making any promises absolutely far from it
but it’ll be again it would be interesting to hear maybe I’ve got some
videos lined up that I don’t think of that appealing but actually you know you
might out of the blue so I’d love to see these studies and I can think well
that’s interesting then maybe I’ll pull those videos fold a little bit i’ve
Warfel done long enough this hot chocolate is gradually becoming slightly
less hot chocolate so I’m gonna kill this damn flood like that I’m looking at
it’s doing its job I can see now it clearly does its job on its daddy’s
fairly very dark here in these woods now so it’s doing its job it’s just a little
bit off-putting and it does mean I kind of have to look at the monitor
I’ve waffled on long enough I hope you stood with me to this point I’ll be
getting in that sleeping bag very shortly I hope I will why don’t you come
along and capture the fun and games on camera see me try and getting that
sleeping bag let me reach for that stop board hey up folks it is good god it
never ace 20 to 10 21 40 hours who’d have guessed it has flown by that
evening let me tell you if I more quickly than sitting at home on a
computer or watching crap on the telly flown by so it’s 20 to 10 I think you
can I think it’s there’s no argument that this camera like despite me
literally be like a deer in the headlights is a value and there’s no way
absolutely no way I could have recorded on my other camera 20 to 10:00 at night
at this time of the year in a woodland pointless completely puts our lives have
been shining a torch on my face and of course this does it for me so very happy
with I’m glad I found that little bagging on eBay
I’m putting off the inevitable aren’t I I’m trying to put off getting into this
sleeping bag in a hammock I’m just sipping the old boots off as we speak I’m on the floor and then I have no idea
how I’m gonna go for that planner of putting the sleeping bag on the floor
the people go for shimmying into it and then flicking my legs over in one fluid
majestic gymnastic movements it will be a thing of pleasure before I do though
I’m just gonna quickly grab my hat my pockets here got two two key lines here
I’ve got a gear line is permanently you see big maybe because I’m moving of my
face now like there you can see it become and so I’ve got a gear line that
is permanently touch the inside of my it’s hat it runs from one edge to people
there but I’ve also got this gear line the yellow one that you can probably see
more clearly attached to the hammock I’ve mentioned this in a previous video
one it’s good from an admin perspective of course because there’s an extra extra
gear I can hang from there but I also believe it has some air some
properties relating to the way that it allows the hammock to hang evenly from
one side I still don’t really get that but I trust the people who were telling
me this so yes so that’s the other advantage of this so I’ve got got plenty
of gear lads almost everything is off the floor the only thing that’s on the
floor dirty pots boots de sac coats shirt trousers shortly will be socks and
Kumbha tripod bag by possibles pulp with all my bits and bobs in it my head socks
will be fanging from here as well okay I know what you’re all thinking get on
with it Craig we’re here for the entertainment okay I’ll get on with it
oh I should say putting it off a bit my I should say I had such the red come on they are the Reds come
on this is a oh this was a gift from a former colleague of mine in the army
Paul oops oops thank you very much for this it’s not the only thing he’s gifted
me over a period of time he’s very kindly sent me I won’t go into detail
but he’s very kindly sent me several things several and incredibly thoughtful
things incredibly value-adding things I want backs out I
won’t go into detail you’ve seen me in some of the things with some of the
things over the last year or so so I just want to say once again
Coop’s and a massive thank you I know that you’re starting if not you’ve just
started a new a new part of your life journey or you’re about to or you’ve
just started it massive look with that mitten if anything I can
do to help you out with up I don’t know what it could be because anything I can
do to to sort of in some way repay the kindness and stuff that you sent me over
the past year 18 months do not hesitate to gain so it was a really nice touch so
they have a new pencil head touch they’re very very pleased with that had
an old one but the elastic was so perished around the edges that even when
I made it as small as I could you could have fitted it around a wheelie Ben he
just didn’t grip your head it was no longer a head torch I’m gonna have to do
it on us okay look for this prancing around let’s get
on with it the trousers that coming off for Mac you
ladies although let’s be honest you saw me sat on the loo at the beginning of
this video so imagine I imagine that’s put most of you off here we go admin
squared away they’re over the edge people there by the way folks nicely get
up in the night Gus go through this whole rigmarole while I’m half asleep oh
no no no no just reach the old people right I’m gonna start off
never mind be bold start cold I’m going I’m getting get into the silk sleeping
bag liner first dear God if my mates could see me now
although several of them are watching this video no doubt you know who you are so I mean this sucks sleeping bag liner
Stage one I’m going sleeping back now the hammock swinging okay come in busy
bag check now I’m gonna go for the old stand up
and shimmy classic maneuver there’s this look sleeping bag
watch the shimmy and it is little sleeping bag race 13 bike race no the
office up grace from school that’s what I was thinking of separation school
there’s the sleeping bag Diggy bang to come next here we go this is a good idea whoa whoa oh man this feels odd neither can you me
no it’s not this is not feel conducive to a good night’s sleep hmm I’ve got
about three foot of stomach at one side of me perfect and about three inches at
