Cooking A Whole Chicken in Bella Electric Skillet | Fruit For Breakfast | Let Your Light Shine

mine tastes much bang tasty much bang
tasty my bang tasty macmaine eats y’all let me adjust
my camera just a little bit I know y’all probably can’t see me good
morning how are you beautiful people who went today if you don’t know who I am
where have you been I am tasty mukbang eat I’m here this
morning to cook a whole chicken if you guys have been a part of my channel for
a while you know that I usually cook a whole chicken in my electric skillet so
that’s what I’m about to do right now I’m gonna cook a whole chicken in my
electric skillet the first thing that I do is i rinsed my chicken off really
well then I turn it over on the back side I should have this on a cutting
board but I don’t feel like it right now I turn it over on the back side and straight down middle maybe I need to go
get another knife this knife don’t seem so short once you get it straight down the middle
you can turn that back over like this and then you’re gonna lay it flat that’s
really easy let me go wash my hands by the way you guys I have on the
paparazzi bracelet and the earrings that Glenda sent me Glinda if you are
watching this video leave a comment down below so everybody can find you leave
your information where they can contact you if you guys send me anything on to
my pillbox I will give you a shout out in my video and do it unboxing on
whatever you send me so the first thing I’m gonna do is season this really well
I have some Old Bay seasoning good morning everyone how are you doing I
just woke up I got the ticket I just got through taking the bats I’m actually
hungry I’m gonna cook this now but I’m gonna eat this later I’m gonna eat
something like right now I’m gonna do my food
fruit for breakfast so I got some bananas I’m gonna get some mangos apples
at the refrigerator some oranges so you’re just gonna season both sides I need to get some more of the Creole
seasoning I got this from Walmart I don’t know why but I can’t find this at
Kroger so I got this at Walmart the obeys
seasoning I couldn’t find it anywhere then when I went to Walmart I found it and the next thing I’m gonna do I have
the however you pronounce this brand it’s the canola all in the olive oil I
usually get the olive oil only but I tried to blend of canola and olive oil
cuz it’s a little less expensive you know olive oil can get very expensive but if you want to peer out of all of
this brand sales the pure olive oil is well I’m gonna fuck up my electric
skillet and I’m gonna let that get hot I’m gonna
let that get hot in the meantime I’m going to well let me put this up first
let me put this up first let me see who all is in here this morning shout out to
dr. D beam she helped me resurrect one of my older
phones that I thought was dead and knocking use my other phone only when
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channel monetize I have another channel that’s an older channel that I’m pretty
sure it’s probably closer to being monetized than any of the other ones
that you guys have been helping me with so I think I’m gonna move on to that one
and then it’s another one after that one so just bear with me probably like for
the next two months or maybe the next month will be just monetizing channels
and then we could sit back relax and enjoy after that which we’re still
sitting back and relaxing and enjoying right now but oh hold on y’all I went to
the wrong I went to the wrong channel okay I got 16 people in the house can I
get four more thumbs up hello to kitty Angela Giri front front rista I’m having
my glasses y’all put on my glasses cuz I can’t see olena 18 people in the house
good morning Adam how you doing Adam said tasty I’ve been looking forward to
one of your chicken recipes hi Kara good morning y’all comes up the
video so you guys I’ve this when I get through with this chicken it’s gonna
look like a rotisserie chicken so I just put the Old Bay seasoning on the chicken
I cut the chicken down the back and as you can see the chicken just looks I
don’t know you can see that it just looks like you just lay it flat like
that and what you’re gonna do is I have my electric skillet this is very simple
I’m gonna stand up just in case this splatters I don’t want it to pop in my
face you’re just gonna take the chicken and you’re gonna put it in the electric
skillet like this then you’re going to take your lead
because you want the heat to stay in the inside I’m going to take the lead and
put your lid on you don’t want this to cook really fast so I’m gonna lure my
heat to 300 on the bill electric skillet I’m gonna lower my hate to 300 and in
the meantime I could be doing some other things so I am going to be eating my
breakfast you’re gonna do sweets for breakfast so let me go get that this is one of my challenges you guys
please breakfast seven days before roughly Fifi for breakfast for seven days the ticking of smelling do it I put
those the bottom side down first let’s take our Gleeks and get started father God I thank you for the truth
that I’m about to receive your blessings your love your time is your must the
angulation generosity and all your provisions that you have made upon my
