– Hi Kelly, my name is Maria, I’m 11 years old, and
this is my food truck. (upbeat music) This truck is called Triple Threat truck because we are known for our three meats, chicken, steak, and pork. Just melts in your mouth. But I consider myself a triple threat because I’m from L.A, my mom’s Puerto Rican, my dad’s Greek, and it makes Puerto-Greekan. – [Man] Did you make that up? – Yeah (giggles). (upbeat music) I began cooking at two years old. I was started making brownies at first, and then I started helped
my mom in the kitchen, and it was really fun! This gets really hot, so don’t, make sure you don’t put anything plastic, or even your hands on there. I build sandwiches, with our
homemade panzanella bread. It just has a great flavor. Thank you, would you like any forks? I love seeing their smiles on their faces, and just seeing them like, “Oh my God, this tastes like
I’m eating from Puerto Rico!” I love this food truck, and Kelly, I can’t wait to cook for you. (applause) – All right, y’all, say hello to Maria! (audience cheers) So what’s the first date special today? What are we doing? – All the rage is chicken sandwiches, fried chicken sandwiches,
– Yes! to be correct. And Chick-Fil-A, Popeye’s have
been having a lot of beef, going back and forth, and you
guys don’t have to choose. Today I’m gonna show you guys how to make a fried chicken
sandwich the Puerto Greekan way. (applause) – All right, so how do we start? – You guys ready? – Yes.
– Yes! (laughing) – Okay, first we’re gonna
start on our chicken. I already pre-soaked
them in some buttermilk and dredged them in some
flour, and deep-fried them, – [Kelly] Yes! – And then we are gonna
start on our sauce. – Okay, let’s do it. You dump, do we dump it in the ? – Yeah, we’re just gonna dump it in here. – All right. Do you dump all this? – [Maria] Yeah, dump all that. – [Kelly] Let’s do it. – Apple cider vinegar.
– Yes! And then, – Not all that, right? – No, not all that. – That’d be rough.
– Like a pinch, that, ooh. – Okay, that’d be like a moment. (laughter) Not a good one! – Okay, and then these
are habanero peppers, make sure you handle them with gloves. We’re gonna add about
two and a half of them. And then do you want to add the salt?
– Smells good, – Get it, Jillian. Do you cook?
=About a pinch of it, – Just a little.
– Do you cook, Jillian? No, this is the first time
– Me, neither. In my life, (laughter) – Do you cook, Chance? – No, not me. – No, me neither, okay. So I love that you’re
the youngest one here that actually know what to do, cool. Now that we’ve covered that. – Okay, now we’re gonna put on our lid. – Let’s make sure that’s secure, yeah. – We don’t want it going (gasp). – Or it would be a fun day. – Just with the peppers. (whirring noise) – [Kelly] Whoo! (clapping)
– Yeah, let’s go! – Then we’re gonna open up our lid, make sure it’s all incorporated, and make sure there’s no chunks, and make sure it’s nice and smooth. Now,
– I ain’t got time for bland. cover that up and you already
have one prepared over there. – All right. – Okay, now we’re gonna
set it on our plantains. – All right. – Mr. Chance, since you
have all those muscles. – Mr. Chance! – Do you mind if you smash this for me? – Smash this.
– Okay, here. – I’ll show you one. You go like this. Smash it.
– Smash it down. I’m not really good at it
because I don’t have muscles, but could you smash one? – I think I got some muscle for ya. (laughter) – I got, I think I’m pretty good. (laughter and applause) – [Kelly] Oh, wow. (laughter) – There we go, is that good? – [Kelly] That’s pretty great, yeah. – [Maria] Yep, that’s pretty good. – [Kelly] You flatten ’em out. – And then since they’re all smashed, we fry them again so they’re
crispy for about two minutes. – [Kelly] Yes. – And they turn out to be like this. – We love fried, okay, cool. – Fried food, ah! And then, time for assembling. Okay?
– Okay. I’m gonna have you guys
set out some plates. – Okay.
– Okay. – All right, how’s that date going? Is it good? Are you just so hungry? – We’re so like into the – – Oh, you’re speaking over
each other, this is cute. – Yeah, she speaks for
me already, it’s great. (laughter) – Could you pass me that chicken, please? – Yes, I can, I’ll eat it, too. (chuckles) – And then we’re gonna
put some chicken on top. – [Kelly] Gosh, I love food! – About two each. (applause)
– Real hot. And then we’re gonna smother it in sauce. – This one. – You see those women on dates, I’m like, I know, I’m hungry.
– Uh-huh. Put as much as you want.
– Ooh! – Yes, that look good, look
how beautiful it looks. Are you rationing the sauce? Get it on there! (laughter) – I’m sorry, sorry. – [Kelly] Load it up! – I thought it was spicy.
– Load it up, Jillian! – Don’t be afraid to burn down your mouth. Then we’re gonna put some
potato sticks on top, to give it some crunch.
– Yes, more crunch. Extra crunch.
– I love you! – I’ve been using my fingers this whole time. – Yeah, you’ve been using your fingers! – [Kelly] You can use
your finger, don’t care. – Get your hands dirty, use the tongs, – Just let ’em go? – Do whatever you want. – It’s fine.
– Oh, that looks beautiful. – [Chance] Drop it gracefully. – We put our pickleded onions next. – Oh sure, that, too. – [ Chance] Pickleded onions. – [Kelly] I just want to eat it. – [Jillian] You do not
want these, correct? – [Chance] I didn’t want to touch ’em. – You’re like, no, girl, I’m at a table. You got wine! Okay, we have to keep budget, we couldn’t light the
candle for ya, sorry. (laughter) Costs like a grand.
– And then some lettuce. – We’re gonna add some lettuce. – [Kelly] Okay, great.
– Lettuce. – I am totally, I love, – [Chance] You’re doing an amazing job. – [ Jillian] Thank you.
– I want to eat it. – That’s where I’m at, that’s the part of the assembly line I’m … – And then we’re gonna add our tops. – [Chance] There we go. – [Maria] Put one there.
– Smash it! – [Jillian] It looks like
yours didn’t have the onions. – [Maria] Put one there. – Okay, wait, I’m gonna need one of those. Can I have one of those?
– Yep. – Yep, I’ll put one like that on top. – [Kelly] Okay, okay, great. – And then we have our sandwiches. – Oh, sure, well wait.
(applause) You know what, I’ll actually,
how ’bout I do this? How ’bout I take two to the couple? – That’s smart, right?
– Okay great. – That’s what we do, that’s what we do. Okay, here we go, here we go. – Thank you, Kelly.
– Thank you, guys! – [Kelly] It’s good.
– Oh, my God. It’s gonna be good. Okay, this isn’t fair.
– Hope you enjoy it! And you know, it’s my show, so here, okay. (laughter and applause) Oh my God! – Is it great? – [Kelly] It’s so good! I’m not gonna not have a bite of this. – So good!

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