– Can we find the named brand can? – Let’s talk about that. (upbeat music) – Good mythical morning. – We’re going back on tour. We might be hittin’ your town this week! Or in November. To find out and to get tickets go to Rhett&LinkLive.com
before they’re sold out! – It’s Labor day! And to me the most honorable form of labor is building a surviorless bunker for you, your family and
maybe one other friend. You know, somebody cool,
charming and handsome, like Ellie’s boyfriend, Pat. And nobody else. – (chuckles) I thought you
said, “survivor less bunker”? – I might have. – Which doesn’t make any sense. – I might have. – Survivor less. Anyway,
stocking your post-apocalyptic pantry can get expense fast, so today we’ll be seeing
if we can blindly pick out popular name brands of canned goods, or if we’re being overcharged
for our non-perishables. It’s time for Knock-off,
Knockout canned food edition. Okay, so we’re going to
be playing this just like our previous beverage
and condiment trials. In each round, we’re gonna
have four bowls of food from cans in front of us. – Right. – One will contain a big
named brand that we all know and the other three will
have some variety of store brand or generic versions of that same type of canned food. – We’re gonna be competing
to correctly guess the name brand and then whoever loses has to eat a mystery item that Mythical chef Josh
pickled and canned himself. Let the tasting begin. – (Rhett and Link) Round one! – All right, we’ve got four
different canned ravioli’s. One of them is Chef Boyardee. – Mm mm. – [Rhett] Just looking at
them, I don’t recognize Chef Boyardee. – Well, these three have meat bits. That one doesn’t have meat bits. – [Rhett] Want to start
with the non-meat bit ones? – [Link] Let’s start with that, yeah. A little sweet in the sauce? – If you told me that was Chef Boyardee, I’d be like, “Yeah.” – Yeah. I actually– – It’s been a while since
I enjoyed Chef Boyardee. – [Link] I think was
Chef Boyardee having only tasted that one. – [Rhett] Nope, that’s way better. – This one’s meat forward. – Yeah, my nickname in high school. (Link chuckling) – [Rhett] This is way better. – I taste the meat before
I tasted some sweet sauce. – Oops. Sorry – Hmmm. – Oh. That was kind of super
manufactured taste. Like– – Yeah, this one is still the tastiest. – The can has leached into the food which will happen with all
post-apocalyptic foods. – Now, this one looks
like it should be good. – [Rhett] Yeah, this looks gourmet. – [Link] These are
plumper, smaller raviolis. – That’s tasty. – But is it better than this one? (men chewing loudly) – Now that one tastes
a little dog-foodish. (men laughing) – [Link] I think this one is the best one. – Agreed. That’s the best one but does
that make it Chef Boyardee? – Yeah. – That’s the question. – That’s right. We ain’t pickin’ the best. – [Stevie] Okay, flags up. – Ah, shoot. – [Stevie] Here we go in three, two, one. – I’m going for that first sugary one. – I think Chef Boyardee
has bits in it man. – Let us have it Stevie. – [Stevie] The Chef Boyardee is in bowl three. (loud buzzer) – (Rhett and Link) Ohhhh. – The one that tasted horrible. – [Link] I mean I didn’t
say it tasted horrible– – [Rhett] I did and I’ll say it again. – [Stevie] So the other
one’s from left to right are, well, from my left to
right are 365 Whole Foods, Walmart’s Great Value, and Kroger. – So this is Kroger. – [Stevie] Yep. – Kroger is good– – Get that Kroger, y’all. – But Walmart is coming
through pretty strong as well. (high energy rock music) – [Rhett and Link] Round two! – Onto canned sweet corn because it’s much better
to buy canned corn then it is to go out
and try to pick your own cause of the children that are out there. – [Rhett] Yeah. – You know, of the corn. – Yeah, of the corn. – Yeah, you don’t want them to get you. They’ll bite ya’. – You haven’t watched that have you? – I’ve heard of it. – You should watch that with me sometime. – All right, so we are
