Caveman Steak – Strip Steak Cooking On Coals!

– Hey everybody, I’m Joey
and today we’re going primal. I’m going to grill these
steaks caveman-style by cooking them directly on the coals. Now, let’s turn up the heat! (upbeat music) Today, we’re combining
two of the greatest things known to man: fire and steak. Now, this is an ancient family recipe that was passed down through the ages by my forefathers to me, and today I’m going to share it with you. Cooking steak caveman-style means cooking it directly on
the coals with no grate. Now to be really honest, it
makes me a little nervous to throw an expensive cut of
meat directly on the heat, but hey, if it’s good for my forefathers, it’s good enough for me. Today we’re using this jumbo lump charcoal and this it what it looks
like before it’s heated. What we want to do is get
this nice and hot, red-hot. We want to have very little
to no black showing at all. Now we’re ready to throw on the steaks. First thing we’re going to do is just blow off any existing ash. (blows) Now for the moment of truth, here we go. (sizzling) Can you hear that at home? Can you hear those steaks sear? That right there, my friends,
is the sound of tasty. These are New York strip steaks which we have seasoned
with only salt and pepper, nothing else. There’s no oil and of course,
we let these steaks rest for about 30 minutes before
we put them on the grill. I think it’s going to take
about two minutes per side, then we’ll pull them off and
just see how they turned out. (crackling and sizzling) (upbeat music) These have been cooking for two minutes, so it’s time for the flip. Boy is that fire hot. (upbeat music) Another thing to remember when
cooking steaks caveman-style is you don’t want them to be super thick. No more than an inch-and-a-half thick. These are actually
closer to about an inch. Anything thicker than an inch and a half will take some level of indirect heat to get it cooked all the way through. So again, not super thin
because you won’t be able to get it medium rare, or
medium, or however you prefer it. About an inch, inch-and-a-half thick is absolutely perfect for these. Now you might get a little bit of that charcoal that sticks to it. Just go ahead and give it a shake and it should just fall right off. Okay, now we’re going to take these inside and let them cool for about five minutes. Look, five minutes isn’t a lot of time, but it’s plenty of time
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you’ll be glad you did. It’s now time for the moment of truth. Let’s cut it open and see how it looks. As you can see, we have some pink, a nice medium, medium
rare color right there. So it turned out just great. It may not be something I use
every time I cook a steak, but it’s just nice to have
that tool in my back pocket in case I’m ever missing a grill cover. It also gives the steak
a nice, smoky flavor once you bite into it. It’s absolutely unlike anything
you’ve ever had before. Our motto at Red Meat
Lover is any cut of meat, any type of heat, which
reflects our belief that there are many right ways to cook and prepare the meats. We would love your feedback
in the comments below, or send them directly to
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didn’t fight their way to the top of the chain to eat kale. So make it a great day and have a steak. I’ll see you next time.

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