100 thoughts on “Can You Cook With CANDLES? – 🧀Swiss Raclette Maker 🍳- fry an egg with a candle?

  1. This makes me want to break out my cheese board and tools my work gave me for my 5 year anniversary with them 😁😍 I have a good block of Colby Jack cheese in the fridge.

  2. I love candles I always have at least 4 scented candles lit when I am home, probably because I grew up with a candle loving mom

  3. Who thinks emmy should have a re-do?
    The cheese was a minute Or so overmelted & became stiffer & i know we all wanted that super melty cheesy pully content 😝😋💞

  4. Great for camping, during emergencies when power is cut off or survival situations and for the homeless who wants to cook using candles.

  5. I have made rice a roni in a med size skillet over a solid fuel camp stove.. very small it worked ! took a bit longer though. Toasted bread and cooked scrambled eggs on the same little table top stove the next morning after 2 days of no power. the raclette looks interesting,
    Love your channel and you always brighten my day! Thank you!

  6. I want to see Emmy make her homemade sour dough bread. It looks like you proofed it in a banneton and baked it on a stone. Yum. I love the way you love food. Good food.

  7. Haha that cheese slicer is called osthyvel in swedish and is a staple kitchen utensil in Sweden. Non scandinavians are always baffled at how exotic and nifty the osthyvel is and we're like: "Meh… How else am I gonna get the grevé onto my frukostmacka?"

  8. It is so satisfying watching your videos. Your voice is so soothing and calm and your excitement when you have success makes me laugh. Love your videos emmy.

  9. My recommendation for next time you try to this, JUST melt the cheese, you practically dissected it by fat and protein. If you like that crispiness, great. But I think you were aiming to melt in in order to pour it. Once it is glossy it's good to go. The magic of this method of cooking is that you need to be on top of everything, while chatting with friends and family. If not you melted cheese will be ruined. Flavorwise I'm unable of eating the cheese raw. I need to melt it.

  10. OMG I used to make this with my mum all the time! My mum is Swiss, but we live in Australia. I'm glad that you made a video about it! It resurfaced my old memories! 🙂

  11. We have a gas stove and oven, so the only problems we have cooking without power is light. My kitchen is on the east side of my house and stay quite dark except in early morning.

  12. I grew up using a cheese slicer as well, but my mom called it a cheese plane. I love them, and they do last forever. Mine is about 50 years old, and works beautifully. They never seem to need sharpening either!!

  13. I made my sister, who lived in a tiny apartment, a tiny candle stove out of a coffee can, for power outages. It will heat a pan of soup or water for coffee or tea in just a few minutes.

  14. I've never had that cheese, but I think that would be interesting to use goat cheese on the cooker and put that on the egg toast.

  15. Is it just me or do her facial expressions make me think that everything is going to taste nasty until she says it's delicious lol!

  16. *SO THAT thing in my drawer IS a CHEESE Slicer. baaaahahaha… had the thing for year's. Mystery solved. Thank you EMMY*

  17. When she started talking about cheese flowing out of the sandwich and onto the pan, I thought about one of my favorite snacks. Fried cheese: grated cheese fried in a greased skillet into crispy chips.

  18. not candles, but my mother can't do without her coffee, no matter what, so, she keeps Sterno on hand, in case there's a power outage in the morning, and the little setup resembles your Raclette Maker, a metal cage/box to hold the can of Sterno, with a rack over it for her coffee cup

  19. I did that on candle burners. I cooked some steaks . When the power went out in my neighborhood 15 years ago. (Skills!!!! With Deals!!!) Baby! My pregnant neighbor smelled it from all the way from across the street and knocked on my door to get a piece . Real truth babygirl!

  20. I'm pretty sure this "raclette maker" is camping gear. This would work much better with trioxane or some other type of heat tab. The difference in BTU output would be considerable. Think frying. I would love a link for where to get one. Thanks Emmy.

  21. Why is she wearing a snow beanie inside the house?? With a short sleeved t-shirt to boot (so it’s not like her heater isn’t working!)! She looks freaking ridiculous.

  22. I have my own raclette machine and it's the best! I put slightly thicker slices on there and it slides off beautifully!

  23. im swiss ive never seen a raclette melter like that the spatula is for scraping the cheese of the trays and its the yummyist cheese when melted its usually served over boiled potatoes and served with small pickles and onions !!!😄😄😄😄😄

  24. You are supposed to use special candles that put out around 1.5 of the heat of regular tealight candles. Those are availabe in switzerland. If you use regular candles it just takes a lot longer

  25. Okay Emmy, for the very first time I had to get the kit to do Raclette myself. How Dare you!!?? Do you know what this is going to do to my HIPS? Arrrgh.

  26. Oh my gosh. I have the same cheese slicer!! I grew up with it around the house and hated it because ours is blunt. But hmmmm maybe I'll give it another shot🤔

  27. I felt the same way about scented candles until I got a soy candle from an art and wine festival. Not strong at all and no harmful chemicals either!

  28. When you’re talking about the candles- that’s how I feel with car air fresheners. Every lyft and Uber in Philadelphia has one and they make me feel so so so sick. Like first trimester pregnancy nausea and headache kind of sick

  29. Sorry but thats not raclette. You cut sclices as big as the pan and 4 mm thick.
    Then without oil you heat it. It should melt but not seperate into oil and shit. It slides off the pan onto the hot potatoes.
    You should try again. And please dont talk so high of emmentaler cheese. Its the most boring cheese you can get in switzerland.

  30. I love that you have a Norwegian style Cheese slicer . We use this on a daily basis. It can also be used for peeling carrots, cucumber, horseradish, parsley and so on.

  31. I gagged when she smelled the cheese. Raclette must be one of the vilest smelling cheeses on Earth, it smells like pooped diapers or rotten garbage.

  32. Yes! I loooove this and will be looking into getting my own Raclette maker. I swear I have always watched your videos but something about about them lately have me falling more and more in love with you Emmi! 😍🥰❤️👌🏼

  33. I love watching Emmy's videos just to calm down. She's curious and I think that's such an important trait in life.

  34. If you like cooking together at the table, you are going to love what most Dutch people do especially around Christmas called Gourmetten.

  35. When I was nine I liked to make a little pan out of foil and cook saltine crackers in butter over a candle in my room. I wasn't supposed to use candles by myself but I felt like I knew how to be safe with fire because I was a girl scout. LOL.

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