CHIBBY WIBBITZ | Food Truck | Denver | 2017

My education comes from a history degree.
I thought I was going to be a professor at one time and lo and behold, years after that,
I’m running a food truck. My name is Tim Willis I am the owner operator of Chibby Wibbitz
food truck, sliderz n bitez. I was working a horrible, office, cubicle,
life-sucking job, I was at a point where I needed to make something happen. My wife had
just given birth to my son, Bradley, and I knew that I needed something more. I needed
something that I’d be able to set my schedule, that I’d be able to provide a service that
I create, that I make, and also be there for my family, my son. A great friend of mine, Eric, approached me
with an opportunity to buy a truck and I hopped on it. It’s kinda always been a dream of mine
to have my own business and restaurant so I knew I needed to try it. Most of the food truck owners out there have
had their trucks fabricated for them, have bought it pre-made. I’ve built everything
in it. I started out with one cooler and one grill and just poured money into it and just
kept improving and improving so there really is an attachment to the actual truck. Starting from a grassroots, building my own
truck, putting the sweat equity into it and doing exactly, following my dream and passion,
it was harder that way to build up but it also helped me get to a level where I am now. I’ve taken on more staff this year so we’re
actually able to handle larger events and more people so that is the most immediate
expansion that we’ve had his year. The passion is just to have fun and create
a great product. We value passion above efficiency or above,
you know, money, or above the (bottom line) bottom line, exactly. My wife, Natalie helped me quite a bit the
first year. She was working the window for me, of course she still supports a lot. When
I built my truck it was out at my parents’ house out on the Eastern plains of Colorado,
and so my father was a huge part in helping me build the truck and do all the actual construction
on it, and also my father-in-law came through with some much needed financial help to help
me finish it up and get it all done. I really am proud of the Colorado aspect of
it, it’s part of who I am, I live here, it’s what I am and I’m incredibly proud of it and
that’s why it’s kind of plastered all over my truck. I’ve been in Denver for TEDtalks, this year
we’ll be selling food at training camp for the Denver Broncos, so it’s another way that
you get to touch the community. Also last year my son’s school had a program on food
and Iwas able to bring my food truck to his school. In 10 years, I see Chibby Wibbitz being a
successful catering company, multiple food truck, and a brick and mortar somewhere with
a good bar in the back and a small stage to have some music. We have a website at w w w dot chibby wibbitz
dot com you can find us on Facebook at Chibby Wibbitz or we’re also on Twitter as well. Ok wow.
It’s kind of changed a little since I wrote that 4 years ago. (Don’t do it!) Alright I can do one more thing. What do you need, my man?

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