Como Salvar o Transformice [ESPECIAL]

2 years ago What happened during those 2 years? true time seriously now… whatever [Kimberlly] So… I wanted to share with you My collection of… [Aeon] penis Now I have almost all of them, guys Just missing this one I DON’T IT’S UGLY BUT IT’S UGLY I will sit. Finally After all this time After all this time Attention, Attention! i will release Let’s go 3… 2… 1… released! oh no done! done! get in entered 20 more people now eh…it’s…enough (missing scene) Several players have somehow influenced many to play again SonicPlays presents
*Son of Omar* SonicPlays presents
*[Zangw] I’m black* HOW TO SAVE TRANSFORMICE – THE MOVIE So over the years, Xor investigates
the place that was teleported COME IN there’s no one looking What the cheese Melibellule, Can I date tigrounette? go f*ck yourself, b*tch it must be omar Omar is the greatest hacker of all time, the most wanted by Atelier801 In the past, Omar influenced a player who nearly bankrupted the company, check out Press Quickly done guys, you saw, the hack works it will show up green because it worked when it’s green, it works it must be opened then you go and click Paint This guy NEEDS to talk with you if he won’t talk with you
it won’t work SEE GUYS? IT WORKED the hack RUN Save yourself, Xor run to the computer area Xor manages to get back to the 2D dimension of mice However, Omar, who stayed inside the
company, now has full access to the
game info Database is an organized collection of data, generally stored and accessed electronically from a computer system Having access to passwords and defining who has or not powers within the game So the danger in this game is approaching [MODERATION] IT’S NOT GOING TO WORK [MODERATION] THE SERVER HAS BEEN HACKED ROOM LINE THEORY the server does not operate with a single room but infinite possible rooms connected by lines Let’s suppose someone tries to pass this barrier by creating a new line For example, if someone wanted to move from alpha room to beta room, she would be able to move through her. what creates what we call “the number of divergences” The same goes for forced displacement of this world. That’s why you’re automatically teleported to a room With Omar’s interference on the servers, that’s what just happened. Tell me… What do you do when “bread” is too hard and you can’t eat it? You can soak in the soup to soften WHAT? (invisibility cloak) 최고의 드루 야스오 Excalibur is the legendary sword of King Arthur, to which magical powers are attributed. With it is possible to decimate all hackers in the game, including Omar pass the good luigi and myth(verb) your p**** delicious naaaaaaa (this is better understandable in Portuguese) [Omar] So you have an excalibur But to face me I will force a duel between you two If you win, I will accept 1vs1 duel [Zangw] I AM THE LEGEND OF TRANSFORMICE [Zangw] I AM THE LEGEND OF RACING WANT TO FACE ME? DON’T BE RETARDED I AM ZANGW THE LEGENDARY PLAYER EX- CALIBUUUUUUUUR After Omar’s defeat, Xor seeks to decimate all hackers in the game. 3 months later Most of the people decided to go to a better place, so they made a farewell Hey! Don’t be sad! *Spanish* “buena chutu, como tán?” I hope you guys are fine [Aeon] in your ass KKKKK greetings, Omar… Omar… [Kimberlly] Awn, we can just… [Aeon] We can have sex Conclusion: Has the transformice been saved? No Because this is actually a legend And to this day someone hopes to take the excalibur from the rock to defend the game Credits – SonicPlays

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  1. Mano, trilha sonora de Sword Art Online Alicization foi daora, parabéns. Mas que tal fazer um vídeo sobre como realmente salvar o transformice? Ou pelo menos o sheet

  2. No comeco fiquei na duvida se esse seria o melhor filme de 2019. Mas apos refletir bastante, percebi que foi uma perda de tempo e que esse è o melhor filme da decada !!!

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