life I thank you for if she’s having a father
for leading and guiding me every step of the way I ask you to look down upon
everybody that is watching this video bless them questions heavenly partly you
know what they’re in need of I ask you to heal their bodies their minds and
their souls and I thank you precious Heavenly Father for and Cathy near ain’t
just round about us in Jesus name we pray amen amen yeah okay I get it amen
this morning I want to talk about I’m gonna talk about God I want to talk
about being without want you to be finding out what God wants you to be and I just want to talk about God if you
guys don’t know about me I’ve been on YouTube for a little while I deleted
several of my channels a couple of years ago and started over but I will be making you guys aware of something in
the very near future so I don’t want to say I’m going to get back to what I used
to do because I never stopped doing it but I just want to bring you to the
forefront on all of my channels I am a Christian I love Jesus I live for the
Lord and he does have a calling on my life and he’s been had a calling on my
life and sometimes when we were Christian and we’re trying to do other
things we which I’ve never tried to do this but I know some people do feel that they don’t want to talk about God on
their platforms and that’s fine and dandy but that’s not
what god yeah me going god has always had me talking about him on my phone and that’s what I’m going to continue to
do now down on the white shirts I hope I don’t get the strawberry on my surgery I feel like we are in the last days I feel
like we are in the last days I feel like God is coming back I feel like the you don’t care about anything they’re
disrespectful they don’t know God some of them a lot
of them don’t know God they don’t hear their violence a lot of you don’t believe in working
for anything they believe in walking up to people and taking the things that
they work for and life in general is just not a value people don’t people
don’t value other people lives people will walk up to you in a heartbeat and
take your life I think a part of that is is that Christians people who are proclaiming to
be Christians don’t want to talk about dollars they don’t want to talk about
God they don’t want to be an example for God they won’t let their light shine for God but they will promote things of the
world and that is definitely sinning a mixed
signal to on say Christians on say people and it’s also sending a mixed signal to
people who have just discovered God but I don’t know what it means to be a
Christian so if the Christians are not living a holy and a Christian life then
who there’s gonna be a light for Christ Jesus pay it if you are it’s ain’t allowed to me before me and I
would be a saying I will not acknowledge it for my father God wants us to scream his name from the
mountainside he wants us to mention him every chance we get he wants us to
testify of his goodness of his blessings there are so many people going through
hardships in its life they all know where their next meal is coming from
they don’t know where the help is coming from where
their sweets is coming from and if we as Christians or dimming our lights in any
capacity if we’re dimming our light in any capacity we’re willing to promote any and everything but when it comes to
promoting the things of God we’re hush-hush about them then that’s why the
world is in a condition that is eating in because there are less and less
people letting their life shine for Christ and there are more and more
people dreaming their lights and living the things of the world outshine the
light of Christ and that’s the purpose that God have is
here for he has here so be an example he have us here to be a
light he have us here to be an encouragement he ever seems to be a peacemaker a
prayer warrior he have us here to evangelize the world God has called us
all to be an evangelist and if we don’t want to talk about God then we filled
our first assignment as a Christian if I can’t promote the things of God on my platform gotta
take this platform away from me if I start promoting the things of the world
on a platform that God gave me gotta take this platform away from you so you
have to be careful how you try to intermingle with the world and sacrifice
the things of God in the process God don’t want you doing it God don’t
want you sacrificing here
for something else the things that are never to be
sacrificed I’m gonna get ready to turn my chicken
over I let it click on that side for the minute because the heat is penetrating
up to the top and you can let the bottom part give us dark as you want it to give I have never put onion up in it before when I cook it like Justin my skillet but I am going to do it today I’m gonna take one onion this onion
looks like it might be a little then yeah this nice it’s not a big knife it’s
a little too long and it’s not really short when you have an onion and the
outside is kind of mushy or whatever doesn’t mean onion is not needed just
peel that part off excuse me we have this only I mean this knife I’m going to show you this in a minute
let me take my onions let me show you this before I put the onions on here so
that’s the chicken I just want to make sure that it’s not sticking to the