the other side to me less than perfect I’m sure you’d agree so I’m gonna shoe
me myself back off again readjust my ass position and there and go for this again relax
I see relaxing the swing is relaxing the fact I’m three inches from a couple of
foot drop is less than relaxing let’s go again do you know what I don’t
fix him from the Rafkin back of trying an organization clearly
oh here we go literally sleeping mats helping Joe I’m gonna do I might deflate
you still there he’s still tuned I’m still here
I might deflate it thinking about it I’ve blown it up as hard as I can that’s
what she said so it’s very rigid it’s very stiff so I’m going to deflate it
and allow it to sink more into the shape of the hammock still of course giving me
some sort of thermal barrier between me and the air underneath see how that goes
on if this carries on much longer I’m not gonna need this this Lampard’s will
hit first light and we can just recording daylight there we go I’m going
for the old deflate oh yeah there we go that was it that was
it I could as I was deflating there I could actually feel the hammock no I
couldn’t I could feel the roll mat deflating but sinking into the hammock
so I think I think that was the air I think that was the part of the solution
look I’m gonna be Pratt and around with this for some considerable time still to
come it’s not the best viewing so I’m gonna kill the camera I’ll catch up with
you remember I’m gonna catch up with you in the morning it allowed me here under
a hammock or in the local hospital a unit but either way I’ll see you well in
a few seconds but in reality tomorrow morning that’s all for now good night yep
I ended up on the deck as I predicted last night I probably spent an hour and
a half two hours in the hammer I just it wasn’t that it couldn’t get comfy
I couldn’t get warm that was a problem I think they’re putting the role map
that’s not putting the inflatable map in there is just sound like leaving
principle but you’re putting an extremely slippery surface the role map
against another extremely slippery surface the silk of the parachute only
one things gonna happen when that happens and that’s that it’s gonna keep
popping out sliding over the edge sliding out from underneath me exposing
you know my bivi bag to the the hammock material and the convection whipping the
heat away I tried it for as long as I could I even tried partially deflating
the role map no joy I tried completely deflating it thinking if there’s no air
in there and it’s it’s just the material itself laying flat on the hammock
material would that no that didn’t do it either so but I don’t know probably one
o’clock in the morning something like that I’d ditch the whole idea reinf
lated the role map put it on the floor got out the hammock made myself a little
pillow with my day sack and spent the night on the floor it was a cold night I
think part of the problem was either I’ve pitched too early I’ve
gone for the lightweight sleeping bag too early in the year we’ve had some
really mild nights here in the UK just the other night my bedroom had both the
windows wide open I was sleeping on top of the quilt and it was very warm but it
wasn’t last night it’s a kind of a dip in temperature so part of the problem is
that the sleeping bag I’ve come up with is probably too too lightweight for the
time of year coupled with that the whole hammock
insulation issue it wasn’t a night for hammock in last night but a few lessons
learned along the way which I’ll probably have to think about during
today and swim up towards the end of the video but for those of you that were
putting money on that I would end up on the deck you you want you won that right
I’m gonna get out of my scratcher and I’m gonna get some breakfast table you
may recall last night I got the fire going by eventually dropping a spark
from my fleece tear into a piece of char cloth that was in a bird’s nest tinder
bundle of dead ferns blew that into flames some silver birch twigs on top of
that heavier pieces of kindling and off we went really surprised us that about
once I got that spark onto the check off after failing to get onto the charred
wood it went beautifully very clockwork does result knowing me having a lot of
this kindling that I processed down so I doing that earlier in the video I’ve got
a heck of a lot of this I’ve got handfuls and handfuls of this left so I
thought to myself this morning whilst far from the ideal size and length
really for feather sticks I thought to myself it’s a lovely straight grain why
don’t I create some very small miniature micro photo sticks create a nice pile of
those and then try dropping a spark into some fine shavings of this seeing if we
can get that going so something a little different I don’t normally I’ve
practiced feather sticks they’re not normally my go-to thing because I often
struggle to find wood in the area that I use but he’s an that is straight grained
enough and not free enough but an opportunities presented itself here so
let’s see if we can get our breakfast fire going
by using this well I hope you started to get the idea
there that despite it being a very small piece of words I’ve not got a great run
between where I’m starting my curl and where I’m finishing my curl they are
curling beautifully nice and thin so a decent pile of those with a carefully
dropped spark and we should be away now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got a few more
leads to knock out you saw me earlier on in the video using this same more a
gabber carbon to do quite a lot of photonic you’ll see me going through
those pieces of pine and butts hauling them down into the the kindling sticks
that I’m using right now so I did a lot of brittonic most of it was off camera I
must admit haven’t touched the blade up at all just give a gentle wipe over with
some olive oil before I put it back into its sheath and you’ll notice that even
after that Petaling it’s still pushing out some beautiful curls so
