Cooking Robot “Mechanical Chef” can prepare Indian Foods automatically in Homes

Bangalore-based startup Mechanical Chef has
created a Compact Cooking Robot that is more suitable for Indian Homes. Cooking takes a lot of time. Someone in the family ends up spending two
to three hours in the kitchen each day. This turns out to be a very heavy burden on
nuclear families and bachelors / spinsters. The Mechanical Chef lightens the burden of
the cook by preparing a full meal automatically. Its user only needs to load in cut vegetables. The machine does the everything else and presents
a delicious meal. This Cooking Robot prepares many Indian Foods
by doing 3 opertions. One is, Dropping – ingredients into the
dish being cooked; Second opertion is, Heating – the dish being cooked; The third one is,
Stirring – the contents. These three operations are all that it takes
to prepare many Indian dishes. The machine already comes loaded with all
the spices that are needed for cooking The user adds the vegetables needed for the
cook and the machine then takes over and does everything else When the user selects what they want to cook,
the machine guides them through what vegetables they need to prepare and cut, in the quantities
they need. It then guides them through the loading of
the vegetables into the machine. The vessels that hold the vegetables and any
part of the machine that comes into contact with the food can be snapped on and off, and
is therefore easy to clean. The number of such parts to clean is also
minimized. People will prefer the flexibility of having
a cooking machine at hand that can cook for them at any time, especially one that they
can control from their phone so that it starts cooking when its users
are still on their way back from work. To keep the cost minimum, this Cooking Robot
is desinged to avoid any movement against Gravity, and it uses rotation rather than
any linear motion. Though this Robot does most of the Cooking
automatically, it still has some limitations. With the current AI Technology, it is still
not a simple matter to build cutting machines that are also easy to clean. So, a human would be needed to do the cutting
and peeling. The Mechanical Chef also doesn’t prepare
any dishes that require shaping, such as rotis, dosas and idlis.

22 thoughts on “Cooking Robot “Mechanical Chef” can prepare Indian Foods automatically in Homes

  1. I'm all for innovation. But India does not need this. Unemployment is a huge issue in this country. If this machine is put up for sale, it will mean dismissal of chefs from across the country. Eventually, all manual tasks will be carried out by machines. Not a step in the right direction in my opinion. We have a lot of problems to deal with and cooking food is not one of them.

  2. best automatic cooking machine i have seen in world till now. even better then mit students cooking method "SPYCE"

  3. It is awesome, the use of optocoupler module is very good, it can also have RFID cards or tags for the dispenser, it is very good.

  4. it still looks like prototype and may not be able to handle lot of dishes out there and more of the problem is we cannot store cut vegetables for longer period of time as it will spoil and cutting vegetables is also a hassle so automate the cutting part as well

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