bottom it’s cooking it as you you can leave it on the bottom side as long as
you want to you don’t have to worry about that start browning that much because if you Givens off as
you wanted to I’m gonna take my onion and these onions are gonna get very
caramelized so when you turn that chicken over like the onions are going
to cook into the chicken so again I have my electric skillet on 300 let me see
what you guys are saying twenty-five people in the house twelve
thumbs up come on you guys we need eight more thumbs up if you haven’t thumbs up
the video give the video a thumbs up q TSA takes me this is Yolanda you look
pretty Thank You Angela say good morning
everyone lifestyle Jerry say hey Alina Alina said a lot of people want I
love to watch people cooking Adam say sounds delicious
boss lady Lexi said good morning tasty mukbang eats good morning she says good
morning check Tasha’s creative cooking since the morning tasty the morning a
Anthony says the morning work you are up early yes I went to bed early last night
so I slept through the night the answer Livingston says well good morning Sarina
says the morning family good morning dr. DB what you doing tasty did you
butterfly the chicken I don’t know what butterfly is but I just cut it straight
down the back Kira say I love tasty yeah thumbs up the video I need six more
thumbs up please we got 24 people in the house I don’t know what butterfly is but
I just cut it straight down the back and I’m also doing my fruits for breakfast
I just got through eating some strawberries two bananas and now I’m
gonna eat my Apple and I’m talking about putting God first and not dimming your
light as a Christian no matter what we do in life as a Christian we need to be
letting our light shine we should not be embarrassed to let people know that
we’re a Christian show people that we’re a Christian walk like a Christian talk
like a Christian like they say if a quack like a duck it’s a duck so if
you’re supposed to be a Christian you need to be walking like a Christian at
all times talking like a Christian looking like a Christian we all lack in
those areas I know I lack in those areas but we need to turn those areas that we
lack in over to God and ask him to help us to become a better demonstrator of
the Christian walk so here’s my Apple you guys my gum it’s doing so much
better sometime I so so so much better when I
just bit down though that hurt I need to leave the cylon chew on this side so I’m cooking this chicken later for
later I guess I’ll do chicken with the B low
sauce I just want us to be mindful I want us
to be mindful that the things that we do for Christ will last we need to get be careful not to get
caught up and all the things that the world have to offer we don’t look we don’t need to get
sidetracked by the world we don’t need to be promoting the world’s agenda I came back this my normal way because and I’m gonna hurt my dong you can actually let this cook on one
side for like 20 or 30 minutes because you got just the lid on it it’s also penetrating through the top let me move this out the way Sokka
Lagasse yes Nellie smell-o-vision the onions are not
carmelized all the way I’m gonna give you out an overhead view in a minute
and every now and then you just want to hold the side of your pot raise this up
if you want to you can scoop some of them onions under there and you can put
some bell peppers up in here and call it anything else you wanna put up here
normally I just using it but I just tried to put a nice today let me give
you our over here view like I said the top is not only follow that the top
is not a everything turned over here you just let me cook and I’m gonna put my top back on there
let me turn it back around hold on like that iPhone charger is
giving me a sweat put the top back on there and let that
finish cooking it looks like this thing is coming I’m having some technical
difficulties this morning let me read a few more comments we got 29 people 30
people and 20 thumbs up we need 10 more thumbs up you guys Oh dr. didi say yep that’s butterfly cut
down the back is butterfly okay I didn’t know that dr. d-nice a slice your apples thin I
just beat it I should’ve did that because they actually hurt my teeth the
morning Triple J family JJ say it’s so easy to get caught up JB
JB said it’s so easy to get caught up JB said thus just being human
Cathy a cutie says where’s my peep Jun they probably sleep y’all j-bay say JB
say she is cooking the whole chicken Ginetta the morning Ginetta good morning
rattler laughs what’s a need to get me one of those cookers I love it good
morning designed by v jb say i put 10 thumbs up for that chicken moist so
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this chicken is smelling good sometimes I turn it over more than once and
sometimes I just let it stay on one side and click or a drip the minute so what I’m gonna
do I’m gonna go I’m gonna go ahead and turn it over and I tried a reason why I beat I’ll
turn it over you want this because it could get kind of fragile turning it
over multiple times you do want to make sure it’s cooked on the top and bottom
let me show you how this looks again I have it on 300 that’s how the bottom