great great edge retention I’m gonna do a review on this in the next probably
week or two I’ve had it just over a year so I think it’s there I think it’s it’s
earned it’s earned to review are there it’s not just an out the box review I’m
not keen on those but it’s definitely earned its space and having a review
very very pleased with the edge attention on this as you can see replace
a few of those kindling sticks that I created last night that I’ve not yet
turned into feather sticks just placing those down as a raft if you like as a
half there’s still a little bit of heat coming from this even after the rim we
had last night so I possibly don’t need these down but why not get into good
practice so there’s my my raft there my hearth there are my feather sticks arranged as
much as I can in a vertical column it’s obviously benefit from the flames
and the heat rising and a thermal column a column of heat they’re igniting them
they’ll and then once they’re going I’ll then place on some more of these
kindling sticks spill the fire up and be able to add more fuel on the thing that
I want to try now that I don’t often do is this first glance that just looks
like a feather stick but if you look very closely the tip of my knife I’m
hoping that you can pick that maybe that’s a maybe that’s a better angle for
me hold my hand up you’ll notice under my palm area are some very very very
fine it’s height curls you almost can’t see
them compared to the mass bundle they’re just there what I’m hoping to do is to
be able to drop us back onto those using my Ferro rod hold the feather stick that
way so these catch place that into the column that I’ve just built here and
away we go so I’ve never ever managed if that’s
I’ve never tried doing this in the past to be perfectly only sir let’s try it
out today at the moment I’m just filing off some
very very small pieces of the Ferro rod itself doing it very slowly so they
don’t actually ignite and you’re shaving those filings off and I’m shaving those
onto those fine curls in the hope that when a spark just learned not only does
it have the curls to catch it and to hopefully combust but it’s also got the
very flammable filings themselves let’s try this now here we go we had one catch then it just didn’t
quite take okay I’m going to stop there because I’ve pretty much Chad that’s
fine shavings a tomato I’m gonna make some more almost powder like very very
delicate and let’s just repeat that process again oh so close so close if
I’d probably be quicker on picking it up and inverting it it might be successful we’ll just scrape you some of those
filings off for now there we go ah I hope you saw that on camera I wasn’t
making it up I promise I think I held it up at the wrong angle to the cam let’s
try again there we go nope let’s go again what I’m finding is
that the actual bigger curls are catching as well so I’m not going to try
with the finer ones there there we go so let’s get that into this main column
here make sure it’s burning well first which it is good good good I’m not sure if you can pick out on the
camera but right here at the bottom where I put that that half board down
that raft down that’s also ignited so another good reason even if the ground
is dry for putting this base layer down it’s another level of fuel because
although heat does rise and all the flames do rise you never see that flame
is touching something below it that’s combustible and dry and is in good
condition that will ignite as well so not only am i feeding this fire from the
top but I’m also to a degree feeding it from the bottom as well
no bad thing feeding it from the bottom well the fire is roaring away their
breakfast today is another first for me at least from a campfire perspective the
humble egg what I’m gonna what I’m gonna do with this is I’m gonna tap into the
top of the egg a hole with the tip of my knife not just a singer like a pimp
Rakhal I’m actually starting to shatter the egg maybe about the size of my
little thumbnail something out but I’m gonna expose a fairly big area and I’ll
show you in a second the top of that egg there to allow the pressure to release
what I’m gonna do is when that fire is burnt down I’m gonna rake some coals
over to the side I’m just going to stand it in those hot coals it’s all all the
heat to cook it the pressure that’s building up inside from the heat will be
released through the hole at the top and the holes also a good visual indicator
for me to be able to see when the egg is cooked both of them have the old double
double egg whammy this morning so I just need to let that fire cool down at cool
down no I don’t need to let that fire burn down to give me some hot embers and
then that will I’ll show you the process that I go through to do that I say the
protis that I go through it’s the process that I watched a girl on YouTube
go through about this time yesterday I’ve never actually done it myself so it
will either be amazing or I’m gonna go hungry this morning
we’ll find out in a few seconds I think it’s inevitable there’s gonna be
a little bit of eggs showing this I’m trying to I mean it all adds to the
crunch right oh it’s the experience in the texture right something to pick out
of your teeth teeth as the day goes on so then that’s what I’ve done they’re just chips away but uh probably the size
of a small finger nail tips and fur like that then we replace that just at the
edge of the fire where I’ve raked up some hot embers the whole that’s the
pressure release of the Y’s the egg will explode must do that sometime maybe I
will put an egg on the embers and not chip it off just for the air just for
the comedy factor but for today for this morning’s I’m hungry
that’s Plessy riously and let’s get this on the embers well it’s all kicking off around the
campfire remember that exploding Hank I talked
about and I said today wasn’t the day to try it out
well if you look at the closest egg to the camera he’s had a little bit of a
