Chocolate Semolina Cake in pressure cooker Let’s start preparing cake Semolina (1 cup) If you don’t have fine Semolina you can blend little Sugar Powder (½ cup) Cocoa Powder (3 tbsp) Dry Fruits You can use your fav dry fruits in this I have taken ¼ cup. You can add little more if you like Mix Well Once all dry ingredients are mixed well Add Curd (1 cup) Veg Oil (¼ cup) Cardamom Powder (½ tsp) Salt a pinch Mix everything You can use Butter or Ghee instead of Veg Oil Milk (3/4 cup) we will use half now and half later our batter is little thick by adding milk we get required consistency Mix Well Taste batter. If you feel you can add little more sugar according to your taste Close batter with lead for 10-15 mins. So our Semolina gets double Till our batter set keep a pressure cooker on stove add 1½ glass water place stand in center place small bowl on top of it add little water in it remove whistle from cooker leave it for 5 – 10 min to boil water grease cake tin with butter or oil this will help our cake to come out perfectly and it will not stick to side wall Our batter got thick Now we will add Baking Powder (½ tsp) Baking Soda (½ tsp) Mix Well Add remaining milk into it once you add baking soda and powder stir batter in one direction Take Cake tin Pour batter in centre of tin So it spread all side uniquely tap gently Spread tutti fruti on top of it and dry fruits place tin in cooker I have removed cooker whistle close it Cook for 20-25 mins on low flame Check cake with tooth pick or knife cake should not stick’s to knife or tooth pick if not we will cook for another 10 – 15 mins Check cake with tooth pick tooth pick is coming out clear our cake is ready let it cool down keep plate on it and flip cake tin LIKE | COMMENT | SUBSCRIBE

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