looks depending on how thick your chicken is
the top might not get all the way back down in there but you could just sit the
top on there to keep it from splattering that’s gonna be our chicken for later so
later on today on this channel you will see a mukbang with me eating chicken and
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always and you’ll get alert when I go live some people are looking for attention
you guys and I don’t give I don’t give people attention like I’m not giving you
the time of day so you could go somewhere else with that I didn’t actually marinate it I just
seasoned it I could have marinated it overnight I
just seasoned it in it is the olive oil I put olive oil the canola olive oil
that’s what I have it frying in and I just chopped up some onions and that’s
it’s probably gonna get browner on the top than usual because I got the
onions underneath it but we’re just gonna let that cook and I really don’t
care how dark the surface of the skin cooks because you want to make sure it’s
cooked in the inside some people just looking for attention
they ain’t got a life they won’t they won’t start their own platform they
won’t start their own channel but they want to come to your channel and create
a ruckus create drama create negativity but they won’t go they won’t start their
own channel they don’t have their own platform they want to have a voice on
your channel but they won’t start their own channel to go have a platform you
can say whatever you want to say on your channel go start your own channel go
start your own social media go get your own following and you can say whatever
you want to say on your channel do I care what people say about me
no they talked about Jesus it ain’t gonna be nobody on the face of this
earth that is trying to accomplish something for the body of Christ and
people are not gonna talk about them people are gonna attack you more when
you are on a mission when you’re on a mission of holiness when you’re on a
mission mission of righteousness the devil is gonna attack you more then he
attacks normal people so you can’t have thin skin you have to have thick skin
you as a Christian should know that that is a part of the territory
I’m not surprised about anything that the devil does so it doesn’t matter to
me who talks about me who says something about me all that matters to me is what
God think about me and know about me Sabrina say Detroit time is 556 let’s do
a check-in y’all what time is it where you’re at in your city and state what
time is it it is 356 here in the great state of
Texas zooom alert say it’s 5:58 in Virginia
Rappe let’s say 257 in San Francisco Bay California design these say is 556 and
Tennessee JB say 258 258 where JB Marceline says 558 in Chicago yeah we
got 40 people in the house we have 22 thumbs up can I please get six more
thumbs up please okay let me see Dolores says 559 in
Cincinnati I mean in Connecticut Kathy says 458 in Dallas good morning 158 well
it’s my time huh this phone might be one on y’all cuz I
was evicted this family from the dead is it later than I thought he was like in
my video so you guys when I in this life I’m
gonna go live on my other channel and do a thrift store 25 cents thrift store
haul will show you guys everything that I got for myself and I found some pretty
cute stuff I also shop off season so if I see some
cute winter stuff that I know is like unique and special I’ll go ahead and get
that as well and you want to make sure you do turn your chicken over and let it
cook long enough on the other side so you know that it is cooked through in
three I’m just gonna I want to make sure you’re gonna get stuck
and lightweight because sometimes it’ll get really tender and when I turn it
over it’ll break which is okay but when I get through cooking it people be in
look like a rotisserie chicken everybody say it looks like a rotisserie chicken
maybe like how did she cook that whole chicken in the skillet I’ll cook it like
this several times on my channel so we’re just gonna patiently let that babe
overcook laughs let’s say good morning Kathy
Kathy say good morning all Virginia say hi Kathy your friend in the house the
morning Virginia hi is y’all doing today good morning good morning the morning
let me finish eating my yogurt I brought to over him just gonna eat one we have 43 people in the house y’all we
need three more thumbs up to get to 30 thumbs up three more times up to get to
30 thumbs up yeah three more thumbs up to get to 30 we need two more two more
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channel please press the subscribe button dr. D B what are you doing this
morning is Rowan here yeah ro probably went to
sleep ro goes to sleep around 4 o’clock yet on she goes to bed around 4 she goes to bed around 4 laughs we’ll say dr. DB Michigan in my
state I love the toy but my family is from Battle Creek Dr Dee Dee says
sometimes I flour my chicken and fly it on both sides then put it in a pan and
place it in the oven with some barbecue sauce mmm that sounds good that does
sound good dr. DB said I live in North Detroit what
are you guys doing today thank y’all for 30 thumbs up we got 40
people in the house we need 10 more thumbs up but I’ll take five for now