meltdown or blow up it’s probably more accurate turn but it looks cooked inside
so do you know what I’m gonna take that off the fire I’m gonna dig through the
yet the hot embers that are in there and a little bit of dust all the other good
stuff that you get when cooking on a campfire and I’m still gonna eat it it’s
basically told me it’s almost like it’s its own time that he’s told me that it’s
ready to be eaten fantastic just tastes like dippy Eggert
Oh with a little bit of back and a little bit of a ha tender and quite
smoky but other than that just like the eggs mom used to make it ain’t sooo bad oh those eggs went
down a storm I wish had a little bit more or a few more to be honest but they
were good enough you may recall last night I I said a big thank you to two
coops for sending me the the head sock that was modeling in my hammock last
night well carrying on the tradition of shout outs to people who certainly
freebase thank you shed for my for an addition to my wet skit my brew kit hot
chocolate drink orange flavor it’s a Cadbury’s chocolate orange in a
mug and I’m assuming knowing shed that this is probably from a current issue
Russian pack is certainly when hot chocolate orange flavor in my day they
certainly went this size either they were about three times the size as I
remember absolute guaranteed quick quick note to diabetes he threw they were
massive they were massive dark chocolate such as I’m sure some dietitians come
along and rained it but yeah thank you shed hot chocolate drink orange flavor
I’ve got a metal mug next to me that’s already boiled up let’s get that bad boy
added in there stirring it with my bushcraft cabs look
at this I’ve shared the end of my spoon off it’s sturdy enough to eat with and
mix with but I’ve shared the end of it off shaved the end of my spoon of he
said it’s a common problem of men my age I believe there we go
right hot chocolate drink orange flavor have a little sip see if it lives up to
its name OOP there goes a few layers of my bottom
lip oh yeah yeah yeah yeah the old orange flavor is n is given the old
taste buds a good kicking very nice indeed
cheers shed hopefully at some point in the not-too-distant future we’ll be able
to share a brew together around a similar campfire and possibly explode
some eggs at the same time but once again thanks for this mate and thanks
for the other bits and bobs that you sent me much appreciated
you join me once again under the tarp on my hammock why well once again you might
be able to pick up the fact that it’s raining again quite lucky really I just
recorded that last shot of me tucking into the hot chocolates and it started
to rain so good timing really I’ve known real needs and to be out near
the fire anymore I can actually at the rain do some of the work for me in terms
of dousing the fire sir I’ve retired underneath the tap how’s things gone
then probably time to have a good think about things have gone in my er in my
outing the hammock and tap set up itself fairly straightforward as I said
previously it was relatively quick it will be quicker next time happy with
that in terms of the actual hammock in there there’s something I can you know
I’m starting to empathize and I understand by the people that go home I
can take a lot of gubbins with them I get it I don’t think it’s I
thought I’ll no longer think it’s the overkill that I thought it was that does
leave me in a tricky position though because I don’t want to carry loads of
gubbins around with me I like to go out with the minimal amount of care
and and get by or fashion what I need from from when I’m outdoors maybe I need
to rethink that or maybe I need to rethink when I actually take my hammock
out on what its purpose is is it to sleep in on overnighters or is it just
to take out with me for a day in the woods just to chill out in and lay in
and read a book and and more of a social type thing there’s also a big factor
that I brought up the wrong sleeping bag it’s not let’s not forget about that
shall we I brought up my jungle bag I thought that the jungle bag the
therm-a-rest the bivi bag the silk sleeping bag liner would be enough I
clearly thought wrong didn’t I so you maybe I won’t rule out the hammock for
sleeping in overnight and I just need to make sure that I’ve got the right
sleeping bag for the time of year because I screwed that up last night one
pot meal went very well as they always do
the exploding egg was the thing to behold I wish I’d captured it on camera
but the explode rate was a thing to behold it’s been an enjoyable day and
night out it’s almost coming up some midday now sort of look it’s it’s 11:30
625 to 1225 to midday so the day is getting away from me I enjoyed coming
back up for overnight Israel I’d forgotten just how I’m apart from the
fact I got next to no sleep put that to one side I do enjoy I’ve forgotten just
how a bizarre this word I’m really the how refreshing it can be to get out for
entire nights in the woods doing this sort of thing also enjoyed the amount of
extra time that it gives me to do stuff even if I don’t do more stuff while I’m
out I’ve just got more time to do it it can actually become more of a of a
pleasurable experience be now rather than a focus on recording a video which
it can sometimes become if I don’t give myself very long out in the woods
this wasn’t the case the video was kind of secondary or the hook that hasn’t
come across the video was kind of secondary to what I was doing sometimes
it’s the other way round which again is understandable but can be a little bit
disappointing if you’ve enjoyed watching this
if you enjoyed this kind of being out in the woods doing this sort of stuff for a
protracted period of time if you check out on the screen now you’ll see that
there are some links to videos are recorded earlier this year and also
videos that I’ve recorded throughout last year as well they may interest you
as always huge thank you for watching thanks for subscribing if you haven’t
already you know what to do I’ll see you in the next video

