Can David Chang Guess Which Celebrity Made This Dish?

hi I’m Dave Chang I’m the host of the new Netflix series breakfast lunch and dinner today I want to be tasting three dishes and I’m gonna try to guess which well-known chef is behind the dish I am gonna try to literally guess blind so I’m I’m thinking I’m gonna do pretty badly I’ve never really been a breakfast guy until the birth of my son and now I make breakfast all the time and we eat breakfast as a family but up until now what 41 plus years later I only ate breakfast if I was having a fun night the night before I have no idea what’s here and we’ll see what happens I can tell you right now I’ve never had this for breakfast it is some kind of breakfast bread pudding type thing I see a peach or nectarine with raspberries and could be cornmeal I can tell you right now this is not what I would eat for breakfast I’m not like a kind of sweet waffle kind of person I’m trying to think of who it isn’t number one this is not a chef from California or the West Coast this is not a chef from the south it’s definitely not a French chef it’s not a chef from Europe it’s someone that makes American comfort food it’s like Rachael Ray Sandra Lee or someone on the Food Network my final guest is Sandra Lee but we’re gonna find out the end lunch is a meal that constantly changes it as I get older it’s now trying to be a little bit more healthier so it’s whatever to get me to dinner so it’s a salad or sandwich and I couldn’t have been more wrong this is lunch it looks like we have a bowl of bacon macaroni the only thing I’m happy about it’s not lobster mac and cheese something you see too much of I guess it looks like it was made a traditional way with the bechamel and then mounted with cheese and the fact that bacon has added to this also means this is a unorthodox approach to to cooking I think a chef like Jessica Koslow is not making this I’m also going to say this is someone that is self-taught this is someone that’s also American the taste I think I have an idea so I think it’s someone that is thinking outside the box my final pick even if it’s not right it’s right I use your courage dinner is the meal of the day for me this being sort of fall late fall maybe in getting colder I’d want to stew or some kind of soupy thing with the bowl rice that’s something I would eat at home I’m gonna bet money that this is a meatloaf you chicken pot pie ething what’s in it this kimchi you know for a second I had to go through the data banks be like is this a recipe that I want what a Korean person who made this no I want options I want options I need a lifeline I know I said it couldn’t have been a Korean person I see three people two of them are Koreans you have sang-eun from father’s office you have Roy Choi from Kogi and you have a naked chef I mean this is Jamie Oliver dish but the reality is it could be Roy Choi hold on I got to figure this out and what’s in a cheese mayonnaise this is Roy Choi Jamie Oliver wouldn’t have used cilantro and he would not have gone the extra mile to put sesame oil in the mayonnaise so this is my good friend Roy Choi’s hotdog all right so I have the three correct answers in front of me for my guesses of breakfast lunch and dinner for breakfast I chose Sandra Lee right for lunch I chose Ayesha curry [Music] I skirt for dinner I trip it was Roy Troy and his Kogi dogs by Roy Choi all right perfect score thanks for having me guys this was my my attempt to guess breakfast lunch and dinner we have a show called breakfast lunch or dinner on Netflix check it out and yeah this is this is how you do it you guess a perfect score [Music]

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  1. Who else has been a fan of tasty before 2019?! 🥰❤️

    👇🏽 I’m gifting my next 100 subs 💫
    With Notifications 🌟

  2. David Chang. As long as you always have a face, I will always have a place to sit. Love you. Glad to see you back. Hope your wife's doing well.

  3. Chef Chang’s guess about Korean is so accurate. He knows we never use Cilantro(or xiang cai) in our dishes😂😂😂😂


  5. 2 out 3. I BEAT CHEF DAVID CHANG. HAHA..I'M ECSTATIC! I've seen Guy Fieri make that dish and just guessed him. HAHA! Seriously, i watch too much food network related stuff. 🙂 Wait a minute,…..Chrissy Teigen is a chef? Somebody should've reminded him about the title: which celebrity?!..mislead there. I still beat him.HA!

  6. He sounds really tired, like he doesn't really care about doing the show. This is clearly based on BA's version, but BA's is about the important part of a recipe: THE FOOD. This is just trying to guess a person, and it really doesn't have suspense. Even if David was excited about doing this series (which he's clearly not), it's ignoring the fun part of cooking, and just trying to celeb bait.

    Maybe doing a similar version, but with Tasty chefs (Alvin would be a good host) trying to guess each others' dishes. That would be more interesting, have a more excited and charismatic host, and be able to have some suspense, too.

  7. no, he can't, he's too busy crying about how all dishes made by white people are actually stolen from chinese cuisine

  8. If I wanted to watch a retarded Asian guy guess food, I'd go to the corner store. There's a homeless guy that can guess better than him.


  10. This idea Americans have that dinner is the meal of the day is one of the reasons that make them so fat. You’re not going to a thing after dinner, why would you eat like a pig dinner time???

  11. I love this channel i love cooking this kind of shows get me motivated to still cook and everything I have my own YouTube channel it's called Chef RJ Soulfood and more go subscribe go check it out this dude he's kind of videos expire me to keep cooking

  12. If it’s disgusting, it’s probably Guy’s.
    Just like his „German Jägerschnitzel & Spätzle“
    Every German suffers from a stroke just watching him cooking that.
    And unhygienic on top of missing talent.
    He is gross.

  13. I mean this was predictably impossible with no options, makes sense that he could guess the third one when he did have options since at least he could decide that it definitely wasn’t the others

  14. like, any chef in the whole wide world? so I'm not familiar with any of the chefs' foods but are the examples like, their signature dish or something?

    For example if you were going to put in a gordon ramsay dish would you pick his beef wellington? or something obscure like his slow roasted pork belly? cuz the former I could probably guess it but the latter would mess me up. Or just "homemade chocolate donuts" would be completely impossible to figure out

  15. All my guesses were correct. I did think of Chrissy Teigen for the first dish. I was also right with Roy Choi. The second one I can't take credit for though because of the thumbnail.

  16. Way to copy Bon Appétit's series "Reverse Engineering" with Chris Morocco, and somehow make it SO unbelievably boring and terrible.

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