Colleges Building Community: Healthy Food Fest 2

Part of the mission of Lackawanna
College is to lead the way for our students to enrich the communities in
which we live in, so that it becomes part of their habit as a student and then
continues to be a habit when they leave us. And our culinary students are using
this opportunity as a graded project to look into this segment, this demographic
of our community and to come up with some creative ways to use common, pantry,
inexpensive food staples that families, and particularly children, can enjoy that
are delicious, that are fun and very affordable. Any time you’re putting
together a meal, you want to think about the components, the main components, that
make up a nutrition-rich meal. So you’re thinking about things like whole grains,
good carbs like fruits and vegetables, and some good healthy fats too. We are so
excited that our students can partner with Geisinger on this project to look
at these ingredients that might be easy and cheap to stock a pantry and to be
able to help people to create nutrient-rich dishes. And at the end of the day that they can learn to have hearts for
service of our community.

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