52 thoughts on “Bushcraft in May | Hammock Camping, Camp Cooking, Feather Sticks, Flint & Steel.

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    1 your Thursday thoughts you address issues 1 at a time witch makes it easier for me to learn
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    3 you provide encouragement and support for those people that don't or can't get out as often as they like
    Your video about doing bushcraft where we live was most impactful for me
    4 your not all about the newest most expensive gear
    You continue to put out videos pertaining to bushcraft activity not gear
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  21. Your very honest and to the point with no B.S. I know a lot of people just use a roll mat with your standard sleeping bag but saying that I use a underquilt and a 3 season sleeping and a 4x4m tarp. If you don't fancy getting a bigger tarp just use yours as a diamond set up

  22. It was a nice protective setup. Sorry that you weren't able to sleep through the night. It's a nice video.

  23. I really enjoy your video content, mainly for its honesty and the reality that it doesn’t always work every time and it’s a learning process. I have some background knowledge through previous experience and am trying to expand my knowledge more now. So in some ways it’s a similar journey to your own.
    Your comments about the time it takes to go out and practice alone yet alone the you tube aspect do reflect in my own life too. I work long hours and time out is important and precious but it does take time away from my family making it a long time between trips sometimes.
    P.s. quite enjoying your Thursday thought series and thanks for the videos and your time.

  24. Always enjoy your videos! I have found it easier to put the tarp up high first, then hang the hammock. Ymmv. Thanks for the vids!

  25. I don't subscribe to many bushcraft type channels, but those i do (inc yours) are because you keep it simple and you are not full of yourself, too many good channels went to hell in a handbasket because the persons running them started to take themselves too seriously and then in my opinion, they lost the very thing that made their channels appeal in the first place. Unfortunately, some good channels also went by the wayside because they gave up due to all number of factors from trolls to just not feeling the love any more, that's why i gave up on my channel, the videos are still there, but i've not made any new ones for ages, partly because i lost the love and partly because im in year three of getting over a debilitating illness, but hey, i'm on the up, recovering slowly but surely and when im fit and active again you are more than welcome to come to my woodland playground, not that far away from you either, just north of Worthing.

