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♪ Om Mangalam, Magalam You know the Mirchi saith from Sarfarosh? His Godown had a peculiar smell that
I’m also getting from this room. When I was learning to cook… It used to be a nightmare for my
sisters and my mother because… they had to eat whatever
I used to make. I can cook up stories. I can’t cook food.
I’m basically the waterboy of my house.
Whenever there’s a guest, I take a glass, put water in it and then…just serve it up. I don’t put masala in my food, actually… I mean I don’t even cook at that level.
The most difficult thing in the kitchen is… telling apart pulses. Mom’s like, “Oh, pass me the container
with Masoor dal in it.” There are like six containers there,
with different dals. What are we doing today? WHAT ARE WE DOING TODAY? The quiz is ‘Can You Identify These Kitchen Ingredients?’ F**k yes, I can. So I’m going to get stuff? Give it to me, please. ♪ O Ganja, Ganja My natural instinct is to
pick it up and start crushing. What do I do? Roll it up?
Oh, I love this smell. This can be tea, bro. This is used to cook Aloo Methi.
Also makes chicken curry taste great. They also put it in paneer curry. Oh sh*t, sorry, sorry.
I’m going to pass on this because
I don’t want to sound silly. I’m just going to say Fennel Seeds. because it smells like Fennel Seeds. I think Methi has fresh leaves like Dhaniya. But this is dry, so I’m going to say Kasoori Methi. Yeah, so this is Kasoori Methi. Even my mother won’t be able to answer this.
Whatever this is, it’s very intense. Whenever someone surrenders before
going to the jail… I was the culprit… I was the one. I think even if I’m going to answer it wrong… I’ll answer it as a pulse only. Because the pulses have something black in ’em. It’s the pinky of all pulses.
First of all, let’s look at the colour. Orange, orange. Orange. The color is… PeachishIs Masood Dal anything or is it
the guy who is Masood? It’s Pinky Dal. Is this Masoor Dal? This is Masoor. Urad Dal. Do you know why is this called ‘Masoor Dal?’ Do you know where’s Masoor? My bhabhi is from Maharashtra and they have
Masoor there. So I think that is where
it is originated from. The thing about Masoor Dal is it tastes amazing when you make some… Dal fry with it. But if you eat too much of it,
it gives you gas. The Masoor Dal is black. What are you guys having? It probably goes dark after it’s cooked. Because of heat?
What the f***? Where did they get this
wood from? Ugh, what is this? My chakras have centred. Mom never asked me to shop for this. How would I know about it? It means that this is something… which at least isn’t used in East India. Because I live in East India. Orissa. Bihar. So, I’ve never seen this at my place. Isn’t this Ginger? Ginger. Is this something that Kanishk
says a lot? It must be something lame. It’s Dry Ginger! This is Dry Ginger. Dried Ginger. I would say ‘Kesar.’ I don’t know what this is. This Sonth just head-shotted me.
It Head-Sonthed me. Sonth-ed. I lost at Dried Ginger? I really want to show you something.
You know what? I’m rubbing on Sonth. It’s a very privileged Dal. It’s full white. It looks like the last one. Let me taste it.
I don’t know what I am supposed to do with it anyway. What is this, bro? Should I taste it a bit? Oh, this is too easy, guys. Please! As soon as I had it, a South-Indian
dish popped up in my head. If it’s Vada, Dosa or Mendolda. I have the knowledge of three dals… Now I know what Masoor looks like… This should be Urad, dude. This is Urad. Is it Moong? This is used for Dahi Vadas.
It’s Urad Dal. This is Moong Dal. (sings) I was ‘Mint’ to know this. They put this in… In the virgin drink… I’ll take this home afterwards.
We’ll make Mojito with it. What is this? Give me a ‘mint’ to
figure it out. It’s Mint. Why I know this answer is because
I used to love Cracks Pudina Chips… and this is definitely Pudina. These are Mint leaves. So these are… Pudina leaves. This is Pudina. This is refreshing but I hope nobody got fresh at the farm this was grown in. You guys washed it, right? Bc what is this? If you don’t have Eno and your stomach is aching… just dissolve it in the water
and drink it. It’ll do wonders. It works like Eno, for real. Ginger went on an acid trip.
That’s what it smells like. Ever heard of that proverb?So this is Heeng. Heeng. This is Heeng. Heeng. ♪ If you like it then you better put a Heeng on it… ♪ If you like it then you better put a Heeng on it. Heeng. This is Marwari Onion. They put it in every food. I know what this is, but it feels like future tech. This feels like an animal eye. It has like the ‘oh lord may keep you safe’
scene on this one. Whose eggs are these? You know what this is?
These are the black eyed peas. Bro, I don’t get it. I have to call my mother. I’m missing her. – Hello. – Hello, Mom. – Yeah? – Yeah, Greetings. – Yeah, tell me what’s up, son.
– Uhhh… – I’m doing this video and I have to ask you
something related to the kitchen… Why did she drop my call? Doesn’t my family love me? Oh my God, I don’t wanna play
in this quiz, bro. This isn’t easily found in our kitchen.
So I think, I’ll go with just Rajma.
Basic Rajma. This is Rajma. This is White Rajma. Lobhiya? Yeah, Lobhiya. I knew it.
Thank you, Black Eyed Peas. Thank you. I will make peas… with my lack of logic
in the kitchen. It’s that, pal. That! This has the same color as Bhusa. This is something that’s like… You have a lotta alcohol
but no snacks at night. So what do you do?
You get this! Hajmola. My heart says it’s Amchoor Powder. My mind says it’s something else.The heart is a kid.
What is the mind, then? I know what this is! This is Amchoor.
Imali Powder. I love it. Chat Masala. Chat Masala? This is a snack for hostelers and bachelors.
It’s called Chat Masala. They make lemonade out of it. I know cuz I make a lot of lemonade.I’ve had a bucket full of lemonade in my life.
Legit, a bucket full of it. Ohh. So it’s like a verb and a noun.
Chat Masala.In college, they used to put it on the sweets, even. Just for the fun of it. I love OK Tested. I love this job
I’m learning so much. Come to Orissa and we’ll play Kitchen-Kitchen… and I’ll ask you things
that you won’t be able to tell. If there hadn’t been any Sonth in this world… then I would have reached my perfect score. To all the chefs in the house… If you’ve ever cooked food in your life… or you’re considering it… If you absolutely LOBHIYA this video, then please LIKE
the video, COMMENT down below with Chat Masala… put some sonth on it by SHARING IT… and SUBSCRIBE to OK TESTED! all of this in one mint.
Too much kitchen now.
Bye bye.

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  1. Kafi epic lines…🤯
    Ek mint Dena soch Leta hu😂😂(kanishk)
    Saut se seedha head saut lagi hai mereko😂😂(satyam)
    Kasoori Mai thi 😂(arushi)
    Hum to udad Gaye udadh Gaye😂(arushi)
    I was mint to know this😂( arushi)
    It is like both noun and verb chat masala😂(arushi)🔥

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