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Hello guys! Welcome to Akis kitchen! Today, I will make for you everyone’s favorite salad… Caesar salad! Everybody loves Caesar salad! Today, I will show you the proper way to make Caesar dressing, the croutons, to roast the chicken, to make everything look absolutely gorgeous! So, let’s start! First of all, we have to roast the chicken, to cook the chicken. I have a pan here… I will start preheating my pan, we need to give a nice golden color to our chicken. And, I need two gloves, put them on… I need one bowl, some olive oil, pepper, salt, two cloves of garlic, and the chicken. Just make sure the seasoning is going everywhere and my pan should be hot by now, so I will add the chicken and the garlic, and the only thing that I want now is to give a nice golden color to the chicken. I have one loaf pan here and I will stack it with lots of herbs. I have some thyme here, some oregano, and I will make a little bed for my chicken. Look at this! Can you see that? This is the best way to cook chicken in the oven! Now, my chicken should be ready from one side… Flip them over, give a nice golden color from the other side too. And it’s impossible to cook the chicken in the pan, you have to put it in the oven. I already preheated my oven to 180 C, set to fan. I will add one tablespoon of butter, let it caramelize with the butter… and put this lovely chicken over the herbs. Look at this! Now, take all this butter and put it over the chicken, and the garlic. Put the loaf pan inside the oven and cook normally… a normal-sized chicken needs 15 minutes but this, at least 20. But, it’s enough time to prepare our dressing, the Caesar dressing. I need a tiny food processor. I will add just one clove of garlic, some olive oil, the anchovies… This is the secret ingredient inside this recipe. Now, mix them until the garlic completely dissolves. Now, I need a bowl… Parmesan in, the juice and the zest from one lemon. Normally, in Caesar salad there is no zest, I’m adding some zest to give something more to the Caesar salad. And if the lemon is very juicy, don’t put a whole lemon, put half of it… I will add some more, that should be enough. And the last ingredient, mayonnaise. You need to buy a good quality mayonnaise. Put the mayonnaise in, mix and mix, and it’s taste time… Perfection! So, Caesar dressing goes into the fridge. And we carry on with the croutons. I need one more pan and we are making 100% homemade Caesar salad, so we have to make our homemade croutons. Non-stick pan on, add some good quality butter to your pan. At least two tablespoons for that amount of bread. Now, cut your bread into good cubes… And don’t try to make your homemade croutons look like the store-bought croutons, you have to make them look like homemade. So, add them to the pan, one clove of garlic, some good amount of thyme… and in Greece we love oregano, so I will add some oregano too. Salt and pepper. We’re almost done, the sauce is in the fridge, the chicken is in the oven, the croutons are about to be ready. When the croutons are done, set them aside until the chicken is cooked. So probably in 10 minutes, we are making our salad. So, everything is ready to prepare our salad. The chicken is roast to perfection, homemade and rustic croutons, the perfect dressing for Caesar salad. I have some iceberg here, parsley, and parmesan… Let’s combine everything together. First, the lettuce. I prefer using iceberg because iceberg does not become soggy when we add the mayonnaise. Now, cut it to big chunks, don’t slice them… Like this! Big chunks, inside the bowl. Crunchy and nice! I’ve made more dressing than necessary, but you can store it into the fridge at least for one month, there is no problem. Add all the lettuce inside and now, it’s time for Mr. parsley. Parsley is not necessary for the recipe, but it gives a nice color and a nice taste. Not a lot… Parsley inside and for this amount of salad, I need about three tablespoons of Caesar dressing. Mix and mix. Do not add more dressing than required, just to coat the lettuce. Because if we add a lot of dressing, then the salad is not nice. So, now it’s time for Mr. chicken. Now some parmesan flakes, that should be enough… Mix a little bit everything, give some color to your salad… with some parsley and last, add the croutons. Who can resist this piece of art? So, if you like that recipe, subscribe to my channel, make comments underneath the video. I want you to tell me what else would you like to see me cook for you… Like the video! See you next time, bye bye! Yia sas!

100 thoughts on “Caesar Salad | Akis Petretzikis Kitchen

  1. it will take 1 hour to prepare caesar salad so nobody wants to prepare it at the restaurants in Turkey. Please teach us simple Greek kebabs ,sauce etc Akis.. We love you chef

  2. great as always! if you can show how to cook giant beans Greek style, gigantes! I dont know if they have outside of Greece appropriate beans for this recipe, like our gigantes, but I suppose there must be some similar ones

  3. Your recipes are inspirational – I cooked up a storm – invited some friends and we had a ball – thank you Akis!!!

  4. i thought you are going to drizzle some olive oil on top after..haha i watched almost all videos and u sure love olive oil..😂

  5. Άκη καλημέρα. Η σαλάτα του Καίσαρα είναι καταπληκτική. Θαυμάσιο βίντεο.

  6. no matter what anyone says ….akis is definitely one of my favourite youtubers because he personalises most of his recipies and does it effortlessly. ..and his recipies actually taste good …..I like his enthusiasm and the effort he put in his videos ….appreciate the guy !!

  7. Best insalata de caesar recipe ever..

    And yes Romain lettuce gets soggy if its not absolutely fresh..
    Iceberg is like cabbage.. It has freshness inside of it.

  8. Greek men are my absolute weakness. I'm so happy I found you Akis~ ❤️ can't wait to try out some of your recipes~

  9. At first I was surprised that you put mayonnaise in the salad dressing because whenever I've made Caesar dressing, I've never done that. But then I realised that all the Caesar dressings I have made are essentially just mayonnaise recipes plus anchovies and lemon juice so it actually makes sense

  10. I feel Akis learned to cook mainly to get laid. So if the accent wasn't working for a girl he could fall back on his risotto.

  11. This classic was invented somewhere we never would have guessed: Mexico. Legend has it that Italian-American restaurateur Caesar Cardini invented the salad in 1924 in Tijuana, Mexico. According to The Telegraph, Cardini owned a restaurant in the tourist destination to “attract Americans frustrated by Prohibition.”

    Common ingredients in many recipes:

    romaine or cos lettuce
    olive oil
    crushed garlic
    black pepper
    lemon juice
    Worcestershire sauce
    raw or coddled eggs
    grated Parmesan cheese

  12. U do your cooking in such a fun manner. ..I am sure all recipes come out very well. …learning from you dear Akis.

  13. This looks amazing! Can't wait to make my own croutons at home. I didn't realize it was so simple! Thank you 😊

  14. Σε φροντιστήριο της Παπαναστασίου ,έμαθες αυτά τα τέλεια, Αγγλικά?

  15. Nice explained… Just one suggestion.. add details of each items (over screen with name) you use as and when they added in cooking ….thanks

  16. you were making spectacular dressing from scratch why screw it up with mayo? you were almost there with out it .. yo must be selling to advertisers ICBERG LETTUICE? ARE YOU FU$CKING kidding me? YOU SUCK!

  17. That’s not caesar dressing, that’s industrial mayo soup… Homemade, of course, since he squeezed the mayo tube by his own hand ! Akis, you should work more on your cooking skills and less on tattoos and weightlifting…

  18. Greek bean stew or something with lentils would be nice. Or how about a Greek Christmas dinner? What do they have in Athens on Christmas Day? x

  19. I am going shopping tomorrow….to get ingredients for many recipes I found on your channel!😁Thank you !🌹

  20. I never heard of putting mayonnaise to make caesar dressing from scratch. I normally put egg yolk a little bit of Dijon mustard a little bit of red wine vinegar lemon juice olive oil Anchovies and garlic and whisk it till it emulsifies

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