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hello ladies and gentlemen this is your
Chef from with Bhature, Dilli style. In order to make these bhature which inflate all by themselves in an
easy way watch this video instructions and you’ll
be right there please make a note of the ingredients 300 ml in luke warm water and given a nice mix until
the sugar(2 tsps) dissolves completely in the water now we will be adding two teaspoons
active dry yeast remember yeast loves to eat sugar and warm water but if the water
is too warm or hot it will kill the yeast so the water should be only luke warm
Keep this mixture for 7 mins Or until it tastes like Beer. it’s been seven
minutes after which we have grabbed another ball to which we will be adding 500
grams All Purpose Flour/Maida Add 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of Baking soda Add 70% of yeast mixture to it and kneed it Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil, in case you do
not have olive oil you can add any other vegetable oil kneed it once again gently and
you may need more water so that 30% of water, yeast and sugar content that left aside
use little by little until you find the right consistency make sure once you have
kneeded this nicely you keep this dough aside for around five minutes this way
gluten will be released in these five minutes and that’ll make your dough even
more softer and moist. After five minutes of leaving the dough aside and
letting the gluten create now grab a plank to which you sprinkle a little
flour, this way your dough will not stick to the bottom, now grab the dough and
kneed it very nicely by folding it once and again again and again 10 minutes atleast the more you kneed it the better
your Bhaturas will come, that is the secret to make the best bhaturas, i have kneeded it
already for 10 minutes and you can see how soft and moist it has come, now
smear little olive oil on palm and smear it on top of this ball grab a bowl and sprinkle a little olive oil to the
inside by putting it on your palm this way your dough will not stick to the wall
of this glass vessel, cover this with a film which is nothing but a cling film and keep it
aside for at least 2 hours in a dry and warm place, if the place you are keeping it
is at room temperature that is also good after 2 hours it’ll bloat up just the way
you see amazingly high and if I try to insert a
finger or punch this you will see a lot of air
coming out Remove all the air content by squeezing
it in between your hands and now grab a little handful of it in your hand which we
will make into a round ball and rotate it in the clockwise or
anti-clockwise direction the way you are comforta ble and try to create a very
firm ball like this it’s time for us now to create a flatbread out of this,
sprinkle a little very less very less all-purpose flour and try to create a
flat bread out of this by rolling it Make sure you do not too much of dry flour make sure that it doesn’t stick to the
bottom or rolling pin you can roll this in any shape, round or elongated what matters is you roll it nicely make sure you puff off the dry all-purpose Flour from it grab a Karahi in which you add vegetable
cooking oil and when the oil is hot enough drop your bhatura and just watch it bloat up, one tip is
if you mingle with it with your ladle and keep poking it will come up and
inflate very soon so that it always helps in inflating your bhature now you can
make it in this elongated way or you can also use any other shape for example
I’ve used a round shape here as well let me show you that also here it is so once again don’t forget to poke it and play
around with it just be comfortable dont spill oil anywhere outside, Enjoy the bloated Bhature with some amazing chana masala. Ladies and
Gentlemen this is Bhatura, Enjoy! Delhi Style Thank you so much for watching I
hope you enjoyed watching this video please post your comments in the comment
section below once you made this Bhatura And if it turns out well, post some
pictures which I can share on my Facebook page thank you once again, Have Fun

47 thoughts on “Chole Bhature Recipe (using Yeast) Indian Breakfast Recipes @ Guru’s Cooking

  1. I have question. Which brand yeast should one use. I tried to make them once and the dough was all sticky and in strands. Also is baking soda and baking powder the same thing. If not which one should we use. with regards.

  2. Singh saab I tried dis today and der was not a single bhathura wch didn't bloat or inflate. super duper usse bei upper recepie. earlier I used to make wd soda water bt this way rocks. ….

  3. gurjeet ji plzzz malai kofta and navratan korma in punjabi style sikhaana bt not lk vahrehvah chef, typical punjabi. ..coz otherwise sardaarji says " eede naalon taan namkeen rice hi bana lene cc ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  4. I tried your bature recipe today. I must say it was AMAZING! I did surprise myself.
    I previously have tried preparing bature's but it always proved to be a disappointment. your recipe was God sent. I like the way you keep things simple and the way you explain step by step. I am yet to try more of your recipes. Thank you for helping me be a more confident cook. A shout out all the way from Kenya.

  5. Why do every chef in this world use dry yeast? why don't you opt for fresh or compressed yeast. I think they both do the same job .

  6. Dude here is the USA tip. Try saying ingredients in Cups, Teaspoon, Tablespoon measure for USA audience as none of our scales have grams measure. Rest all was pretty cool. Thanks for uploading.

  7. only want to say in short 'kya baat hai'kya khoob๐Ÿ‘ŒโœŒ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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  9. Hello Guru What we add Baking Soda , Or Baking powder ? Could You Pl Tell me ? Iam awaiting for Your Valuable reply pl Guru

  10. Hi i made this today. But it got toooooo crispy that it was more pappad than bhatura. Though the taste was good. What did i do wrong?

  11. As per the title of this video I expected to see the recipe of chole as well…. but its only the recipe for bhature.
    Morover, wat is d necessity of adding yeast and baking powder in the dough wen we cook it in oil, coz in hot oil its going to puff up anyway even without yeast and/or baking powder if the dough is kneaded well.

  12. I was searching for a perfect bhature and finally I ended up here. To be honest, this is the most satisfying video of bhature. I'm soooooo happy. I'm from Tamil Nadu. I really enjoyed Ur cooking. Keep rocking

  13. Perfect recipe exact measurements result excellent fluffy yummy bhature. We made it and the whole family enjoyed thanks a lot. Give us more authentic Punjabi recipes

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