  26. A valiant effort and a great vid. For me, an under quilt and a sleeping bag with a central zip are essential to reduce the need for shimmying! Great to see a longer film and an overnight stay. I've followed your channel for a while now and really appreciate your honesty, humility, humour and down-to-earth attitude. It's not posing or showing off or macho crap. It's real, it's educational and it's relatable. The same reasons I watched MCQ Bushcraft and Paul Kirtley amongst others. For people learning skills, these factors are important imo. Maybe you've done all you need to do in terms of filming your learning curves and can move on to less frequent but more lengthy trips or episodes applying what you've learnt? Only you can answer that. All the best, Andy. P.s. I've fallen out of my hammock and done a fair bit of shimmying over the years, fair play for leaving that in!

  27. Picked up on your navigation videos, now I enjoy the entire content. No BS in your videos just honest content which is refreshing. It’s been fun following your journey and learning with you, hope you keep going, but it must be enjoyable for buddy. Do what you feel and want to do and I’m sure people will still follow your journey. Like Kevin Costner said “film it and they will come” 😂👍

  28. Great video Craig, haven't seen you out overnight for a while. I can't get along with hammocks either, my first attempt was pretty much the same as yours – hammock, inflatable mat, tarp – but I used a wool blanket instead of a bag . My mat kept slipping up and down, I couldn't get comfortable, plus it was about this time of year, so I barely slept with the cold temp through the night. That was in 2015, first and last time lol. But these days, I think about having another go, but like you, I cant be arsed with all the extras you need for it…so I'll stick to ground dwelling under my tarp I think. I saw you using the flint and steel with char wood, I find striking the flint down the steel is easier to place the sparks onto the charwood, I learnt it from NW Primate, works a treat mate. As for the "crisis of faith"…. for me (and from what I've read others say in the various comments) it's the honesty of your videos, you have your plan of skills you're going to practice… you practice them…then back brief how you got on, win or lose. You learn from any "failures" and we can learn with you. Plus no matter what someone's "skill levels" are, you'll always have more experience in some sort of subject matter that others are lacking, and you can offer that knowledge for others to utilise. In your case, navigation. I hope you keep at it mate, thanks for sharing, take care.

  29. What do I get, enjoyment. Watching the journey and development. I'm sure you watch Joe Robinet, go and watch his early videos then watch the latest ones. You see how he and his channel have changed and developed, from himself to how he films his videos etc. Keep with it chap 👍

  30. When you do your flint and steel, leave it in the tin. if your tin is chock full of charred material then your chances of hitting a piece with a spark is greatly increased. Then you pluck the piece that has caught the ember out and put it in the birds nest and BOOM!!!

    Yes sir, youtube is a bit of work. It usually takes me about 3 times longer to do a task when I am filming it than when I am not filming. It takes about an hour to load the video, edit it, and then I often go back for reshoots to get close ups and "B roll" footage. I have tremendous respect for anyone that takes time to share their experience with he world through this venue.

    What do I get from your vids. I like seeing your experiences in the woods. I like your accent, I like that you don't proclaim to be an expert, I like that you aren't afraid to mess up a bit. In short you are a regular person practicing what you like to do. I don't have many channels I subscribe to that have vids as long as yours, but since it is only once a month I am good for a little bit of a sit and watch.

    If your channel subs are getting a bit flat, try something different. Edit the vids into shorter parts, and show them as a series over the month. Try changing the content a bit. I know when I do unusual things my vids spike in views. Shelters and building projects (the hammer vid recently is very successful… for my little channel…lol).

    If you need a youtube break, then take a holiday from it. You don't owe us anything, and we are here for a reason…and we will be here when you get off your vacation from the capturing of vids.

    FYI – I open the bag in the hammock, sit my butt in, swing my legs around and settle in…also sleep at an angle. I have only ever had 1 hammock and I love it (warbonnet XL – buy once cry once) I use the sleeping mat and my mms sleeping system. Never fail to get a great night sleep.

  31. Craig, don't get put off with hammocking, the first night is always a revelation 🙂
    An underquilt is a game changer for hammocking, you feel like you're sleeping on top of a warm cloud! The cheap Snugpak one is a brilliant introduction to "proper" hammock camping" – you can use your sleeping bag unzipped as a quilt on top of you making it easier to get in without "shimmying" for hours.
    Hope this helps, keep up the good work!

