Cooking Tips : Finger Foods for Parties

If you are entertaining a group of people
and don’t want to serve a complete meal finger foods are a great alternative. I’m Karen Lasher,
Chef owner of “Around the Table” in Camas, Washington and I’m going to talk to you a
little bit today about finger foods. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when
you are serving finger foods. First and most important is you really want them to be finger
foods. They should be bite size, something that someone can eat in one complete bite.
Also you want items that aren’t extremely messy, something that when someone bites into
it is not going to end up on the front of their dress or down the side of their mouth.
It is also nice when you are doing a menu to create a nice mix of items from vegetarian
to meat to baked to fresh, some vegetables, those make great finger foods. There are a
lot of items that you can work with. I have a few examples here and to show you, Phyllo
though is a wonderful item to make finger foods with. 1) Because you can make it ahead
and bake them right before your party. So here I have what I call Moroccan chicken cigars.
I like to serve them in a cigar box an it makes for a really fun presentation. The filling
is a mixture of spices, some egg, some nuts and chicken and it also has a little sweet
component to it in cinnamon sugar and it is sprinkled with that on the top. This is another
form of Phyllo appetizer called a Phyllo triangle and there are so many different fillings you
can use to make triangles. This particular one has a wild mushroom blue cheese and pecan
filling. I also have a couple more fresh type items. This is a prosciutto and fig roll.
It has got goat cheese in the middle. It is just a fig that I spread goat cheese on and
wrapped in prosciutto and did a little lemon zest olive oil on top. This is what I call
a prosciutto cup and it has actually kind of created a little cup. The prosciutto the
inside, is a ricotta mixture, ricotta, Parmesan cheese, spinach and some herbs and this is
one of my most favorite. It is called a smoked salmon lollipop and I’ll show you the inside.
So the inside of the lollipop is actually what you would find in a traditional lock
splatter, cream cheese, capers, red onions, some lemon zest and all mixed together and
then created in the little bite sized balls and covered in your lock style smoked salmon
complete with your lollipop stick. Now whenever you are serving something such as the lollipop
or often you might have cocktail meatballs that have a toothpick or a skewer of some
sort always make sure that you put a container so that when people are done eating and they
have a place to put their used stick. You don’t want their guests wandering around their
living room trying to find a place to put their sticks. I think you would find them
in strange places. So again wonderful to entertain with friends, a chance for people to gather
together and finger foods are a great way to make it easy for you and also for your

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