Today we are going to learn how to cook Mexican
food. We are in Teotitlan which is about half an
hour outside of Oaxaca and we are with Reyna Mendoza at her cooking school El Sabor Zapoteco
and we are going to visit the market and get cooking. Fresh double cream Oaxacan string cheese. Done at the market, we’ve picked up some ingredients
for a soup, a mole, a dessert and I think there was a cactus dish in there somewhere. We’re actually in Teotitlan which is a Zapotec
little town outside of Oaxaca. The Zapotec people are the largest indigenous
group in Oaxaca so we are cooking Zapotecan food today. So excited! So you always start with dessert before your
main meal so we had hot chocolate and the traditional way is to make the hot chocolate
with water and we had some Mexican sweet breads which we dipped into the hot chocolate, it
was delicious. Time to cook! At the moment there’s lots of prep going on,
so there’s prep for dessert, we’ve been prepping the herbs, we’re about to prep the corn, so
interesting all of this. And this beautiful wood stove in the middle
of the room where we can roast the corn. We’ve got our corn dessert here our postre
and we were able to decorate our own puddings with cochineal, I think I did a pretty good
job. Art work complete, let the prep continue. I’m just grinding the corn but I don’t really
think I have the knack for it, as there are still huge bits in here. It’s getting smaller. Beyond learning to cook, look where we’re
learning to cook, it’s just beautiful, these grounds, it just feels really authentic here. It’s really, really nice. Most of the prep and cooking is done we have
got a sageza which is like a mole, Oaxaca is known for having 7 famous moles but Reyna
says in fact there’s like a hundred, so this is just a type of mole that we’re having. We’re also having a soup and it’s got lots
of herbs and squash blossom and chicken in it, or chicken stock and then we’re having
some nopales or cactus in a chilli sauce with fresh cheese sprinkled on top and then we
have our gorgeous desserts to finish and I did spot some mezcal as well. Looking very fetching in this pinny. Beautiful. They do these great mini beers here in Mexico
and we just learnt it’s so they don’t get warm because you drink them really quick. It’s 210 mls so I look like a giant. It’s so cute. Mexico’s crazy we’ve just arrived back in
Oaxaca to this! It’s Gueleguetza which is a celebration of
Oaxaca’s indigenous cultures. We’ve had a great day trying all that awesome
indigenous food, it’s perfect, so fitting. We’ll put details below of where we were today. Thank you so much El Sabor Zapoteco we had
a fabulous time. Thank you for watching. We hope we’ve inspired
you to eat and explore like a traveler, not a tourist. Adios!

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