COMMISSARY – Commercial Kitchen and Commissaries for Rent at Kitchen Network

We continue our Live, Work, and Play series
this morning. It’s our effort to spotlight ten great projects in communities throughout
the Denver metro area, all chosen by an independent jury by the Denver Regional Console Of Governments,
DRCOG, as part of the Live, Work and Play program. And this morning we are highlighting BuCu
West. It’s a neighborhood just west of downtown Denver. The name reflects a unique combination
of business and culture that has put some new energy and life into an area that has
had its share of challenges over the years. Joining us now is Denny McFerrin. He’s one
of the people who has made it happen. Denny, good morning. Good morning. Tell us a little bit about the neighborhood,
especially the name. Where does that come from? Well, BuCu West is a name that we have come
up with that we felt that basically depicted this area quite well. It’s a business culture
neighborhood, and we’re in the process of developing that and bringing that forth right
now. Yeah, you’re part of something I understand
called the Kitchen Network in BuCu West, a commercial kitchen that has helped launch
a lot of businesses in the area. Talk about how that works. Well, Kitchen Network is a building, it’s
about a 12,000 square foot facility with 11 kitchens, and it’s broken into 3 different
areas. And what we have is a leased area for several of our tenants that are here on an
annual basis, and lease kitchens. And we have a commissary kitchen that is also available
for personal chefs and caterers and vendors. And the facility is open 24/7, so they use
it all round the clock. And we also have a Kitchen Network Bottling Company, where we
bottle about 40 different products for Tony’s Markets and Safeway and King Soopers and Whole
Foods. Now that’s a pretty wild idea. How unique
is it and how did you come up with it? Well, we kind of evolved into it. It’s a building
that I purchased about 8 years ago and we decided to develop the building and it kind
of evolved. It was a kitchen in the first place. And so we just kept making it better and contributing
for the past 8 years to the growth of it, and making it better and better, and refining
it. And people kept coming and coming, and the
city agencies all started recognizing it, and everybody started referring to it. And
between that and internet, here we are. And there you are. Okay, well it sounds like
it’s a huge success. And it’s really helped the neighborhood. And we’re going check back
a little bit later, and tour more of BuCu West. But, Denny, thanks so much for for sharing
with us. We appreciate it. Thank you. Okay, have a good morning. And if you’d like
to learn more about BuCu West and all of our neighborhoods that we’ve been highlighting,
visit our Morning Show web page at

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