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Hi, I’m Anna Carl. I’m a Consumer Scientist with Whirlpool Corporation’s Institute of Home Science. And today we are here to talk about convection cooking. Convection cooking adds a fan to the cavity of your oven, which helps boost the air flow, and basically helps transmit the heat throughout the cavity in a very even way, that surrounds your food. That has some very specific benefits. Even browning, you get wonderful even crispy skins for instance on Chickens. When you roast chickens with convection baking, and you get faster cooking in general due to the increased circulation of the hot air in the cavity. The place where convection really shines is in multi-rack baking. There are things that you could not really attempt to do with a traditional oven with thermal baking. For instance using three racks in a cavity, so convection baking helps circulate that hot air all around every rack and allows you to cook on multiple levels. There are other things that really just work well with convection, such as toasting. Anything you want an even brown topping on. Most manufacturers would recommend about two inches of clearance around the baking dish at a minimum. So that will allow your heat to flow more evenly over each pan, and you will get a much better result and more even browning. Because the heat distributes so evenly and the baking is so much faster, You want to reduce your baking temperature by 25 degrees, unless the recipe has been specifically designed for convection baking. That leads into another point which is check your food a little bit early because baking does happen a little bit faster in a convection oven you want to make sure you don’t over bake, or over brown your food so check it ten to fifteen minutes early and just see how it’s progressing. For more information visit our website;

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