Cookie Expert Reviews Fast Food Chocolate Chip Cookies

my name is amber Amoz I’m the chef and owner of Mossad our bakery here in the West Village of New York City and today I get to try everybody else’s chocolate chip cookies [Music] there is a nice number of chocolate chips which I really like doesn’t really smell like anything though which is kind of strange she didn’t have to unless stick my face into it smell it mm Oh 20 sweet really sweet something that I always look for in cookies that isn’t just kind of like monochromatic it shouldn’t just be crunchy it shouldn’t just be dry I shouldn’t just be sweet I like about this is you have a little bit of the crunchy and the chewy and you can see that even in the difference in color it got a little caramelized you can see that it’s soft because you can’t hear it but then when I bite into it you can see that it’s crunchy so I do like that it’s got different texture it’s not my favorite but I’m going to turn it away [Music] this is a much more sizable cookie that looks really big and delicious I think there’s nuts in it not that easy to break open it looks good it’s just a kind of cookie that would be really good warm something that I would want to have right out of the oven you can’t be mad at a warm chocolate chip cookie even a mediocre chocolate chip cookie worm like you want to propose to it the less air you haven’t something the less it’s gonna dry out and you look at a cookie you look at something you see a lot of little air pockets everywhere so it had a lot of opportunity to be a little bit on the drier side it looks like it has a lot of nuts and here the thing about nuts is they suck moisture I think the nuts kind of fought with the cookie and they might have one this would actually be a really good cookie to put with ice cream because it’ll hold up against the ice cream I would love to try this cookie again but I think it’s time war first glance I like the size and it looks like it’s nicely baked too because it looks nice and golden it’s smells good it actually smells like brown sugar which I love more of a carmelization and more of a caramel taste you face a little bit more homemade there’s good I feel like this is a cookie that could kind of do the trick I also would imagine they’re sold in packs of more than one that’s also kind of a cookie that you’re gonna want to eat more than one of the chocolate tastes a little bit waxy but I’m not really mad about it my mom looks so much better Oh what just happened I like subway cookies [Music] this is a big cookie sometimes size doesn’t always make it better it’s really heavy when you see this happening on the outside looks like it’s almost kind of like blood a little bit on the outside that’s actually excess butter that means it wasn’t mixed all the way if you take this little outside piece this is probably gonna taste almost exclusively like butter and the other parts may be a little bit drier you look on the back you can see that they use really big chocolate chunks which is kind of nice so I break it open it’s really almost kinky inside but it still looks really nice and moist inside and it definitely looks like we used a lot of brown sugars you’re getting a little bit more common well taste hmm it’s a little bit too dry for me or somebody like Starbucks having a cookie like this is probably a great idea if you’re having a cappuccino you can dip it and it’s not going to disintegrate [Music] it’s kind of a nice size actually it’s a little bit like the Goldilocks of cookies it feels like a sizable weight breaking it open is nice Wow that is more chocolate than I have seen in any other cookie it’s which not what I remember it tastes a little bit more homemade this feels like somebody might have made this for me i think everybody’s mall how to mrs. feel a lot of what i’m tasting is probably my memory more than the cookie itself these are a little bit blonde for me Rhonda’s not bad but in your cookies you want them to have a little bit of color one of the things that we really like to do with cookies have them be baked enough and have to have enough sort of golden color which this doesn’t have but it has a lot of nostalgia so definitely gets points for that so I had a lot of chocolate chip cookies today if you’re gonna make them at home I would recommend two things you always want to think about the balance of sweet and salty before you bake them you sprink a tiny little bit of Maldon salt the other totally great tip age your dough so you’re gonna get better color and you’re also gonna get sort of a better flavor at the end of the day no matter where your chocolate chip cookie comes from how much chocolate it has or how long it’s been aged it’s gonna be amazing because it’s a chocolate chip cookie [Music]

100 thoughts on “Cookie Expert Reviews Fast Food Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. Why was there no Wendy's cookies ??? I know there wouldnt be much competition If youd have added them cause they'd make the rest taste like trash but c'mon.

  2. If you are a fast food worker-
    Put cookie dough into a bowl that is microwave safe, cook it for about a min, then put ice cream on top.

    Thank me later

  3. I personally love Chick-fil-A’s. I see people rooting for Subway…don’t come for me, I’ve never had it.

  4. What Fast food place sells Mrs Fields cookies KFC cookies are like their biscuits "Hard " Burger King are great when they are fresh unfortunately all fast food places that sell cookies think cook them and use them all day till closing making them hard enough to build a house with I prefer Hardee's apple turnovers .

  5. Starbucks cookie warmed up has been my fave for a while now. Subways chocolate chip and peanut butter are fantastic

  6. It would have been really funny if they added in one of her own cookies from her bakery at the end to see if she would recognize it or say bad things about it lol

  7. This is a person who actually knows how to judge. She gave criticism but instead of just being rude she was very kind and offered recommendations. Perfect reviewer.

  8. dang am i really the only one that doesnt like Subway's cookies? They taste weird and almost plastic-y.

  9. Really? Chick-fil-a? Buzzfeed always seemed like an ally and here they are showcasing a product from a company that's uite openly homophobic. Oh well. I guess it doesn't matter.

  10. There’s a subway at my university and if you get there around 6pm when they’re closing, they hand out their leftover cookies for FREE.

  11. This is super random, but I'm obsessed with KFC's chocolate chip cookies. They can be utter garbage when they've sat too long, but the warm, fresh out of the oven ones are so soft they practically fall apart and they're PERFECT. Maybe they're too soft for the "correct" texture but I love a good soft, fresh out of the oven KFC cookie.

  12. Lets all take a moment to realise how this lady hasn't got type 2, yet people who eat way less sugar end up with type 2

  13. I would eat mcdonalds cookies everyday its the closest i can get to Tasty's Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie subscribe to their channel for top quality recipes that you can cook for any ocassion

  14. I’m all about that sweet so I need this video. I have such a major sweet tooth, my fiends are like “How tf are you not fat”. 😂

  15. I've worked at Subway for 4 years, and the smell of the cookies baking, the taste, and I get 70% off so… I get them all the time and still am not sick of them! I feel like a proud relative.

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