100 thoughts on “Carl’s Jr. Lobster Champagne Brunch Burger Taste Test | FUTURE FAST FOOD

  1. i just got a idea for a will it ep . Will It Tea where you put other items then tea in a bag and use them to make 'tea' and drink it .

  2. Ideas for gmm:

    Will it microwave? (Test if certain foods can or can't go in the microwave and if they taste better like that)

    Oil test (see what fast food chain has the most oily food)

    Name game (try to finish someone's name only knowing their first names)

  3. You should test to see what fast food/ take away food tastes the best the next day when cold (based off me having left over Chinese food)

  4. DUDE!!! Why would you CUT OFF a lobster tail like that!!!! Have you never eaten a lobster!? Wasting good meat! #NewEnglandIsCrying

  5. hollandaise sauce makes me gag…the smell is so strong i start to dry heave. I had to make it from scratch at the restaurant that i worked at, and hated every time i did so.

  6. Hi! I was wondering a few things but first I would like to say that this show has inspired me to do something close to this and that was a radio talk show.
    Now I was wondering about that mic that's always on the table there, what design is it, and a few nick nacks would you suggest I get? Please help!

  7. Does anyone remember when Rhett and Link sat on opposite sides. Episode called 'the scariest story ever told'.

  8. Seriously I like buddy system but man it could be hit if you allowed comments. I just feel disconnected from the gmm ethos. It's of a bit hard start and having even one reassuring comment would have made give that show a chance far sooner. Much love, I like your content but not enough to buy your merchandise, just speaking true.

  9. Tbh I think they were kind of stretching the connection of this with hardees but I enjoyed it anyway lol

  10. Me: why are you pushing on the burger you are getting rid of the juice .
    Josh: what it does is spiritually it spiritually connects you with the cow and Thanking it for the nutrition it gives your body.

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