I’ll take five more thumbs up y’all let me eat this mango y’all this mango
is gonna be messy maybe I should try orange first so this is my food for
breakfast challenge seven day food for breakfast challenge if you guys would
like to do this challenge let me know let me know what are you out doing today let me see what y’all see it salt or
mango makes the taste sweeter gerdes these are mangoes don’t need to
taste no sweeter I’ll be bouncing off the wall with all this cheating kitty say I’m not good at frying chicken JB said add a little salt on the mango
Illya I’ve never had it with salt raffles say yes a little about yes about
salt on mango dr. DB said I’m going to ride my chair
over to my neighbor’s house maybe cupcakes made cupcakes to take to
her three-year-old twins are that’s so sweet JB says we used to add a little sugar on
our lemons to really stop on mangoes make it taste sweeter JB says hello La
Fleur you a savage like me Oh dr. DB say gonna be sleeping okay dr. BB I’m gonna
end this live once my chicken cook and then I’m gonna start another live on my
other channel RAF let’s say JB good night
Oh JB right dolorous home is in the house say I’m starting a new job tasty I
went I want to send money through cash app so you can shop for me I need
clothes so bad Dolores contact me on Instagram so we
could touch bases before you send anything yeah you guys get in contact with me on
Instagram first and again you guys I’m kind of cooking
the chicken low so it won’t like Brown too fast but not cook on I have it on
three hundred degrees and if you want to you could turn it
around because the heat might be different and the juices from the
chicken is mixing in with all so it’s making like a good little kind of like
its own brown gravy and if you want it to make a little brown where you before
you got three liquors you can add just a little flour in there I don’t want to turn this over again
until I know this is cooked all the way through is that’s gonna be my last time
turning it over it then cut down enough now I could fit that whole lid on there
and it fits snug let me see what y’all say dr. D be good morning Chicago raffle assay I will be donating to tasty
as well I had a rough month but things will be back to normal in July thank you
guys but you guys don’t have to give me anything I don’t come on here asking
anybody for anything Chicago reacts say good morning everyone
and good morning Chicago doctor DB said cut up some red skin potatoes in half
and place face down on the side of the chicken and you will have a one-pot meal
I’m gonna do that another day dr. BB I don’t really eat a lot of potatoes but I
am I might do a few close to the end but uh I’m gonna be eating it will be love
sauce so I really don’t want no potatoes cuz I’m gonna get full wrath let’s say
good morning shot I’m miss crystal was in the house the morning crystal Chicago say hi grandma we got 38 people
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you know watch no videos just go subscribe if you wanna watch videos you
can but if you don’t want to you don’t have to I ain’t gonna twist your own
just give me whatever you could give me right now just give me whatever you
could give me I’ll take it take whatever you could give me come on y’all we need
three more thumbs up so anybody doing anything exciting today dr. DB is
excited to have her wheelchair I am so happy for her she gonna be getting
around dr. DB said obk okay because that’s the
only way I eat red skin I just remembered you had some Trader
Joe’s yeah I did I did dr. DB I share a lot of the stuff that I
get with other people and I actually gave those away to somebody else the
other day I just was showing y’all what I got before I gave it away but I
actually gave those to somebody else because I have like three bags of
potatoes in here already so I shared that with somebody else I didn’t keep him for myself 41 people in the house can I get three
more thumbs up please three more thumbs up but I do have some
more I got some little small like yellow potatoes I don’t eat a lot of potatoes though
dr/dt they give me to school let me show y’all how the kind of like
the gravy is looking yeah I’ll see that see how the onions and the juice from
the chicken is marinating down up in there yeah I’ll see that this is now
that’s what I’m talking about bone ECC wall right bony CC bond bond
ECC draw I’m just turn around that way you’re making sure
it’s not sticking to the bottom I don’t know how much longer I’m gonna let it
cook and then I’m a little bit back over when I flip it back over that’s gonna be
the last time I flip it so that’s why I just let it cook on there as long as I
wanted to it’s pretty much been cooking for about 20 minutes on that side the
morning roll everybody was asking about you everybody was asking about your oh let
me see dr. DB said okay cuz that’s the only way I eat red skins source say why
are you up so late lol where do you live I’m in Texas and dr. DB say okay that’s
nice potatoes spouts fast in the summer that was good I love you looking golden yeah I don’t eat I don’t eat that much
potatoes cuz we ate so many potatoes growing up like they used to
smaller potatoes I just don’t eat a lot of potatoes I will say hey y’all I just
