Hello friends, Welcome to our Multi Cuisine Cooking Channel Today, we are going to cook Cauliflower stem with potato sabji It goes very well with “Indian Breads” or with Rice So, we have taken a Cauliflower We are going to retain the stem part only, leaving out the other leaf and flower part Then will get the stem like this. This is to be used in the side dish For these past time, we used to throw away the stem using just the flower part of the Cauliflower From now on, we can save the stem Every time you buy Cauliflower, you can save the stem, and when you save 2 – 3 of them You can cook this side dish If you taste it, you will never throw the stem away as it’s very tasty and healthy Now let’s see how to cook the Cauliflower stem First, turn on the stove The cooker is the best option to cook, so, I have used it. As soon as it is heated, Add Clarified Butter After the Clarified Butter is heated, Add Chopped Onion Stir it well for 2 minutes Add ginger-garlic paste to it Stir it well too Add Chopped Tomatoes to it Let it roast a little Add salt to it because tomatoes roast a little faster when salt is added Let’s add Turmeric Powder with it Red Chilli Powder Coriander Powder A little amount of Coriander Leaves So, let it roast together Add a little amount of water, as it will be roasted easily The masala will be well cooked then Let’s add the Cauliflower Stem to this Masala Roast a little Stir it well The Masala will be absorbed (by Cauliflower Stem) With it Add the Cut potatoes Earlier, we added salt. Now we have to add Salt to taste Mango Powder, Aamchur Powder, Add it too We are going to make a thick gravy off of this Side Dish So, add a little bit of water only Close the lid Leave it till we hear 4 whistles We have left it for 4 whistles (sound) The gas (pressure) has gone out Let us open It is ready The Potatoes have been cooked well In this Let’s add the Garam Masala, we had kept aside Let’s stir it once more Add Coriander leaves with it Our Cauliflower Stem with Potatoes is ready to serve Let’s transfer it to the serving bowl


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