Colleges Building Community: Healthy Food Fest 3

We’re obviously in a district, in an
urban district in Scranton, PA. We have a lot of needy families. There
are 600, over 600, students in Neil Armstrong. Our school
is designated as a low socioeconomic school. So we, the kids, receive free
breakfast every day and are eligible for a free lunch every day as well. The kids
who sometimes are left over at the end of the day waiting for parents to arrive, we’ll have conversations with them and they’ll tell us about how they want to
take an extra piece of fruit or an extra piece of food for a younger brother or a
younger sister or a grandmother at home. So we see it every day. You know, in
order for us to be able to educate these children – they will never be able to
learn to the degree that we need them to if they’re sitting there hungry, if
they’re sitting there worried about where they’re going to get dinner that
night, or concerned that other members of their family aren’t eating. The program
that you’re running is vital. If it goes away, some of these families will have to
turn to other places to find food. The Healthy Food Fest will be a great
opportunity for the families in Armstrong and the families throughout
the city to use the resources that are available to provide meals for their
families, to be able to connect with other families who are maybe going
through the same situations and just know that they’re not alone in this

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