100 thoughts on “Chocolate Brownie Cake Recipe

  1. Sad to say I'm really not enjoying this new 'professional' style. I feel like it really defeats the purpose of this channel and all the camera angle swapping is making me dizzy. Talking to the camera man really takes away from the connection with the audience πŸ™

  2. Love the new kitchen! 😍😍 I'm trying to adjust to the new style of the videos and I'm not really loving it at the moment, but I know there has to be a period of adjustment for you guys AND the viewers. It won't be long until you guys have all the kinks worked out! I'm looking forward to all the amazing content you are going to create in your new space!!

  3. Much more natural feel to the video. Love the new barn kitchen, and love that you're listening to your viewers. Keep up the great work Barry and Rob. Just an FYI, watch the audio level. This one is soooo quiet.

    PS. Typo on the Whisky text. πŸ˜‰

  4. your new kitchen is fun I don't know who said they didn't want to watch you fill the pan with water it's fun, and I don't know who was that anal that they could tell that there were fingerprints on your fridge. I mean really fingerprints on the fridge. you just do whatever feels right for you and have fun and that comes through in your videos which makes it fun for me don't worry about the silly people

  5. Awesome video, cake looks fab and I enjoyed the new style & Rob's contributions. Name the mini camera Kit! Kit the Kitchen Cam πŸ˜‰

  6. You need to put a mic on Rob to share the witty banter between you two. Like Alas Smith and Jones, The Oblivion Boys OR! Monty Python! NOW THAT would be REALLY stonking.

  7. Hi, Barry! I loved the recipe, but you felt a bit unnatural at times today. Are things getting a little too scripted and prepared, maybe? I don't know what your process is, but it did start to feel more genuine towards the end C:

  8. Why can't people adjust to change? For example, my brother hates every new Fifa, a month later, he starts to love it. People need to accept the new style because it's way better and naturally you will enjoy it more.

  9. I love the snarky Editor's comments and silly cuts/transitions! The pacing is getting smoother and keeping a nice blend with the silliness of the previous style.
    I appreciate the improved camera stabilization, and I think that will help viewers still reeling from the last couple videos.
    Can't wait to see what's coming next!

  10. Because of the new editing style the flow feels different. I'm not quite sure I like it, gonna get some taking used to. But entertaining as usual, I always love watching your videos man. Defoe trying this recipe when I visit my mum this weekend

  11. Barry I don't feel like I've the right to tell you what to do with your channel.. However I've been watching your videos for a while now (not missing a single 1 <3 ) and it feels like the old rough video style charm is gone. I love the new kitchen.. but you don't need fancy editing and camera man.. Use the extra money to add some traveling contant in which you try interesting foods. Wish you luck!

  12. I think you should do a cookbook for people with Allergies. For example my sister is allergic to eggs and their are a lot of other people with food allergies so it was just an idea i had. By the way that Cotswold Scenery is gorgeous! (LOL, for the locals!) I think you should call the camera Dave!

  13. I'm OK with the kitchen itself, don't mind about that. Seems more comfortable for you actually.
    This video is much better than the first one, but the shaky camera movements triggers my neurological problem and the style of the editing isn't quite smooth.
    Have you seen some of Jamie Oliver's rare 4K videos or some of SortedFood's money shots? they tend to put lots of slow-motion food pouring shots, but it works more swiftly due to the editing process – resulting in presenting them separately from the main setup.
    Also, the part with the figures wan't as natural as in your "old" videos – it seems "forced" to the format for me.
    Maybe you're tired of reading all of that, and at the end of day – you do you, I guess. But my comment doesn't come from a bad place, I think you're a great person and this is just my criticism as a viewer.

    **Keep in mind that getting better could be done just by getting new equipment, coming with new ideas, and yes – perhaps hiring a cameraman to take the hard work from you, but this absolutely something else, my husband was quite surprised as he saw me watching this video – he asked if this is a new channel he didn't hear about…

  14. Really enjoying having your videos back in my feed. Hope your enjoying the new kitchen. It looks good…..and I know it can always take awhile to get a new kitchen to feel the same as the old one. Keep it up Barry! πŸ™‚

  15. Arrgghhh, stop with the set up scenes. Hate that. Still can't get used to this new set up. I always think if it ain't broke don't fix it.

  16. I love the new kitchen & love that Rob got in the video. I appreciate the improvements & love the channel even more now. Lots of love & good luck on future vids.

  17. Hey,, I'm sorry you get so many bad comments about the new set up :/ personally I really like it and I think it's great that you move on and evolving, I'm sure people will get used to in but it takes time and I hope you will get used to it yourself while everyone is settling down, keep on with the good work, blessings from Israel πŸ’•

  18. People didn't like seeing you put water in the pot?
    That's kinda ridiculous.

    Loving the new kitchen. Now if you guys just keep the edits nice and simple everything will be great. I think it's the simplicity and the fact that you could tell is was a regular Joe cooking and not some Food Network star that attracted us to your channel.

    Well, that's my opinion anyway.

  19. Personally, I love the new format. I like that you can focus more on the cooking and less on the camera. Your true fans are proud and happy for you. I am excited to see you all continue to improve and tweak it.
    If anyone watches your oldest videos they will see that you made improvements since then too. People just need time to adjust to change. Keep doing what you're doing.

    I loved the diss on the pettyness of people complaining about the fingerprints.

  20. Oh my, that brownie batter going into the pan 😍 I'm loving the new kitchen and camera work. It's so exciting to see you grow! (Also, hi Rob! You're awesome!)

