80 thoughts on “Cooking Demo: Wild Mushroom Risotto | Season 2 Ep. 10 | GORDON RAMSAY’S 24 HOURS TO HELL & BACK

  1. I like it when they can answer Gordon's questions or if they ask him questions cos they show that theyre knowledgeable and its clear theyre interested

  2. If I was next to Gordon Ramsay I'll be asking every question I can and paying attention trying to learn as much as I can🤔

  3. When Gordon Ramsay overconfidence makes him to not taste his own food. I believe that food doesn't taste right.

  4. Just think of how many people out there missed the opportunity completely when Gordon tried teaching them something on Kitchen nightmares/ect by being knuckleheaded…..

  5. I can tell you this risotto was AMAZING! I tasted it myself. I was in that show. I could take a bath in that risotto.
    By the way… This was episode 9, not 10. Social Restaurant, Costa Mesa

  6. I’ve watched Gordon shows in almost all it’s incarnations throughout the decades and more, I can’t recall ever seeing a more attentive, appreciative and interacting Chef in all those years as this Chef here as Gordon is demoing the dish. Yes he probably knows how to make a Risotto, but he’s still focused paying attention as he can probably learn something even if it’s the smallest of things from Gordon as a more highly skilled Chef. Bravo to this Chef.

  7. A man with years of experience and knowledge teaching someone who actually wants to be better and paying attention.

  8. I have absolutely no intention of cooking a risotto today. Its just entertaining to watch Ramsay cook! He is the master!

  9. Love Gordon, but he is not looking very healthy in this video…either a bit more weight or bloat? I hope he's okay, he is a treasure and an amazing teacher.

  10. "What butter do you use?"
    Expectation: This is an organic, small batch artisan butter made by a family in the Himalayas who have been surviving on a diet of this stuff alone for centuries. They make it out of the milk of butterflies, which can only be harvested when the moon is in twilight, and they only manufacture about six teaspoons a year for outsiders."
    Reality: Salted.

  11. I wash dishes in a kitchen in town. I am going to ask for rissoto tomorrow for my staff meal and see if the boys know how to cook it.

  12. the other chef who's asking questions from Gordon, the Masterchef and answering questions whenever he was asked one, is the kind who'd go along way in their profession, lucky him, oh how I wish I could have such an opportunity to learn from Chef Gordon Ramsay

  13. i was advised not to use rubber spatula because the heat might melt the rubber, Then i see GR using it for most of the time gets me really confuse. Need some explanation!

  14. Imagine listening to METALICA while eating a RISSOTO.
    also i really love them cause when i listen to them i feel the METAL in my body.

  15. I hate to ask what may sound like dumb questions but some say there are no dumb questions just dumb mistakes …

    The rice… is it precooked or uncooked before going into the pan?

    The wine… any white wine or a specific cooking wine?

  16. Lot of bull, now you lived in Italy for a year….? By the way, that bench is to ff high and you just woke up. Plz don't give us bollocks.

  17. I've had black truffle, about the size of a dime. DELICIOUS.
    Dude eats multiple pieces the size of quarters or 50 cent coins..

    "Hmm delicious".. dude I'd have died LOL

  18. Frig off with the truffles already you Muppets, the pigs and dogs are tired of digging yes? And the whole lot of us still can't afford them yes? So fk off and stick with mushrooms cooked good for fk sakes.

  19. I've never eaten risotto. It's not available in any restaurant where I live, that I've seen. I guess if I want to taste it, I need to learn how to prepare it.

  20. I really loved this style of video. You have a guy in there ready to learn and Gordon answering every question with full intention of passing on knowledge. I dug it.

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