Hello and welcome to FridgeCam. If you eat food than this is the show for you. Oh this is definitely the show for me. In the fridge today we level up with scrambled eggs. And Buzz…
-What? Get your coat, we’re going
home with two chefs. But first, Biggie vs. Two pack. Clinton vs. Trump.
Ellie vs. Frazier. All massive battles in their own right, but nothing compares, nothing compares
to Ebbers vs. Curry. I first met Ben in Culinary School. I first met James,
a little rugged Scottish guy. He was a few years above me but he was struggling a little bit, so I was helping him out. He came knocking at the door
looking for a chance, and I wouldn’t say it’s charity,
but we gave him one. I basically come up
with all the recipes that Ben takes credit for. James he’s come in,
he’s kind of supported my role. And actually I guess you’d
call him Sous Chef. He’d agree with that!
-What? Who is the better chef?
-Me. I mean we could argue about this until the Coute Buff comes home. But actually there’s probably
only one way we can settle it. We’ve got to have an Ultimate Chef battle. What a day we have for you
today ladies and gentlemen. Two culinary juggernauts
go head to head to prove themselves
in the ultimate battle. Right gentlemen. I want nothing but a fair square fight. You’ll have ninety minutes to create what is in your opinion
the Ultimate Chefy dish. If you can’t stand the heat,
get out of the kitchen. Too many cooks will spoil the broth. Whoever first spills the milk will cry. Let’s get it on. This may not look like it, but this is a Coute de Buff
Smoked Bone Marrow map. The drawing really isn’t my forte,
cooking is, and that’s why I’m going to win this battle. I’m going to start by tossing
some potatoes in oil, salt and pepper and baking them. I’m going for the familiarity, the kind of food people what to eat. Chicken, chips and slaw with a twist. It’s going to be a quail,
which we know is fiddly, but I’m going to get rid of the bones,
going to solve that problem. A healthy Asian pear slaw, lotus crisps. I’m going to start with the stuffing
for the quail, that’s shallow garlic, ginger. Sweat it off in the pan,
go nice and sweet before adding in smoky
bacon to go crisp. Barry Taylor with me,
I’m Michael Huttleston. Barry how are you feeling today? I’m excited to say the least. Honored to see what these
two have to offer. Okay, I have just peeled some
potatoes and put them to boil. That is for my crispy rice potatoes, they’re going to be super crispy because I’m going to mash
them as they’re in the oven, as they’re cooking. It is amazing. Other flavors going into
my sausage meet stuffing is going to be some dried figs, but I’ve macerated them in Sake: so a fermented rice wine
Japanese style and some chives. So I’ve made some beef stock last night and I’m just reducing it down
so it’s really sticky Jou. Now, I’m going to move on
to my mushroom puree, shitake mushrooms, chestnut mushrooms, porcini mushrooms, shallow,
garlic and double cream, and a little bit of Sambal just to add a little bit of spice. Sambal wasn’t he in the Lion King, Michael? Either that Barry,
or it’s a South East Asian hot sauce. I mean if you would have seen this dish on a menu would you chose it? I just don’t know think you necessarily have to go and buy the most expensive cut of meat to impress the chef battle. You can get quite a lot at one pound fifty a pop.
-Right. Then do something with it. But that’s just a little chicken isn’t it? It’s a Japanese quail. So first of all the neck of the bird.
Get rid of that. Secondly, wings. If you’re not a chef, maybe don’t try this at home. Or get your butcher to do it. And the crowd goes wild. This is my bone marrow. I’m going to roast this for 15-20 minutes until all the fat runs out
and it’s kind of like jelly. And then that’s going
to get thrown on that. Sounds great. If you take your time on it,
this is what you’re left with, a bird with a bag of skin but the only two bones are the legs. And inside of the bag
we stuff our meat. Did he just call it a bag? It’s a bird bag. This is actually one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever
filmed in my life. Well there’s such a high level of detail, James just seems to be making
Beef and Totties. I don’t really like what he’s doing.
It looks a bit… grim. The stock that I’m making
to make my sauce is going to have all the bones from the quail plus regular mirepoix. I haven’t got time to cook a stock
without the pressure, so we’ll brown off that a little bit,
add in some wine, a bit of water, whack on the lid and cook it under pressure
for about 15 minutes. Now you’ve promised me
this isn’t a bedroom toy. it is not. It’s a kitchen toy.
-Okay, good. It’s like race car now, isn’t it? James is going for the smokes
milk there, Michael. There’s a fine line between smoky deliciousness
and an ash trash. So he’ll have to watch himself here. Oh, my pressure cooker
is about to explode. Always keep an eye on the pressure cooker. Okay skipped on my baked potatoes, put them in a pan with butter,
milk, bone marrow and now I’m adding my smoked milk. Ben one pound fifty of quail
able unsheathing his three hundred pound
chef’s knife here. I’m not making potatoes chips,
I’m making lotus root crisps. This has been peeled, it’s not going
to be boiled in miso stock. Later one we’ll slice it into thin slices and deep fry to make them crispy. At which point we’ll toss
them in seaweed salt. Quails eggs room temperature going into boiling water for ninety seconds. Are you counting James?
