[music playing] If you want to make
it into the top six, you have to make
the same exact dish as one at the all time greats. That’s right, me. Tonight, you have to
replicate one of my dishes. You’ll be making a stunning
potato-crusted sea bass. You will be cooking
alongside me, and you will have to keep up
with me every step of the way. This dish has taken
years to the facts. And tonight, I’m the clock. Once I’m done,
you’ll then have 60 seconds to complete your dish. Are we ready? Yes, chef. Follow, listen, and keep up. I’m starting now. Gas on, low pilot light. Knives out. Get organized. Grab the shallots. Work nice and tidy. Turn the gas up. Get that nice and warm. You got to keep up
on the first step. Yeah, he doesn’t
stop for anybody. Shallots go into the
pan, and we squeeze the garlic over the shallots. Good, take your white
beans, into the pan they go. Come on, [inaudible],,
white beans. Now, take your chicken stock. You bring that up to a boil. Good, now we will
start the minestrone. OK, your pancetta. We’re going to cut this
into a beautiful dice. Now we start with the
vegetables– celery, pepper, zucchini, and fennel. What are we doing now? EVERYBODY: We’re dicing them. MAN: Dicing them. Take a nice bunch of basil
and lay that over the top. That’s going to infuse
almost like a bag. Yes, chef. Heard, chef. What temp is the
pan at right now? GORDON RAMSAY: It’s simmering. If we boil it rapidly,
we’re going to destroy the color of that minestrone. We’re going to start
cooking the clams. Pan nice and hot, clams go in. MAN: Clams go in. Yes, chef. GORDON RAMSAY: Sweat them off. Put the lid on. Sweat them off. Do not season. Lid, stand back. Be careful. Flamb . Flamb . Once those clams start to open,
lid off, and you drain, OK? We’re going to now
puree the beans. In we go. Lid back on. Number one, and
they puree softly. Next, the most
important part, we’re going to go for the scales,
the fish scales, the potato. Look at me, all of you. Super careful slicing
on the mandolin. Let’s go. Watch me. Watch. Yes, chef. Watch. We don’t go like that. We go down, and we slice slowly. Let’s go. Now, gently place the
scales over the fish. You can run over and see
what I’m doing, if you wish. Puree off. Mikey, take your time. The most difficult
part this evening, OK? Get your spatula. You lift the fish
very carefully up. You put that into your hands. You lift the pan up. And you put that in,
and you turn that over. Oil goes in, and you
season that fish. And you do not shake that pan. Get your basil out
of that minestrone. It’s done its purpose. Yes, chef. GORDON RAMSAY: It’s just
there for infusion, OK? That’s done. Look at your scales. Look at them. Use your eyes. Cook with your eyes. I get my fish slice
into the oil so it doesn’t stick to the potatoes. Firmly, and I turned it over. We start basing
those scales, yes? EVERYBODY: Yes, chef.
Heard, chef. GORDON RAMSAY: Let’s go. Make sure that butter is
really nice and frothy. Yes, chef. GORDON RAMSAY: Take your lemon,
and you season this minestrone. Now, for the most exciting
part, we start to dress. Puree, spoon into the
middle of the plate. And now we start cherry picking
our delicious minestrone. And then, finally,
take your clams and put your clams over the top. Speed up. And beautifully sit
that fish on top, and lightly sprinkle
fennel pollen. Your 60 seconds start now. Let’s go, guys. Take a look at chef
Gordon’s if you have to. Take a look. GORDON RAMSAY: 30 seconds left. 30 seconds left. Come on. Let’s go! Get the fish on.
– 10. EVERYBODY: 10.
WOMAN: Come on! EVERYBODY: Nine.
WOMAN: Get it on there. EVERYBODY: Eight.
WOMAN: Just get it on. EVERYBODY: Seven.
WOMAN: Flip it over. EVERYBODY: Six.
WOMAN: There you go. EVERYBODY: Five.
WOMAN: That’s it. EVERYBODY: Four.
WOMAN: [inaudible] EVERYBODY: Three.
WOMAN: –more of that on there. EVERYBODY: Two.
WOMAN: That’s it, Mikey. EVERYBODY: One. [interposing voices] GORDON RAMSAY: Well done.
MAN: Whoa. WOMAN: Good job, guys. I can’t.
MAN: Yes. – I can’t.
– Well done. MAN: Yes. Well done.

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