Colleges Building Community: Healthy Food Fest 4

By all accounts, the event in late summer
was a smashing success. But now it’s important to build upon that. We’ve
established momentum, but now we have to keep going forward to improve the lives
of people in our community. We’re having the same families come back to the
medical school and they’re able to build upon what they learned before, and now
they’re going to learn about not only just acquiring food but eating healthy. What are the next steps in maintaining a healthy diet. How do they eat, where do
they buy their food? It is really more than being educated, now it’s a matter of
putting what they’ve learned into practice. Certainly education in a
classroom is paramount in any discipline, but it’s also important to take what
students have learned and apply it to real-world situations. And particularly
in this program, this is one more example where Keystone College, and more
importantly Keystone students, can make a real, positive impact on residents in
the Scranton community, and that’s also what an education is all about.

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