woke up to get some water dr. Dee Dee save nice onions or
caramelized gonna be sweet and yummy dr. Dee be say hi row row say hi dr. Dee Vee
all things nails say good morning everyone good morning all things nail
leave how are you doing this morning sweetie how are you doing this morning y’all we
need four more thumbs up to get to 40 we have 36 thumbs up all things nearly say
storm woke me I will probably fall asleep believe this running okay now I’m
gonna end this one once I finish cooking probably about 30 more minutes I’m gonna
end this and then start another live on my other channel I’m gonna do the I’m
going to do the a thrift store haul video indie and I’ll probably be over
there for the rest of the night yeah I know I’m trying to get you’re trying to
get to her watch time girl is getting it in girl is getting it in get me in
getting it in getting it in the girl is getting it in yeah get me in I’ll be two 3,000 watch time I
was in a couple of days that me not I’m done I’m I think i’ma been in a had my
four thousand watch time I was probably in two weeks probably about a good two
weeks y’all I got my watch time that’s how you do it that’s how you do it you
just buckle down did give your paws in the mud and ain’t playing with I ain’t
got to three months to be playing around with no watch time yeah yeah I actually
did a I actually did a thrift store haul today on the channel earlier today for
one of my subscribers so y’all go check that video out when you get a chance I
did a thrift store haul for one of my subscribers and then I said I was gonna
show my stuff later I actually got top today for 25 cents so yep so yeah but let’s take a peek at this
chicken out let me see how is looking on the other side let me see let me see
it’s gonna be hard to turn over because once it gets a little tender like this
this leg is breaking up oh yeah it looks so good that looks so good imma let it cook some more cuz the top
part is thicker so you wanted to cook more on that flipped over on the top
part you wanted to cook longer on their part
and I got my fire your kind of low so it’s not cooking so fast that’s smelling
gooey yeah I was y’all was either thank y’all for 41 thumbs up oh my goodness
y’all are so kind 41 thumbs up we need four more to get to
45 diamond diva in the house there go my sweet lovely
lady uh diamond diva say good morning tasty and chat
good morning diamond diva hi my beautiful friend how are you doing today
I love you I love me some diamond diva y’all know diamond diva is my girl diamond diva is my girl diamond diva
gotta own and poppin she got owned and popping over there I
got 42 thumbs up thank y’all thank y’all for the thumbs up y’all ready to join me
tonight for my three-story home diamond Davis diamond diva say you look
beautiful I’m wonderful of early need to start messin with my camera and cleaning
up love you back there go chastity in the house
everybody was asking where was chastity there she is
chessy to say good morning tasty chastity they were asking where was
chastity y’all used to our regular crew y’all know how we roll we roll deep up
in here we broke deep up in here Dr Dee b-roll
chasity Yolanda they call themselves the Four Musketeers y’all they say they The
Four Musketeers Ralph let’s say yep I’m gonna keep reminding y’all cuz I got new
people keep coming in if y’all have it subscribe to my other channel Vanessa my
life my journey click on that link right there
that I just posted click go to channel press subscribe turn on the bail and
then you can come right back over here you don’t even have to leave this life
to do that chance to be say good morning everybody good morning diamond D does
she see it yea chasity ro Joon Joon robe diamond um who else was it Joon
chasity dr. DB and I think a road I think they say they deform ice catears taxa to say I was a choir rehearsal
tonight hey that CD everybody coming in the
house whoo can I get two more thumbs up please everybody coming in the house I
appreciate y’all hanging out with you girl this morning
I feel a little refreshed I was so tired I went to bed I don’t even remember what
time was it that I went to be I came home I did the whole video and then I
went the bed I set up my life and then I want the beer and everybody was chilling
out in the life hey there miss Coleman miss call them
and say hi everybody miss come and say good morning finally
caught you up girl I be up all times of the day morning noon and night people be
like tasty when do you sleep hey there DC DLC yeah everybody come in
the house this morning everybody coming in the house this morning I need two
more thumbs up people to get to 45 likes can I get two more thumbs up
I know it’s two more people came up in here
chastity say I am making breakfast what y’all having for breakfast this morning
I just got to doing my fruit for breakfast I had strawberries two bananas
one apple and one and and one orange I still got two oranges and one mango on
my plate I think I’m gonna put the mango back in the refrigerator and eat that
later I need one more thumbs up to get to 45 chastity say salad with grilled
chicken yep I could eat any food any time of the day I don’t have to eat a
certain type of food for breakfast are doing or lunch I could eat anything any