looking for the Del monte. – I don’t know if that
means anything to me. I’ve had canned corn but I don’t know if my
momma served me Del monte. Or Del monte is what I think you say? – That’s a crispy corn. – We used to fish with corn. Anybody ever do that? – No. – In my Uncle’s pond,
you would catch the brim if you put corn on your hook. – [Link] This is a lighter shade of corn. – Yeah, has less color. – [Link] Not trying as
hard. Not as sweet either. – This is big AG. (group laughing) – Big Ag? – Big Ag. It’s probably all Big Ag. That’s real Big Ag. You got a gag on a Big Ag? – I discern no difference
between one and three. Does you? – [Rhett] I mean I like corn, you know. – [Link] And four also has the same color. Maybe a little darker, richer yellow. chewing loudly) – Less sweet again. Watery. – So, one and three
are basically identical seemingly in every way. – And two and four are both not very good. – I would not call that Big Ag because it’s not as appealing looking or tasting. You know how they like to engineer stuff. So I would think that’s the most natural. Cause it’s underwhelming. – You’re probably right. Maybe I like Big Ag after all. – Which one is Del monte? Okay. – [Stevie] Okay, Rhett? – It’s kind of a toss up. – [Stevie] You’ve eaten a lot of corn. – I just want to keep eating corn. Cause I want to see
what happens to my poop. (group laughing) – You don’t know what happens? – It’s been awhile (laughing). – [Stevie] Okay, ready? – That happens. – [Stevie] Three, two one. – Okay, it was between
one and three for me. – Had to be, right? – [Stevie] The Del monte
sweet corn is in bowl one. – Yeah! – Lucky Dog. You just got lucky. You almost voted for three, right? – Nope. The one that– – And they did taste the best. – Had the most nostalgic taste to me, and I didn’t know whether
it was because I tasted it first or not, was number one. So, I just went with my instincts, man. – So, what’s three? Which tasted just as good. – [Stevie] The others’ from
two on are Dollar General’s Clover Valley. – Crappy. – Clover Valley, man, y’all can keep that. – [Stevie] Costco’s Kirkland’s Signature and Target’s Simply Balanced. – So, Costco is coming pretty strong. – Yeah, it is. – Clover Valley don’t ever visit it. (high energy rock music) – [Rhett and Link] Round three! – It’s tuna time! – What? – Incidentally, canned tuna is the best selling canned good worldwide. We’re trying to figure out which one of these is Starkist. – Chicken of the Sea? – Yep. – [Link] You know pigeon
is the rat of the air. (group laughing) – That’s true. – [Link] So, this is a dark one! Dark meat tuna! – Pretty strong. This one’s super white. This is like different. – [Link] Looks like a chicken breast. – [Rhett] It’s different. This is a different thing. I think one of them might be albacore. – Well, I missed the face with that. – (chuckles) “I missed the face.” (woman chuckling) That’s pretty good. Much less fishy. Probably as not as good for you. You know, probably doesn’t
have many oils in it. – [Link] Yeah, it’s very dry. – [Rhett] Those kind of things that are supposed to be good for you. (chewing loudly) – Also, pungent. The most pungent so far. That’s pretty mild. – It’s not easy, y’all. (group laughing) But there is one and I don’t know I actually eat quite a bit of tuna and the Starkist is the brand that I get, but I get those little packs that have like the
seasonings built into them. – Hm-mm. – Cause I like to make life exciting. (group laughing) They got ranch flavored tuna. – Seriously? – Yeah, sign me up for that. – This is got to be too fancy. I mean this stuff here. – That’s definitely not it. It’s either one, three or four. – Thank you, Rhett, for