  32. I love watching your efforts to learn new things and advance your bushcraft skills. These videos have a kind if every-mans bushcrafting adventure appeal and it's always fun to see your list of goals and keeping track with how you get on. Little details like keeping the hammock fall in the video are what make this channel unique for me.
    All the best.

  33. I've been following your channel for the honest, real life, situations that you do not cut out and the philosophy you have of being able to practice "bushcraft" anywhere and anytime. As far as hammock camping is concerned, I've been using hammocks for most of my life. I started with the traditional net style and learned quickly that an insulative layer betwixt myself and the hammock is rather important for warmth and comfort even in the summer. I use a variety of different types of insulation, from a wool blanket, a thin lightly insulated self-inflating pad, a foam z-pad, a exped inflatable pad, to a combination of them, all depending on the type of trip I've planned; but when I'm taking a sleeping bag I make sure it has a zipper for ease of entrance and exit. A sleeping bag can also be used as an underquilt by using alligator clamps to hold it to the edges of the hammock or I run my hammock through the zipped up bag as a full cocoon. Thanks for another great video, I hope my tips help.

  34. Hi Craig great video as usual!
    You have probably published what most people do when they get into hammocking, myself included. When I was watching and seen you were using your bivi bag I thought it was only going to end one way 😁. I bit the bullet and got an under quilt and it changed the hammock experience. Like you I spent most of the time wriggling with the sleeping mat and unable to get comfortable, the underquilt totally changed this. I dont like the feeling of being zipped up in a bag in the hammock so I just use my sleeping bag opened up as a top quilt, it allows plenty of material to tuck in round your sides and doesn't give that restricted feeling. If you get an underquilt you could leave behind your bivi bag and sleeping mat and you would possibly save on some weight as well.
    Why do I watch your channel?
    I like the fact you don't pretend to be a pro like some channels do. Your a guy getting out in the woods doing what you enjoy and if you make some mistakes aren't afraid to show it.
    I think having a varied content helps YouTube channels such as campfire menus and cooking, hiking trips, canoe trips, hammock camping, bivi camping, mountain overnight camping, natural shelter builds, minimum kit overnighters.
    I'm waffling now! anyway keep up the good work👍🏻

  35. Hi Craig! This was a pretty long one. And I enjoyed it! You asked why we watch your videos. I personally like your videos because you are not trying to tell us, that your are the best bushcrafter in the world and you know all the stuff like nobody else. No, you are learning and you take us along with you in your humble, honest and funny way. THAT'S WHAT I LIKE. And yet we can all learn from you. Did I already mentioned that I love your navigation vids? 🙂
    Please keep doing videos. But if you need a break, take it! ATB André

  36. Only run your ridgeline through the "centre loop" on the tarp – This way , if you want to spin the tarp into a diamond configuration it's easy to do .

  37. You made it clear at the start of your channel that you were going to document your journey into bushcraft. You've clearly made some good progress so imagine where your channel might be in two years… Just keep at it, I'm sure you're inspiring people to get out more.

  38. Easier way of doing a stop with your strap instead of having all of your excess strap rolled and stuffed into the loop is to one take out the pre tied loops that you have in the strap and then cut a few small toggles and place one in either end and pull your fag end to lock it down works like a charm and if you don't want to carry them with you you can wake more as needed.

  39. Your tarp is to small for the configuration you are using it should be in a diamond shape it will be over both ends of the tarp and still protect you from rain unless you want to buy a larger tarp that is

  40. You used way to much char material when starting your fire and you always hold you char material whit your flint so that the spark hits the char directly instead of trying to have it fall on the material that is when it is the hottest to start your fire then place it in your tinder bundle and blow on it to catch and place you kindling on and then your large wood

  41. Think the diamond tarp has been covered. On the flint and steel. If you strike the flint with the steel the sparks go up which is why you need to hold the char on top of the flint. If you want to strike sparks down into a char tin etc you strike the steel with the flint ( the flint is like a knife blade and cutting bits off the steel )

  42. A lot more detailed than my first hammock camping video, I too learned a lot, I need to do a follow up video and put together what I've learned..

    I know what you also meant about the YouTube taking time – I tend to do a mixture of videos, some very edited and some vloggy.. Depends on the subject matter!

    Keep doing it if you enjoy it buddy, the (the YouTube not the hammocking)


  43. Craig first timer to your channel ,a fantastic video , i really enjoyed it . The commentry was second to none , keep them coming mate ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Dan from Ireland

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