Cooking 500 Quail Eggs in Our Village – Quail Egg Gravy – Our Village Our Food

Placing the eggs in a big pan to boil them. Peeling green peas Removing the eggs from the pan because they are cooked. This process makes easier to remove the egg shells. Adding oil. Adding chopped onions and green chilies. Adding green peas. Adding garlic cloves. Adding ginger and garlic paste and some salt. Adding chopped tomatoes. Grating and adding 2 potatoes. Adding red chili powder. Adding coriander powder, pepper powder and some garam masala powder. Adding curry leaves. Add some water and cook it for 5 to 10 minutes. Adding the eggs. Speaker: How does it look…. Speaker: Is it salty or is it in normal level? Everything is good right? Is it hot? Speaker: Everything is correct right? Speaker: Yes. Speaker: Give some to the person standing next to you, he always complaints about my dish. Speaker: How is it? Speaker: Its hot. These are some of the fallen trees due to cyclone vardha. This is where we shot the video Out of 250 trees in this area approximately 150 trees had fallen. Some fallen trees are still alive and they are flowering.

100 thoughts on “Cooking 500 Quail Eggs in Our Village – Quail Egg Gravy – Our Village Our Food

  1. We eat quails and its eggs too in Korea… The sheer amount of labour needed to peel the shell out of 500 eggs makes me just want to run away. It looks delicious though

  2. I love quail eggs.. We pickle them here In south Louisiana.. But I want to try this, it looks really good..

  3. that……..

    actually looks so fuckin delicious😚

    btw, if they're using modern cooking tools, why don't they just move to the city?

  4. Pretty cool seeing how things are done/ food is prepared in other parts of the world. Awesome I love it and that looks really good!!!

  5. Where did you get your quail eggs from?? This looks amazing, I love how you always share with your pets too!

  6. I love it when it comes to my house and my mom is so good to see the new version of this year and the first time since the beginning of the year of high school students

  7. O^O It looks so delicious! Dammit, now i'm hungry again and I just finished eating dinner ;^; …but the fly tho..e-e

  8. I'm surprised I didn't see any comments saying how they are monsters and should get arrested for killing all those baby birds😂😂

  9. not to be hated on but did u rlly need 500 Quail eggs? theres gonna be alot of population missing from the quail if they do that twice a week

  10. Oh god imagining how much time will it take to peel that quill egg shells make my hand ache… look delicious though 🙂

  11. คุณเป็นผู้ชายที่ทำอาหารได้น่ากินและเก่งมากค่ะ สุดยอด

  12. They sell quail eggs at my grocery store and I was always wondering what to do with them. Maybe I'll make a scaled down version of this.

  13. I know it’s a different culture and all and that’s how they do it, but I got really butthurt when they ate with their fingers from a spoon filled with food lol

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