we’re hitting the streets to find the
best food trucks around some of my eating food off on fri just excites me
shedding light on Elliot’s questionable work ethic I love looking for this guy
or is he going clearing up a few questions mr. gagal best fish got away
Louise an abyss and of course hooking you up with some jaw-dropping dishes
it’s white eyes gaming mouse what is that it’s Chicago’s best food truck okay
some some food trucks Chicago’s best we’re on a mission to find Chicago’s
best food juicy tender looking hoodies right there oh yeah this is your show
it’s the best because I say Dom better you know what to you is Graham Facebook
Twitter Christian on facebook Tessa sent us here good food good people who can’t
find better than that hope you’re hungry Chicago’s best food the best there’s no
covers it’s Chicago’s best dots now

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