Channel Trailer | Pham Bam Kitchen

Hi guys! Welcome to my YouTube channel
Pham Bam Kitchen where I’ll be showing you how to make delicious Asian food. When I
moved to New York I began to really miss home cooking so I watched a lot of
YouTube videos, FaceTimed with my mum and learnt how to make my favourite Asian
dishes. A lot of my childhood was spent at markets, so I love going to the
markets in Chinatown to pick out all the ingredients for my dishes. Once you know
what you need to buy, it’s really quite easy. We’re going to be cooking many of
your favourite Vietnamese dishes like Pho, Chinese dishes like Chilli Wontons and
Bok Choy with oyster sauce, Malaysian dishes, Taiwanese dishes and Thai dishes.
Oh I’m getting hungry thinking about it. I’m not a trained cook, so if I can do it,
you can too!

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