[Ollie: Ollie like carrot cake!] First, grate your carrots into a bowl. In another bowl, mix your eggs and sugar, add your grated carrots. In a different bowl, mix your dry ingredients and your nuts add your wet to the dry. Mix till throughly combined. I love a good carrot cake and so does Ollie. I wanted a cake that had a lot of carrots, while having a slight sweetness. Rub some coconut oil into your rice pot. Add your batter and even out with a fork. I had Chef ollie take it to the rice cooker. It will take about two white rice cycles to finish. Check with a tooth pick in the center. If it If it comes out clean, it’s done! After it has been cooled, put a plate on top of the rice pot. Flip it over and now you’re ready for your icing. [Ollie: Cream…. Cheese…. Frosting!] This cream cheese frosting requires only two ingredients. Mix your cream cheese with your powdered sugar.
A lot of recipes call for butter but I didn’t think it was necessary since I wanted to serve it to Ollie and his friends If you want to decorate with a carrot shape on top of your cake. Reserve some frosting to make your colours.
We had blue, yellow and red colourings. So I mixed those to make a green and orange frosting Place the green and orange in separate small bags and clip the corner to decorate easily. Frost your cake with a spatula. You will be surprised how smooth and light the frosting is how much it compliments the delicious cake that has so much carrot in every bite. The pecans add a nice crunch you could use walnuts also or leave them out if you prefer. I decided to make a large carrot with my coloured frosting It would be cute if the cake had tiny carrots all around the side but this umma didn’t have time. Hope you enjoyed the recipe. If you have any questions, comments or recipe suggestions leave them in the box below. Be sure to subscribe for new recipes and share if you enjoyed. Thank you for watching, take care, bye bye!

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