– [Joy] Whizzaroo! – Mom, we’re going to the store. (door closes) – Going to the store? Hon! – Yes? – The children have gone to the store. Can you take the grocery list and make sure that they
buy only healthy food? – Sure thing! (whirring) Alright Chucky, to the
grocery store we go! (whizzing) – Oh, guys, look at these cool toys! (whizzing) Hey Daddy, what are you doing here? – Mom sent me here to make sure you get everything on the checklist. – We were heading there next. – C’mon guys, let’s go! (lively music) – I’ll get the first item. – Okay, meet us right here. – Pepsi, I’ll have one of those. (lively music) – Pepsi?
Was that on the list? (laughing) – I’ll try again. Okay, I’m gonna put the Pepsis back. – (gasps) Skittles! (lively music) Look Joy, look what I found! – Are those Skittles? I don’t think Skittles were on the list. – Oh, man! (lively music) – Think healthy, healthy,
healthy, healthy. This bread is healthy,
organic with whole grains. – Hey Scooter, what did you get? – Some organic bread. – Ooh, that looks healthy! – That’s right Chucky, that’s healthy! – Hey Daddy, I’ll go look for
some healthy breakfast food. – Ooh, yummy! – Great idea, Joy. (upbeat music) – Oatmeal, that’s definitely healthy. (upbeat music) There’s lots of fiber in this container. (upbeat music) Now which way to the apples? That way. I love to sweeten my oatmeal with fruit. What type of fruit do you like to sweeten your oatmeal with? Hmm. (upbeat music) Blueberries, and strawberries. I have to get a big thing so there’s enough for my family. (upbeat music) – Hey, Joy! What did you get? – Check it out, Chucky. I have all kinds of healthy food. Strawberries, apples, blueberries and oatmeal. – Oh boy! Breakfast is gonna be yummy! – Look, bacon! – Are you gonna buy that bacon? What would Mom say? – Mommy? Let me just put that back. – Hey guys, will somebody grab snacks, and the other grab cleaning supplies? – I’ll get a snack! – I’ll get the cleaning supplies. – Ooh! Veggie Straws! Cheetos, potato chips. – Cleaning supplies that
are good for the earth. (upbeat music) Hey, Dad! – Hey, let’s see what’s in this buggy. (bags crinkling) Chips were not on the list. The rest of this can stay. (upbeat music) – [Sparkle] For more awesome
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