Cooking Sous Vide with Chef Gary LaMorte

My name is Gary LaMorte and I am the
founder of Honest Hospitality team, a full spectrum management and consulting agency. This dish is Sterling caviar sturgeon wrapped over poached burdock root, grated daikon, and apple. One of the techniques we use to ensure consistency
with this dish is sous viding of the burdock root. It’s peeled, rinsed, marinated, and
cooked for 90 minutes. This dish is Cuisine Solutions sous-vide octopus. We’ve rinsed, dried, and scurried the octopus to maintain the shape and prepare it for cooking. The octopus is grilled with extra virgin olive oil, fresh lemon, and sea salt purees. On the plate are a roasted sweet potato and aji panca as
well as a roasted white yam with aji amarillo. These are garnished respectively with
urfa biber pepper, black lava salt, mint oil, and charred Romano beans served over leche de Tigre of purple cabbage with ginger. The barrage and foliage is courtesy of desert bloom farms. The Cuisine Solutions octopus is tender, extremely consistent, completely cooked, but still maintains the integrity of the octopus. This dish features Cuisine Solutions
three bone braised beef short rib. We chose to prepare three different dishes
to really showcase the capacity of the protein. We’re featuring a chili roasted
with Korean chilies and toasted sesame, a black garlic and barley miso braised, and a katsu beef rib with fried onion
katsu sauce. On the side we have fermented kimchi,
fresh uni with daikon and shiso. The braised beef short rib is ready to eat out of the bag, yet prepared in a manner that still allows to accentuate that basic preparation.

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