  21. The view from your balcony? I LOVE IT! Please adopt me, I'll clean I'll cook I'll stay in the basement when I'm not needed but I need to live somewhere like that! By the way, I hadn't watched a video of yours for months and now I'm shocked to see how much you've improved. Kitchen looks fancy, the camera setup and everything looks very professional. I don't get the hate towards you. Everybody is allowed to have a change in their lives since it's their lives. Amazing. I love that channel β™₯

  22. I just want to say i am loving the new style! I can't wait to see what other weird and wonderful things you all come up with!

  23. I have been waiting on this video – just to see you address the finger prints πŸ˜›

    I have to be honest – I love the new kitchen! I love the possibilities is gives you! And I really liked that Rob was in the shot, it makes the video a bit mor personal and intimate and it has a vibe of the familiarity from the old kitchen! I am in love with the new format <3

  24. Nice little explanation of the whisky joke. Which would have passed through my ears if you had not have flashed the word up.

  25. First thing, I tried this but saved some nuts for the top and just left it plain from that point on.

    Second in general I like the editing, still seems like you're trying tor find a balance between the joking around and being a serious show, but I think that'll smooth out in time.

  26. Great recipe and all, but I'm not a fan of the new look….i preferred it so much more when it was in your own home, and not having someone else film you. The channel is called my virgin kitchen, it should be changed to well known kitchen.
    Doesn't feel like it's on our level anymore with the basic knowledge of cooking/baking. You may aswell go on the great British bake off. 😠😠

  27. I have never watched one of these recipes without skipping to the final product. This was different. I'm interested to know if anyone loves Chocolate more than I do (Mostly White Chocolate).
    Speaking of Chocolate Orange. Could you do a White Chocolate Orange? Seems there is nothing out there now that you can't get Terrys or Sainsburys Cookies.

  28. Speaking of Chocolate Orange. Could you do a White Chocolate Orange? Seems there is nothing out there now that you can't get Terrys or Sainsburys Cookies.

  29. Speaking of Chocolate Orange. Could you do a White Chocolate Orange? Seems there is nothing out there now that you can't get Terrys or the Sainsburys Cookies.

  30. Love the new style Barry. I like the old kitchen too, but I think this is a great step professionally. I think teaming up with Rob was a smart move as you level up your production quality.

    Keep up the good work!

  31. Much better this time Barry! Don't worry we are all here with you for this transition. I will say that your goofiness seems to be a little tamed which is sad, I know it is just nerves but we like mvk for you! Dont forget that.

  32. Doesn’t seem that much different at all to be honest. Pathetic whinging bastards in the comments. I detest comment sections on anything. You get all the twats coming out.

  33. I actually preferred the old style, this new one had too many variations of slow mo over to speed ups and then there was the tripane… one lense was also dirty/foggy, which broke the consistency. I will keep watching because I LOVE your recipes. That cake looked very yummy. New kitchen looks amazing too. Next, how about a pumpkin cookie?

  34. What do you expect from Barry? Geez, he is a human being who is making HIS dreams a reality. It has only been a couple of times filming with Rob. They both are still trying to get comfortable with each other. Give them a break already. They are HUMAN BEINGS! It takes time to adjust. Keep following your dreams and cheers to the future!

  35. I love that you’re trying to improve everything, but I watched your channel because of how β€œnon cooking show” it was. Now it feels like a cooking show and not relatable. I don’t know if I’ll continue watching. 😒

  36. Like the new style and will have to make this brownie cake 🀀 you and Rob look like you’re having fun- keep up the great work πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  37. Think your doing great it is a step forward in my opinion, there will be teething problems and you will find your feet there 😊 don’t let the narrow minded people get you down

  38. So glad the shot isn't constantly moving in this one and your head isn't always getting cut off from the top of the frame. Love the vid guys!

  39. The way I see it, cooking is a very intimate thing, when you let someone into your kitchen there is always a bit of hesitation, or awkwardness. I find the new format fascinating. Is it different that what we're used to Barry and his home kitchen? Yes! But I support him and his dreams and am ready to wade out the first few awkward videos till they find their groove.

  40. I know you are still getting used to the new camera setup etc but am I going deaf or is the sound something you are tweaking too?? Can't wait to try this recipe, loving the newness so far, keep up the good work. Have an amazing day everyone!!!

  41. Barry I’m going to start by saying that I really preferred the camera in this vid than the last because it wasn’t moving as much. But I feel like the old Barry has gone and your personality has changed to more a tv star chef than the starter of the amazing Chanel My Virgin Kitchen. Your old vibe and characteristics are not here in this vid

  42. Everyone's a critic. Let's see your perfect YouTube videos ……. Any who … Keep up the good work Barry and crew! πŸ’œ

  43. You left 1/2 the egg yolk in the bowl. Please use a rubble spatula and get it all! My OCD is going nuts over here. Lol

  44. Mr barry, nice video , nice spicing up the format a little bit, it is good, also props to rob he isnt just a camera person he is another personality for the show, he suites it well, as well as keeping the feel of the show also

  45. I'm slowly catching up on my YouTube subscriber feed … so even though it's been over a month since you posted this video, I wanted to put in a good word πŸ˜€ I love the new studio, Rob seems like a lovely person, and I am rooting for you on all the effort you're putting in to making the show better πŸ™‚

  46. it is not healthy????? what are you talking about hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  47. Barry don't get defensive about any criticism you recieve, it's very unprofessional to be passive aggressive, it leaves a sour note in the videos! Surely it's to be expected if you put yourself out there to get criticism?!. People watch food videos as a way of escapism from real life, so do bare that in mind! Just take the comments on board and quietly make adjustments as and when necessary! 😊

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