Cooking A Turkey In A Clothes Dryer

– We are back. – Thanksgiving is right around the corner and you know what happens at Thanksgiving? – Uncle Randy breaks out his
list of evidence for flatter? – Yes, but in addition to that, another thing we do is
we eat a ton of turkey. If you watched yesterday’s episode, you know that we been
cooking turkeys this week in very special ways. In honor of that often over-looked segment of society, the oven-less. – Yesterday we cooked a
turkey on a car engine, and today, well, why don’t you just watch. – Today we’re gonna be cooking
a turkey in a clothes dryer. Somehow. – Well that some how’s gonna
be answered by a Sherpa. Mythical Chef Tess. – Is she a Sherpa or a chef? – She’s a Sherpa Chef. We’ve got the dryer. You have the turkey? – Yep, this is it. – That’s not a turkey. – That is about 3/4’s of a turkey breast. – We’re literally just
gonna throw this in there, and its gonna tumble around. Is that an added benefit? That it’s going to soften the turkey? – The beginning stages it
kinda acts like a tenderizer, and then it becomes completely pulverized within an inch of its life. – (chuckles) Well, it’s already dead Tess. – Yeah, that’s true, but I’m saying, you know, metaphorically. – How long do you have to cook a turkey? – It’s about six cycles. – But how hot does a dryer get? – In totality 120 degrees. – But don’t you have to have turkey at a hundred and more than that. – Yes. It cooks at 160 and
is cooked, but there is something in cooking called
a carryover temperature. – So, just throw it in? – Yeah. Okay. That’s pretty aggressive there. – We’ve got permanent press,
there is no turkey setting. – Use wrinkle free though, cause I don’t like a wrinkly turkey. – So, six cycles. Each
cycle is at least and hour, we got a lot of time to kill. – Woo hoo. Woo. (wheels rolling) (hold music) (wheels rolling)
(deep breaths) – Okay, two more cycles to go. – Oh. – What? (scary music) – This is not what it looks like, sir. – It’s Binko. (western whistling music) Nothing to see here. – Alright, it’s done. – Yes. I’m so excited. – Okay. Alright. This is
a moment of truth, right? I’ll open, you pull out. – Okay. Oh? Here we go. There it is right there. – It’s just nestled. – [Rhett] Oh my. What in the world? – [Tess] It smells so good. – [Rhett] It smells incredible, but it looks like space turkey, like turkey the astronauts take up. – Yeah, look at that. – Well feel it’s sponginess. – It looks like – [Rhett] Turkey powder. – Dink it. – Oh, I’m sorry. – We dink before we sink. – My bad. – It’s a little dry. – Cause there’s no juice.
The juice just evaporated. – It needs gravy. Thankfully, I’ve got that right here. (sensual music) – [Tess] Okay, that’s a lot. – It’s real dry Tess. – I really hope that we
cleaned that out well. – I got a lot. I got a big bite. – Dunk it and sunk it. – Oh. – Gosh, I can still taste soap. – That’s horrible. – We do not recommend putting gravy into a detergent dispenser. – No. Click through to see the
craziest stuff we found on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop site. – Get your online shopping thumbs ready, because this Friday,
everything in our store goes on sale for Black Friday at

100 thoughts on “Cooking A Turkey In A Clothes Dryer

  1. I'mmmmm gonna need a copy of "I Definitely Know How To Read" so I can definitely look more important typing on my laptop at a coffee shop.

  2. Ok, note to self, never cook turkey in a dryer. I will never put anything other than laundry detergent in those containers. Two very important life lessons.

    Fire the intern that had that amazing idea btw

  3. I miss the old GMM. I’ve been around since day one of this show, and it’s just weird seeing it change this much. I love the ideas they’re coming up with, but it just feels weird for it to be segmented like this. 🙁

  4. Was watching a WIX add, with Rhett and Link in it, while waiting to watch this episode of Good Mythical Morning

  5. Carryover cooking did not apply here… You can cook a turkey at 120 degrees all day long and it's never going to reach 165….. Even if you take it out of the oven or dryer it's not going to magically generate heat raising the temperature to 165.

  6. If anyone can read the backs of the books can you please put it in the comments? I would love to see what they wrote on the backs of each book.

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