Celebrity Chefs Recipes: Preeti Mistry’s Chumpchi Channa with Eggs

(upbeat music) – I’m chef Preeti Mistry. My food is a combination
of my Indian heritage, my time in London and
produce of California. Today we are making this
very yummy brunch dish. It’s super warming, great for the winter. I call it chumpchi’s channa. Chumpchi is the nickname for my wife and it literally in Gujarati means spoon. But what it really means is someone who’s just a little cheeky, a little salty and she loves to poke fun at me. And channa are these chickpeas right here. An Indian chickpea or just
very simply a black chickpea. It’s a little bit smaller,
darker and nuttier than the normal garbanzo
beans that you’re used to. Whenever you’re using a dried bean, you always wanna make sure there aren’t any random rocks or anything like that in there. Nowadays, it’s not so common but years ago I remember watching my mom and grandma just like go through every
single lentil in the cupboard to make sure there
weren’t any random rocks or things in there. Looks like we’re pretty good here. And from there you’re going
to take your chickpeas and soak them in cold water
for at least 12 hours. The easiest thing to do is just pour some cold water over them and leave them on the counter overnight. So, to start cooking the chickpeas we’re going to add a
little rice oil to a pan that’s on a medium heat and julienne half an onion. We’re just gonna go right in here. And right away we wanna
add a little bit of salt. We want ’em to not just soften but get slightly brown on the edges. So, from there we’re going
to deal with our aromatics. First, let’s mince a little ginger. Just gonna knock that out and I’m just gonna run the
garlic through the same way and give our onions a stir. I like using Serrano chilies, they’re sort of a medium high heat. That is hot. I’m gonna leave all the seeds in there because I want all of that heat. As you can see we started to
get a little bit of browning. We’re going to add that mince in and I’ll turn down the heat just a little. We don’t wanna burn the ginger and garlic. The next ingredient we’re gonna be adding is the garam masala. Masala is just a blend of spices and in this case garam
in Hindi means warm. So, not hot spicy just warm. Start with whole coriander
seeds, whole cumin seeds, fennel seeds, green cardamom
which is kinda tiny like this and then we have black cardamom, you can see it’s much
bigger than green cardamom and it’s dried over charcoal and so it has kind of
a smoky flavor to it. As well as whole cloves, cinnamon sticks, black peppercorns and dried red chilies. These are chile de arbol but any medium spice dry
red chili would work. From here we’re gonna take these spices, we’re gonna throw them in the
oven for about five minutes until they just start to lightly smoke and become fragrant and then cool them and grind ’em up. Once you have them ground
like this, add the spices. Give that a stir. Adding the spices into the fat is gonna allow that flavor
to really start coming alive. Add some tomato paste and as soon as we start to get a little bit of browning
on the bottom of the pan, we’re gonna add a little bit of water. And you can hear that sound. It’s just like releasing
all of that flavor from the bottom of the pan. I’ve got the chickpeas
that we soaked overnight and now we’re gonna add the chickpeas. We’re gonna let this come up to a boil and then you wanna turn
it down to a low simmer. And we’re gonna let it cook
for about 20 to 30 minutes until the chickpeas are
just perfectly fork tender. All right, now that we have
our chickpeas simmering, we’re going to make the sausage patties to go with the dish. I’m gonna start with two
pounds of ground pork and add some minced
garlic, some minced ginger, just double up on the ginger and about a teaspoon of toasted cumin, cooled and then ground. Essentially, the raw flavor
has been taken out of it. So, we wanna add a pinch of salt and finally a little
bit of fresh cilantro. All right, just a nice rough chop. I’m gonna mix this all together. We’re not trying to over process this, it’s already ground. We just wanna incorporate all the flavor. And now I’m going to
start making the patties. You’re gonna scoop up a little piece and just ball it up, roll
it and flatten it out and put it on a rack fitted
into a half sheet pan. I really enjoy a dish like this with heart beans,
sausage, some fried eggs, just all the things you
want on a Saturday morning with a mimosa or a Bloody Mary. Okay, these are gonna go into the oven for about 10 to 15 minutes or until fully cooked through. All right, now that all the
elements of the dish are ready, we’re going to fry the eggs
and put it on the plate. I’m just gonna put a little
bit of rice oil in there. I think it’s very important
to crack your eggs into a separate bowl first. Now, you know you have two perfect eggs so you can drop ’em right in. And we’re gonna put them at medium heat until they’re just perfectly cooked and the yolks are still runny. This dish has lot of
spicy, warming elements so we wanna have something on the plate that kind of cools everything down. I like to use Greek yogurt. This is super rich, delicious yogurt. We’re gonna add a little bit of salt and just season it lightly. A tad bit of that Indian red chili powder as well as toasted cumin. Wow, all right. I’ve got our chickpeas that we’re cooking for about 20-30 minutes. They’re nice and soft. You can see how the color has changed. It’s just become like dark, the chickpeas have melded
with the sauce really nicely. A little bit of that sauce in there. And then we’re gonna go
with a couple of these beautiful pork sausages
and our sunny-side up eggs. Hey, and then we have the yogurt. A little bit of pickled red onion and a few sprigs of cilantro. All right, it’s ready for brunch time with chumpchi’s channa. (upbeat music)

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