This video was sponsored by blue apron purveyors of fresh ingredients and quality recipes delivered right to your door I’ve put a link in the description so you can sign up and get fresh food delivered to your house And if you’re one of the first hundred today, you’ll get three meals on your first blue apron order for free. Hey What’s up guys and welcome back to another random? Experiment with thermite now to give you a little context in this video a couple weeks ago Jimmy Fallon’s team reached out asking if I can come up with some new summer life hacks Now being a Youtube mad scientist the first thing that came to my mind was seeing if we could light off a grill with thermite And actually cook hot dogs and hamburgers Now unfortunately lighting off the thermite in the studio is one thing that Jimmy Fallon is not allowed to do so for this video I thought let’s put it to the test anyway and see if barbecuing hot dogs and hamburgers Or thermite is a viable option after all here’s the basic idea behind our experiment today We have two metallic powders iron to oxide and aluminum powder these are very very fine powders And when we mix them together in the right ratios we create a batch of homemade thermite the burning of thermite is an extremely? exothermic reaction releasing temperatures upwards of 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit So we’ll start the reaction by putting the mixture in a terracotta planter pot setting it on top of the grill and letting the Molten Iron flow down into a Terracotta base plate down below when the bottom plates are full of Molten thermite We’re going to remove the Terra cotta pot stick on some hot dogs hamburgers and using the residual heat of that metal we’re going to See if we can actually get them to grill All right, our bachelor might is mixed up for ready to go? So we’re just going to transfer it into this terracotta planter pot sit on top of the grill and let it off So we got a blowtorch a sparkler for our time delay. Let’s go ahead and light it up fastest way to let your barbecue ever There you go All right, here goes let’s see if it works Come check this out. This is amazing. So we got the terracotta pot on here which I’m going to promptly remove Looks like a little bit of our grill kind of gotten bolt in there and look at that bottom plate You can see how all the thermite stripped down to the bottom and now we’ve got a plate of glowing Lava as it were Just sitting down there at the edge. I can’t actually pull this grill off. Oh yeah there goes Look at that. That is unreal Now right now. I think this is way too hot to put our meat on I think this is actually burn the meat. So we’re just gonna let it cool down for a few seconds Did you see the way that that lid off and all that Molten metal flowed down to the bottom? That’s the reason I had this little terracotta base and even that It’s cracked into a bunch of pieces But it has managed to keep everything one place and not burn to the bottom of our width you look at the planter pot on The other hand this thing is so hot right now It’s actually scorching the sand that I was setting it on it’s broken into pieces and there’s all kinds of vitrification Happening on the inside the other thing I noticed is we actually burn the little hole through one of our grill racks here But that’s cool. I’m just going to go ahead and replace that now Stick that on top Yeah, look at that you see how that melted right through that’s where the thermite was dropping, and it just melted that clean off that Was a superhot reaction that was fantastic And it’s actually going to need a few minutes to cool down before we can put our meat on here So while it’s doing that take 10 seconds right now to drop down to the description and click the link for Blue apron? 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That’s the first time I’ve seen it is very Different Mary Ten Years You can skip or council your service any time you feel like and shipping is always free So take ten seconds right now to drop down to the description click the link for blue apron and get something delicious and nutritious On its way to you this week all right back to the barbecue. Let’s take a look at the slow-mo replay So it looks like I caught the slow mode just as the reaction was really starting to take off and you can see it’s glowing as bright as the sun Which makes it very hard to see what’s happening here now the iron oxide is reacting with the aluminum to produce a lot of heat It’s putting off a lot of light energy the way you can’t see happening inside is all that Molten metal inside the pot is flowing down to the bottom hole cutting through the Grate and landing in that terracotta dish underneath. I have to say that’s probably the most dramatic way I’ve ever started to barbecue That looks absolutely fantastic What I can’t get over is how bright that reaction is it’s so incredibly bright that you can’t see anything else is taking place For the light that’s coming off of that kind of looks like peering into a volcano nothing, but glowing Molten is fantastic And probably the coolest way to cook food on set that looks amazing if I were to do that again I might use a second terracotta dish underneath, but it looks like it contained all that at the bottom Great all right go ahead and put on some hot dogs Listen to that sizzle So we have eight hot dogs on here We’ve got three hamburger patties And it’s already starting to smell amazing So I’m going to go ahead and put the lid back on let’s wait about 10 to 15 minutes and see if there might in Fact is able to cook our food All right, it’s been 20 minutes. Let’s see we got oh My goodness that looks gorgeous absolutely looks really good it smells delicious do These and give him a little flip those are juicy, huh? Oh That was good There we go very nice very nice the little cheese on that. We go make your cheese burgers beautiful today’s couple men Who would ready that looks so good? oh nice and juicy smells delicious mmm That is really good these things are absolutely ready fantastic Here we are guys. We’ve got our hot dogs are hamburgers and everything is looking and smelling amazing I can’t believe we actually pulled this off. We started by mixing iron to oxide Which is basically rust with aluminum powder and lighting off inside of a Terra cotta plant suspended over a barbecue We use the residual heat from that Exothermic reaction to go clock dogs and hamburgers to perfection and now it’s time to eat them. We’ve got our hamburger We’ve got melted cheese onion pickle tomato lettuce and all tops with a sesame seed bun Let’s eat as much as I want to try this myself ladies first I’m going to go let my wife have the first bite here you go baby. What do you think? Oh it looks good? I’m always up for a good meal You have to give us your honest opinion Take nutrition. Let’s take a look inside there Let’s show them the inside of the hamburger there you see it actually did cook it cook all the way through What you weren’t sure it wasn’t question you let me bite it I? Was pretty confident? Lee go take a look at this you see you got the meat in there. It’s fully cooked if we break that open Yeah, you can see it’s cooked all the way through nice and juicy absolutely delicious bon appetit mmm That is one delicious and juicy hamburger that’s definitely one way to put a little iron in your diet So there you have a guy’s no more waiting for charcoal to get ready We have just used iron and aluminum powder to make the world’s Fastest starting barbecue ready for cooking with in about a minute and a half hurray for science Hey, thanks, so much for joining me for this experiment today. I’ll be looking for in the next one. Talk to you that Hey guys quick reminder There’s a link in the description right now to sign up for blue apron if you’re one of the first 100 people to order you Get three meals off your first blue apron order for free please enjoy responsibly That’s the beautiful piece of tomato This knife is not very sharp Alright guess what we get? Hey guys, there is an event called CVx live that. I’m going to be at august 3rd through 5th stage presentations meet and greets There’s even a special superfan experience But we can hang out one-on-one, so click the link in the description and I’ll be looking for you at CVX live *End Of Video* *End Of Video* *End Of Video*

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