Chicken Roll Recipe—Calcutta Kathi Roll with Kabab Filling & Paratha—Durga Pujo Special—ASMR Cooking

Chicken Kathi Roll Skewered chicken kababs wrapped in flaky porota—the ‘kathi roll’ was born in Calcutta for the kabab (makes 6 rolls) boneless chicken thigh 500g trim excess fat divide in 4cm chunks marinate with salt 5g black salt 3g; lime juice 5g gorom moshla ½ tsp; kashmiri red chilli 3g ginger 3g; garlic 2g yoghurt 50g; mustard oil 15g coat well kathi kababs are cooked in a tandoor (clay oven fuelled by charcoal), so they acquire a smoky flavour we’re going to use the regular home oven small metal bowl: you can also fashion one from aluminium foil burn a piece of charcoal directly over the flame until you see a layer of ash on the outside ¼ tsp ghee this is called the ‘dhungar’ method: it is the technique of infusing burnt-charcoal flavour to a dish cover and let the smoky flavour infuse the chicken (5 mins) after 5 mins, remove charcoal the smell should be subtle, so don’t leave charcoal in too long mix cover again and allow chicken to marinate (1 hour) soak bamboo skewers (‘kathi’) in water this prevents them from charring in the oven maida (all-purpose flour) 450g salt 8g; sugar 20g vegetable shortening 25g
(e.g., Dalda, Crisco, etc.) instead of frying the porota in dalda (like the shops do), we’re adding it to the dough for flavour and flakiness rub dalda into the flour until it
resembles breadcrumbs in texture warm water 270–300g knead continuously for 5 mins dough should be soft, smooth, and pliable coat with oil to prevent drying cover and rest for 1 hour dough needs to relax before it can
be worked with grease an oven tray/grill with oil fold each piece in half when threading it through the skewer this keeps the kababs compact (hence, juicy) and prevents them from spreading in the oven preheat your oven to 250°C or the highest temperature possible in your oven roast in a preheated oven at 250°C for 15 mins if using a thermometer, internal temperature of the chicken thigh should be 75°C to prepare the chicken filling… slice 200g onions 40g capsicum heat 10g oil onions & capsicum chicken kababs kabab drippings collected from the bottom of the roasting tray ¼ tsp gorom moshla ¼ tsp kashmiri red chilli (optional; for colour) stir-fry on high heat for 4 mins set aside time to make porotas 130g portions tuck in from all sides to form a smooth ball roll in laccha paratha style for extra-flaky porota SPECIAL HACK FOR MAIDA BREADS: if dough keeps springing back, rest it for 10 mins and continue apply oil dust with flour cut along a radius roll layers! cover and rest again to allow dough to relax or it will spring back while rolling out (15 mins) a well-relaxed dough stretches rather than springs back! 22cm diameter (it may shrink by a few centimetres by the time it reaches the pan) heat 2 tbsp oil rotate to fry evenly turn every minute don’t forget to fry the sides as well! evenly golden! for egg-chicken roll 🙂 beat an egg with a pinch of salt pour over fried porota spread drip and turn over let’s assemble! chicken kababs stir-fried with onions & capsicum thinly sliced raw onions green chillies; squeeze of lime chaat masala roll bottom half tightly in paper tuck away excess ketchup & green-chilli sauce (optional)

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  1. I just realized that a few of the shots on a few of your videos are the same.. for instance, the clip in this video of maida kneading and the clip in the video of Calcutta style egg roll are the same!

  2. Every thing you make
    Looks way to appetising
    And so clean
    First time an Indian cookery channel achieved that

  3. All your videos are just so relaxing! The mild noises and clutter, the traditional music and the end results, really satisfying. Love from Dhaka 💕

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  7. You guys rock with every video of yours. I am also very fond of cooking and so I can say that all of your videos are so well made, shot and presented that I have never ever thought of switching to any other cooking channel on YouTube except bongeats. I love the way the measurements are given in such a precise way so that amateur people can also get the courage to give a shot to these wonderful recipes. Keep up this marvellous work team bongeats.
    And I have a recipe request to you guys, can you provide us with some easy to make breakfast options like various type of yummy sandwiches with multiple types of fillings. Thank you.😊😊😊😊😊

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  9. I was craving some so ordered from this supposedly great place in DC–Bombay street Foods. So disappointing. They basically added tandoori chicken in a thick roti with some scrambled eggs and onions and frigging carrots. Carrots!!!

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  14. Hey @BongEats, That was just Amazingly good! Just a query pls – can I use microwave instead of an oven. If yes, how and what all settings

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