Cooking Tips : How to Flip Food in a Wok

To flip vegetables in a wok, first start with
your vegetables in a wok set on high heat. Now to flip your wok, you may need two hands,
because typically, woks are a little bit heavier. First, you’re going to take your handle and
you’re going to tilt it down away from you. Your vegetables should slide away from you
as well. Next, we’re going to flip our wrist up and back and we’re going to get those vegetables
flipping around. And that is how you flip vegetables in a wok.

18 thoughts on “Cooking Tips : How to Flip Food in a Wok

  1. @toomuchrose not for me cause i just started working as a cook and I had to learn to do this I never cooked w/ woks before. so there…

  2. just got a job at thai express and I dont even cook. here I am seaching how to flip a wok because the workers there spoke broken english and gave me a vague tutorial. wish me luck

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