-Ohh, I would have gradually let those in,
with a spoon or something. I think every single one of those
cracked as they went in. He’s probably going to use
some stunt eggs. Can we get a close up? I’m almost surprised
at how well it’s going. But not surprised because I’m great. I’ve got my little babe quails eggs,
I’ve pealed them and now they’re going to go
into seasoned flower and seasoned egg and our
panko bread crumbs which I’m adding Japanese 7 spice. How are you going to cook
that because it’s thick. So what I’m going to od I’m going
to put it in the pan. Because it’s thick it will
never really overcook. So I’m going to put it on a medium
heat with butter. Get lots of caramelization
because I can cook it for like ten minutes in the pan,
10 minutes in the oven, done. Pressure released. Ohh!!! It’s just science. So in total how much do you reckon
this dish will cost you? This cut of beef was around 20 pounds. You really don’t want to be getting
that wrong do you? And no you don’t want to get this wrong. One pound fifty a quail. Beef. My stock has reduced,
now I’m going to add in three flavours, miso,
honey and soy to season it. So I’m going to make my slaw from peeled carrot, cucumber,
dicon and pear. Plus I’m making a dressing from
Uzu juice, sesame oil, and rice wine vinegar.
What matters is the precision. Some great takers there.
Absolutely blinding takers. There is one minute remaining. One minute. Welcome to the new bar area. While those guys plate up,
we thought we would get super nerdy in a new feature we like to call Level Up and today we’re talking scrambled eggs. Level up is all about taking
some really basic dishes and with a few tips and tricks
that are really easy to apply we take them up to the next level because the three of us aren’t chefs,
we’re normal. First thing, chuck some
butter in a pan and heat it up till it’s like an foamy. Boom, a handful of spring onions go in and we’re just going to heat those up. That was first twist that’s
going to transform these. Second, cracking eggs into a bowl first, whisking them up. This is what is going to give
your scrambled eggs a lovely texture and a great
rich deep colour. Use a spatula to combine your eggs and once it starts coating the bottom bring the pan off the heat. Stir it, combine all the eggs, get it back on the heat and repeat. Once you’ve got a lovely lumpy,
creamy mixture you want to throw in a tablespoon
of crème fraiche to stop the cooking process and now’s the time to add in
a pinch of salt and pepper. Got a taste of it down there.
-It was pretty good. Serve on some toast and if you fancy it,
throw in some Siracha. And there you go, that is my way
of levelling up scrambled eggs. Cool, see what you think. I’m just going to go straight for the eggs. Mmm! It tastes cleaner, fresher and it needs that spice. I’ve got to be honest mate I got
slightly distracted by my beer halfway through your recipe. Where can I get the full recipe for this? You can find the whole of this
recipe on Fair to say, Scrambled Eggs levelled up? If we thumbed it down? Is it time to go back to the chefs
and pick it up again? Yeah let’s do that. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, gentlemen step away from the counters, step away from your plates,
that is it you can do nothing more. I must be time to bring on the sexies. Chefs it’s come to that time
where the pressure is now building because it’s time
to critique your dishes. You’ve done very well so far,
you’ve both kept calm. Annoyingly calm, but Ben,
do you want to go first? So We’re going to carve the quail. So the beautify of this is
it looks like a whole bird, but if you carve through. That sausage meat filling is something else. Okay. Now in contrast, visually it jumps off the plate, it’s jumping out off the plate at you. I can’t fool the mash whatsoever. The same with the puree. That is so meaty for such
a stupid little bird. Boys we need to make a decisions you’re either going to pick up
a team Curry t-shirt or an Eberbs Squad t-shirt. The good news is there’s three of us so one way or another
we’re going to get a majority. I’ve decided, you can turn around now. NOOO!!!
-Yeahy! Sounds weird but I feel like I tasted
more technique in Ben’s. James I felt at times you may
have gone a little bit overboard. Oh. It feels quite sad that
we had to have a loser, but the loser was James. If you disagree with our choice, then you can comment below,
give us abuse, but also we put a poll on YouTube
so you can vote for yourself. I think that was a very good
Chef Ultimate Battle and I think that maybe there should be
some more in the future. Oh!
-Oh! How have we got this far and not mentioned this is
a brand new show? Because we’ve been doing
the brand new show rather than talking about
the brand new show. Ah Okay, well if you liked Episode 1 of the new FridgeCam show, then let us know by giving us a like. Also, comment down below and
let us know what you thought. If you’ve got any cooking questions
or grade A banter for us write them down below. We read all of your comments,
and we reply to as many as we can. And it goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway, subscribe. Because if you subscribe to use then…
We will make you hungry. Well that FridgeCam had everything. It had actually a fake referees outfit. Yeah. That was actually quite convincing.
-Is it? It also had one of the nicest
and kindest battles of all time. It was really lovely wasn’t it? Yes it was, and a brand new show.
-Of course. And a brand new show. We’ll see you Wednesday
as we do three things with apples and it’s not what you think. Good bye. Oh hey this is our after take. Oh we’ve done it. Firstly The show’s almost done. Your beauty was robbed. You were robbed. Sorry mate.
-It was very very close. So how deep into your homes do we go? Well we don’t get to decide because these guys ask the questions. Oh no.
-All I can say is, I shared the contents of my top drawer. Oh.
-Nobody should be asked to see that.

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