Good afternoon Austin, it’s Missshakespeare here bringing you another tasty episode of my #GoLocalATX series. If you haven’t already, check out the map at the end of each episode where you can click on your next craving. Now I bring you a food truck that is the second time defending champion at the Asian food truck battle, Chaat Shop. My goal was to bring something to Austin that isn’t readily available. People don’t really know about Indian cuisine. If you’re in India, growing up there on the streets, you would get all these beautiful foods, these chaats which literally mean “savory snacks” in Hindi. So what we offer are different kind of street foods, these chaats, but I also wanted to infuse some of my culinary experiences with it. The chicken rice bowl is definitely our most popular seller. It’s chicken that we marinate in yogurt, cilantro, green chillis. And all this marinates over night and then we cook it off and we serve it on a bed of Basmati rice with brown butter sauce and tomato coconut gravy sauce. It’s sweet, sour, spicy, and a little bit of salty so it’s all at once. And that’s the idea of chaats. Every bite you’re getting something different. Our home station right now is Wonderland bar and we primarily serve there at nights but during the days we’ll drive to different office locations for lunches and as well as events because that’s what we do. We try to bring the chaats to people. Because we’re mobile it’s sometimes hard to find us. So we made it real easy for you guys. Go to ChaatShop.com, click on “Schedule” which includes times, locations, and a map link to find directions to where we are. We also post on Twitter and Facebook all the time. The ingredients are fresh. It’s not stuff that’s been cut three or four days in advance. It’s cut that day. It’s prepared that day. It’s served that day. We get that all the time is “Oh I thought I knew what Indian food was. It’s so complex and that’s the beauty of Indian food and that’s the way it should be. It’s more about being able to test a product, test a concept that’s relatively new and unknown and to get people to try it. Thank you so much Josh from Chaat Shop for helping me out with this series. No problem Missshakespeare. Just a reminder, FYI, Chaat rhymes with hot. If you come by and mention #GoLocalATX with Missshakespeare, we’ll give you 10% off your chaat order through June. And remember, if you like supporting local business through creative outreach, subscribe and/or follow me on Instagram for the latest updates. Traffic in Austin is possibly the worst thing to ever have to experience here. It’s terrible, it takes years off your life, makes you angry. Internally, you want to rip everything apart but externally you know that you can’t because you will go to jail.

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