not helping me at all. – [Stevie] Okay. – Which one you thinkin’ it is? – I’m not gonna tell you. – Just tell me. – No. I’m just gonna put– – [Stevie] Three, two, one. (Link laughing) – That’s the one. It feels– – I thought it might be one. – The most nostalgic again. That’s what I’m just goin’ off of. The nostalgia. – [Stevie] Okay. The Starkist tuna is in bowl three. (loud buzzer) – Ah! – Oh, really? – That was actually my least favorite. – [Link] The most pungent. So, if you want to go milder, what do we have in one? – [Stevie] Walmart’s Great Value. Costco’s Kirkland Signature. – Costco’s totally different! – Costco’s got white tuna! – [Stevie] And Kroger. – So, Kroger is four. – [Stevie] Kroger is four. – Yes. – Yep. Nope. Yep. – Kroger. Bringing it y’all. (high energy rock music) – [Rhett and Link] Round four! – Okay, if you’re a true prepper then you’re gettin’ ready
for Thanksgivin’ in August. – Right. – So, we got four jellied cranberry sauces in front of us. We got to pick out the Ocean Spray and clear up some UTI. – That’s right. Now, I don’t know about you,
but I love cranberry sauce and I prefer it to look
like it came out of a can. My wife likes to do this fancy stuff that takes a lot time and it’s got a lot of other ingredients, and I’m like, “Baby,
just give me the can.” (Stevie chuckling) – Now, this one is the danciest. Second danciest. Firmest. Second firmest. And real dancy. – Does that mean anything to you? – Nope. (Stevie laughing) – You like it? – Yeah, I like it. (metal spoon clangs) – [Rhett] Oh. That’s very firm. Almost grainy. – It’s got a better– – It actually is– – Less. More authentic taste. – [Rhett] This has got
more real cranberry in it. – [Link] Yeah. – Which I don’t think
means it’s Ocean Spray. – [Link] They’re both very tangy. The first one’s… Again, this one– – Taste’s like juice. – It’s not nearly as strong. – That tastes like it’s watered down, man. – Yeah. – And also, it doesn’t have good ridges. – But it dances. – I like to have good ridges in mine. – [Rhett] Don’t touch my thing, you know. I want to… – You don’t want one that’s touched? – I don’t want your germs, man. – Okay. (chewing loudly) – That’s very sweet. – Man! – One and four have a
lot of infused sweetness, whereas, number two is just
unabashedly cranberry-esque. I think this is…this
tastes like specialty. – This is man! – It can’t be two. – Is there a problem with
eating too much cranberry in like one sitting? – Naw, man. Especially with how
unsanitary your urethra is. You need to eat all of it. – It’s real dirty. (woman laughing) – [Stevie] Okay. Ready? Three, two, one. – It’s either one or four. I do feel confident about that. – [Stevie] The Ocean Spray cranberry sauce is in bowl number four. (bell dings) – Yes!! – Dang it. Rhett. Again, I think in the
50-50’s, you’re gettin’ lucky. – Oh, how do you think I’m gettin’ lucky? – You’re just guessing. – Give me the credit where
the credit is due, man! I know my cans! – What’s in one? – [Stevie] The others contain Kroger. – Kroger’s good. – [Stevie] Walmart’s Great Value. – Oh, hold on. This is Walmart? – [Stevie] Hm-mm. – Well, I tell you Walmart brings it hard. – That seems legit. – [Stevie] Aldi’s Sweet Harvest. – Not good. – Uh-uh. Uh-uh. – Yeah, stay away from the Sweet Harvest. – Aldi. You got put money
in to get a cart at Aldi’s. – Yeah, I don’t believe in that. – Stingy. – Yes. – But then you get, I
think you get it back when you return the cart. – Feels Communist. – Who returns the cart? – Yeah. (high energy rock music) – [Rhett and Link] Round five! – Okay, last but not
least, we’re out to hunt down a canned good near
and dear to my heart. Bush’s Baked Beans. Okay. Listen. – You, you, you’ve won. – There’s a lot on the line. – [Link] This is not about winning – I mean I’ve already won the game. – This is about your pride. – And let me just say,
