Welcome to Gowri Samayalarai Chicken Lunch recipe Chicken Pepper Curry Village style Rasam Plain Rice Curd This is an easy cooking organizing video for doing multiple recipes at a time to save the time. First we need to plan, which dish we should start first. Chicken with Liver – 3/4 kg 3/4 cup rice soaked in water An Amla size tamarind for Rasam First soak the rice and tamarind in water separately Heat the tamarind soaked in water little. Now switch off the stove Ginger Garlic Paste grated Coconut In this pan I will marinate the chicken as well as cook the rasam. I am washing the chicken in the same pan, in which I am going to cook the chicken Blend 4 tspn pepper and 1 tspn jeera to fine powder, for chicken marination Now the chicken is washed well Marinate the chicken with blended pepper and jeera powder I will using the same jar to blend the rasam powder without washing it. Chop the onion 5 Tomato chopped 2 tomatoes for rasam and 3 for chicken Curry leaves Green chilies Coriander leaves Oil Tray with all types of edible oil Masala Box Mustard and ulund dal box Powder ingredients like chilly powder, turmeric powder, etc… Whole garam masala box Salt Drinking water Cup for fetching water Bowl for handwash and a towel to wipe All the required ingredients are ready now Heat the iron pan with oil and add saunf, Cardamom Cinnamon cloves Now add the chopped onion Saute it Now no need of whole garam masala, so close it and keep aside Meanwhile blend the rasam powder Coriander seeds Pepper Jeera Blend it to powder Wash the garlic cloves and add it to the mixie jar Add curry leaves and green chilies Now it is blended Onion is sauteed now Add ginger garlic paste 1 and a half tspn Mean while extract the pulp from soaked tamarind Squeeze it to pulp Now add the tomato This is one for rasam Turmeric powder Add 6 to 7 spoon coriander powder Add 1 spoon red chilly powder Add the chicken pieces Add required amount of salt Mix it well Chicken is getting cooked in medium flame Heat the pan for rasam Heat the oil and add the mustard seeds Add ulund dal Red chilies Asafoetida Rasam powder Once the blended ingredients are sauteed add the tomatoes Add required amount of salt Add 1 pinch turmeric powder Keep in medium flame After 2 mins. add little water Mix it well, close the lid and cook it for another 5 mins. Now Keep aside the ingredients and things which is not required Now add the tamarind pulp Now we need coconut milk Take 3 spoon grated coconut in the mixie jar Blend it finely for 2 or 3 times and extract the milk from it Add curry leaves Add 1/2 cup water Add chopped coriander leaves Allow it to boil Once the rasam starts foaming then take off from the flame Chicken is cooked almost On the other side I kept the rice for cooking Now add the coconut milk to the chicken Add curry leaves Now clean off the other things Now the chicken is cooked well Dry or gravy is upto your choice Now add the coriander leaves Mix it well Now switch off the flame Now chicken gravy is transferred to a serving bowl Rice is getting cooked Now the rice is cooked well. Switch off and drain out the rice water Now the rice is ready Now the simple and tasty lunch is ready Try this lunch recipe at home and send us your feedback

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