Chicago’s Best Food Trucks: Bop Bar Truck

(upbeat dance music) – Most people have
to fly to Korea to get a taste of
their delicious food. But, in Chicago, we are
blessed with food trucks that highlight Asian flavors. Trucks, like Bop Bar. (speaking Korean) You don’t have to be
short just for me. – This is my habit.
– All right. – The food truck is pretty high, so every time I take an
order, I lower myself, and take an order
like that, yeah. (tearing)
– Yeah, yeah. – This now looks
like a 1950s workout. – One, two, three, four. – [Elliott] So let’s talk
about your food truck. – All right, yeah.
– Let’s talk about Bop Bar. – Bop means rice,
like a rice bar. – [Elliott] Okay. – [Giman] The bop is
more than just a rice, it’s like a meal. – [Elliott] Why did
you decide you wanted to open up a food truck? – [Giman] Before I
started a food truck, I ran a dental laboratory,
so I was bored. – You were bored with
doing dental implants? – Yeah, I was–
– Crazy man. (buzzing)
(maniacal laughing) – “Oh my god, don’t stop now!” – It was not fun, so I was
looking for something fun. So I traveled two
hours every weekend to work in the food truck. I meet a lot of
people, they’re hungry, I feed them, they’re
happy, and I’m happy. How are you, sir? – Bulgogi burrito, please?
– Ten dollars, please. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Thank you, thank you. – Before you and I
get on the truck, why are you Chicago’s
Best food truck? Do your proper stance, though. Do it with a proper stance. Get down, there we go. Why are you Chicago’s
Best food truck? – We are unique. K-Pop, K-Dance, these days
everything starts with a “K”, so we’re gonna spread
K-Food to Chicago. – He’s bringing
Korea to Chicago. We’re gonna go on
and cook with a K. – Can we stand up normally? – No, we have to
go on like this. (laughing)
– Oh, my, okay. – [Elliott] So
this is a bulgogi. – Yeah, that is
thin-sliced ribeye beef. – And it’s been
marinating overnight. – Yeah.
– Nice. – So, you’re gonna need some
garlic, you just mix them. – Give it a little massage.
– Yeah. This is sesame oil. Just a little bit of
sesame oil in there, that’s good enough. – Good enough, that’s
everyone’s favorite phrase with me on this show. – That’s good enough.
– Hang on a second. We say those words
again, that’s what? – That’s good enough.
– Right. – [Giman] All right, then
we move on to the grill. – So we’ve got some carrots
and some spring onions as well. – [Giman] Wow, all
right you’re doing good. – We’ve gone from
“good enough” to “wow.” – [Narrator] Wow. – [Giman] You can put
the meat on top of that. – [Elliott] Being on a food
truck really is my happy place. How we’re looking? – The bulgogi is done now. So the next step is we get
the rice for the bi bim bap. – [Elliott] And how
much are we looking for? – [Giman] That’s
good enough, yeah. – We were at wow stage, now
we’re back to just good enough. (audience groaning) So this is our next stage?
– Yeah. – [Elliott] Our vegetables. – And then we’re gonna put
some bulgogi on top of that. We’re missing one thing,
missing the fried egg. – We need the wow
factor in this bowl. – [Giman] Wow. – Wow?
– Yeah. – I’ve peaked, I have peaked. (catchy music) Do you mix everything up? Do you break the egg? – What you need to do is just to mix them all up
orally together. – Plink. Slightly salty,
slightly sweet, savory I love bi bim bop,
because it does satisfy so many different things. – I feel proud of
my country’s food. Like Korean food, good balance,
like meat and vegetables. – It excites the palate. So if you’re having a humdrum
day in the office Downtown, and you need something spice
up your life for lunchtime, Bop Bar’s got you covered. But just try and aim
for that wow factor.

21 thoughts on “Chicago’s Best Food Trucks: Bop Bar Truck

  1. I heard he drives around suburbs rounding up stray cats. Id be very very cautious of ordering his mittens foo yung dish.

  2. 밥바, 진짜 대단하시네요. 음식도 정말 맛있어 보입니다. 더욱 번창하시길 빌겠습니다.

  3. 한국에서 파는거보다 맛있어보이네 ㅋㅋ

    한국에서 파는거보다 맛있어보이네 ㅋㅋ

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