time of the day that sound good to me salad some people like to eat their
heaviest meal during the morning which probably will make you a little sluggish
but some people like to eat their heavier meal in the morning so it could
digest and eat their lighter meals later on during the day do you like to eat
light in the morning or heavy I like a breath a big breakfast in the morning
we all know it new house I’m telling y’all everybody coming up in here Leah
came in she say came in to say I am sending you love I’m sending love to you
and I hope you have a lovely day Thank You Leah
I appreciate it if you haven’t subscribed to my other channel yet click
on the link and please go subscribe to help me reach a thousand subscribers
over there I’m more than halfway there I’m very close I’m four I’m closer to a
thousand then I am from from a thousand so I say I’m close hey there uh Keisha DLC said I can eat food anytime also do
y’all like a hearty breakfast mrs. Coleman say what what’s that song my
temptation everybody everybody in the house tonight
stand up I think that’s it tasty you can seen it I don’t notice home I don’t know
this song so I can’t think it come and say can’t you see me I don’t know a girl
ain’t gonna lie to you Keyshia say I love your shows I’ve been
watching for weeks now Thank You Keisha make sure you go subscribe to my other
channel I’m getting doing some thrift store hauls over there if you I like to
restore house I got this outfit from the thrift store so y’all check me out over
there I’m going live after this live and I’m gonna do my 25 cents thrift store
haul video so y’all be sure to subscribe so y’all could come over there and watch
me do my thrift store haul I got a 45 thumbs up thank y’all we finally made it
to 45 can we make it to fit the please can I get 50
can I get 50 times up I need five more thumbs up to get to 50 50 50 50 50 going
once sit there going twice 50 going three times that’s right we gonna get to
50 thumbs up we need five motor go I got 56 56 crit disease can I get 57 can I
get 57 over there can I get 57 thumbs up one more thumbs up for 57 please I’m a nerdy buddy al nutty-buddy in the
house Keesha say I sure will miss Newton said
like breakfast if I am forced to eat something otherwise I’m a late evening
eater oh girl you better get you a light
breakfast Oh fruit food and veggie and a crisp pocket a crisp pack pack it is my
go to yeah I wouldn’t mean that right tasting you to make a great bingo caller
or Chania Keesha say give them likes y’all yep I need 40 I need one more
thumbs up y’all to get the 47 we need four more thumbs up to get the 50 Leon
say you make me giggle I need it right now so thanks for being you so Leo how
are you feeling any better how are you feeling sweetie are you out of the bed yet yeah they’re
gonna link to my other channel if you’re not subscribed please subscribe I don’t
mind making you laugh miss Coleman posted some sweet I guess she eaten
fruit for breakfast yeah I know I got a 7 day challenge called
fruit for seven day fruit for breakfast challenge my tasty mukbang eats yeah I
don’t have to have a child to do it so if you want to try to eat more healthier
you can’t eat fruit for seven days Leah say I am still in the hospital but not on so
IV fluids so that’s a step forward oh yes praise the Lord thank you Jesus
how long you been in the hospital for about a week Leah say thanks for asking
tasty I’ll be back later though sending love and hugs
I appreciate you Leah god bless you y’all let’s pray for Leah before she
leaves i’ma pray for you Leah precious heavenly father’s we come to you right
now sir Lord we ask you to look upon our dear friend Leah the Lord she’s in the
hospital precious heavenly father with pneumonia we ask you to touch her body
right now the Lord renew her body right now renew her strength
we ask you to give her the encouragement and the motivation that she needs
precious heavenly father to give better day long we ask you to touch every
single doctor and nurse and person that comes in her going down Lord we ask you
to bless them and anoint them so they can do their jobs efficiently and with
the love of precious Heavenly Father we ask you to let them be able to do the
right thing to make her feel better to make her comfortable precious heavenly
father so that she can get ready to go home prepare and renew her mind
precious heavenly father and teach her and show her the things that she want to
show her during his time of her rehabilitation in Jesus name we pray
amen amen amen Leah I hope you feel better diamond diva say good morning Leah I put
you in my prayers list on Sunday and I will be continued to pray for you until
you come home in Jesus name diamond diva say yes Lord uh Keisha
Keisha say in Jesus name let’s say that was beautiful thank you so much amen
tasty chasity say Leah I am still praying for
you to get better diamond people say Amen and amen
wait we gonna keep you in my prayers Leah just know you not alone and
somebody is thinking of you okay we thinking of you so yeah like I say when I turn is over
it’s probably gonna look a little dark but that’s because I wanted it to cook
in one of the legs came off so it’s not completely hold anymore I got my thumbs
