Cooking Fever – Level 04 – Fast Food Court

Welcome In my Level 4 of Cooking Fever “Fast Food” 8% Completed Tasks 2% Kitchen Upgrade Done Keep Upgrading if you want So many thing for Upgrade every thing help’s you keep upgrading try to unlock all of them Our Goal is 130 Coin Keep Frying Food from the beginning It’s help you to save you time see. my Food is ready and i save time too One thing i want to that i mansion: If some one need two of thing then then give any one of them and you see you got some time keep using this method i hope you understand the rules of the game one more thing if any how you have to throw the food then you have to loos 5 coin try to don’t do that it’s a bad thing in game or in a real life don’t do that ok.. i am not teaching a manner.. yaa…! i got one Star Now.. Two Star if you don’t have any place to put the fry food then put fry food over there Now.. i got Three Star I got 200 Coin or 4 Diamond Thanks for watching hope you enjoy my video if you like then click the like button If you want to get more video then Click the Subscribe button Now Thank you and See you again in my next video

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