that while I do enjoy Bush’s Baked Beans, I actually, usually
get…I make my own beans quite a bit. And then my wife– – Veggie. – Will get the beans
from like Trader Joe’s, which are good. So, I’m not immediately– – Let’s see if you can pick those out. – It isn’t like, “Oh! That’s Bush’s.” – Now these look the most appetizing. These look the second most appetizing. I’m about to cough (coughing loudly) – Thanks for the warning. – I didn’t want to cough on your beans. These look like– – [Rhett] These look like
they forgot the Bush. You know what I’m sayin’? – (laughing) Yeah. – It’s like… (chewing loudly) All beans no Bush. (people chuckling) – But the beans have a nice pop. (people chuckling) Not a lot of taste. – Not good. (people laughing) – I mean– – There’s a couple of ways to take that now that I’m thinking about it. (people chuckling) There’s just one way to take it. Those are better cause
they got more syrup in em’. – Much more syrupy. What do we have here? These are very syrupy. (chewing loudly) Um-mm. – [Rhett] Hm-mm. That’s a good bean. – [Link] Hm-Mm. – [Rhett] It’s a real solid bean. As a bean man I can tell you. That’s a good bean. – I’m talking about the sauce itself is the most flavorful. There’s some things, there’s
some action happening. The other ones’ it’s just kind of like, they lean too heavily on just the bean. (chewing loudly) – That’s a good bean. Not as good as this bean. – Is that smokey or does
it taste like cleaner? – [Rhett] It’s got more molasses in it. – I do not like the taste of those beans. These are kind of tasteless. I don’t know what this is
but this is the best bean. Can we agree on that? – Clearly, the best bean, but again– – Head’s above. – I don’t know enough
about Bush’s Baked Beans to know if that’s what Bush’s tastes like, but I think Bush’s would have, I mean, how can they have such a great reputation if they weren’t really good? – [Stevie] Okay, here we go. Three, two, one. – It’s gotta be those. It’s gotta be those. – That’s it. – They’re far in a way the best. – [Stevie] Okay. The Bush’s
Baked Beans are in bowl number four. (loud buzzer) – Oh!! Really? – [Stevie] Yeah. – Yeah, there’s something odd about that. So, what’s in three? – [Stevie] Let me do what I’ve
been doing which is going– – You can’t do it the other way? – [Stevie] Yep. – You can’t tell me what’s in three? – [Stevie] No, I’d like to save that. I’d like to save three for
after one and two. (chuckling) – Yep. Typically. – [Stevie] Target’s Simply Balanced. – Yeah, simply don’t buy these ever. – Yep. Uh- huh. (group laughing) – [Stevie] Dollar General’s Clover Valley. – Dollar General sucks. – We already know about Clover Valley. We don’t visit it. – [Stevie] And Kroger’s. – Kroger, guys! – Man, y’all… – Kroger come on, let’s hang out! – And Kroger is also Ralphs, right? Doesn’t Kroger own Ralph’s? – [Man] Yes. – I mean Ralph’s, you
can get them at Ralph’s if you’re out here on the West Coast. – Hey, I’m so proud of you, Krog. – Great beans. – Krogen’ it up! – All right Link, you
know what you get to enjoy in good Mythical More? I don’t know what it is. – Somethin’ nasty. – But I hope it’s real bad. – Thank you for liking. Come and internet subscribe me. – You know what time it is. – Hi, my name is Shelby and we’re about to do an experiment with Spam that we think you should do too. And it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. – All right. – We’ll take note. – (laughing) No promises. Click the top link to watch us try mystery canned foods and Good Mythical More. (wood clanking loudly) ♪And to find out about
where Mythicality’s ♪ goin’ to land!♪ – [Link] Did you know that we have our own Amazon store? Get classic and exclusive Mythical goods with Prime shipping at Amazon.com/mythical

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