over here it’s kind of hard to turn it over
without it breaking you ladies like it let me show y’all yeah sound like somebody popped a
firecracker or a gun I don’t know what there was a car backfiring I’m certain
but that’s how that looks young and I don’t care about it getting like the
skin getting really crispy because you got to make sure that it’s cooked all
the way through yeah we need three more thumbs up to get to fifty three more
thumbs up to get to 50 likes we got 40 what is that noise somebody playing with
some firecrackers y’all hold on yeah let me go get a vacuum my table I got grease on my table I pretty much made a Miss I’m gonna
smile in Japanese okay you guys let me see what y’all seen
we got 47 thumbs up 23 people in the house hey that genie in the bottle let me see
what y’all saying chastity say Lia I’m still praying for you to get better
diamond diva say amen amen diamond diva say you will be home soon
coleman says a man Cathy says a man Keisha says OMG that chicken looks
amazing diamond diva say we are better and strength together
Keisha say Oh add me some Bronx genie in a bottle say good morning the chicken
looks delicious diamond diva say yummy we about to eat
good this morning no this is for later on today diamond diva I’m actually about
to end this live I’m gonna show you how to check in one more time and then I’m
gonna end this live and start another live on the other channel I have a
twenty five thrift store haul video so I’m going to show you that this morning
the 24 25 cents thrift store haul video so you guys that’s the chicken I’m just
gonna let it cook a little bit longer on the other side it doesn’t matter how
dark it gets on the other side so it’s pretty much finished and then later on
today I’m gonna come back with a mukbang and I’m going to eat the chicken in the
Bella sauce I’m probably gonna cook me some broccoli I have some broccoli
probably gonna cook me some broccoli and that’s gonna be it so let me go get my
computer let me go get my computer so I can sit up for to go live on the other
channel now hang in here with me let me go get
the other computer so I can set this up I like to start one live before any
other one so you guys can just come on straight in so you guys could just come
straight in and join me before I end this one hey let me just set everything up like I
said you guys I’m almost to 3,000 watch time hours and I pretty much need like
300 more subscribers yeah I put him underneath like 300 more subscribers on
this channel so I could start going live from anywhere I could take you out alive
with me Chris when our thrift shop I could take you alive with me
exercising let me take my thumbnail y’all taken
glass and I’m getting ready to go live right
so y’all come join me over there I’m waiting hi everybody welcome welcome
welcome to Vanessa my life my journey welcome I am here to do a 25 cents
thrift store haul today I am live on my other channel so let me in that line and
y’all come in and make sure y’all hit the thumbs-up button as y’all come in so
you guys I am going to end this live come over and join me on Vanessa my life
my journey I will share the link we’re gonna be live I’m gonna show you guys
everything that I bought from my 25 cent store thrift store haul I will be back
later on today to eat this chicken in the be love
smack Alicia’s sauce let me put my glasses on and see what you guys say it
big red just came to the house be ready we’re going over to my other channel so
you guys come over and join me and I look in this lime so I will see you guys
later I need one more thumbs up to make 50 thumbs up if y’all got one more
thumbs up for me before I go that would be perfect
can I get one more thumbs up so I can make 50 anybody anybody anybody anybody
can give me one more thumbs up please if not I’m gonna talk to you guys later
don’t forget to give the video a thumbs up when you watch it later leave lots of
comments down below don’t forget to press the subscribe button turn on a
notification bill and be sure to come back for another video
we’ve been on here for two hours y’all I will see you guys later on today bye now
thanks for watching tasty bang doing her thing

26 thoughts on “Cooking A Whole Chicken in Bella Electric Skillet | Fruit For Breakfast | Let Your Light Shine

  1. Am late once again!๐Ÿ˜š just woke up washing and watching your video…that's what am cooking today too…Fried Chicken๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ˜‹ you got a glow this morning ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  2. hi good morning great video the fruit looks good thanks for sharing this it was a good one I enjoyed it so much hope you have a great day peace

  3. Hi pretty lady! ๐Ÿ’œ My website is below I am a Paparazzi Accessories Independent Consultant where all of our accessories are only $5 . I also have a Facebook page where I go live named Glenda Cooper Tuesday , Thursday and Saturday night at 8pm EST. feel free to join in one & all ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’–

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  6. #replay, you look so cool and beautiful today๐Ÿ’—loving the jewelry and the chicken looks amazing

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