Cooking Vegetable Scrambled Eggs with 20 Different Vegetables and 200 Eggs – Healthy Indian Food

Chopping all the vegetables. Steaming chopped baby corns, asparagus, cauliflower and broccoli for few minutes. Adding oil. Adding chopped green onions, celery and leaks. Adding green peas. Adding chopped carrots. Adding chopped potatoes. Adding chopped garlic. Adding chopped green capsicum, yellow capsicum and red capsicum. Adding chopped mushrooms. Adding chopped purple and white cabbage Adding chopped baby corns. Adding cauliflower and broccoli Adding chopped Zucchini Adding asparagus and sprouts Adding salt. Adding red chili powder. Adding pepper powder. Add some water and steam the vegetables for few minutes. Adding lime juice. This plate is for vegans. Speaker: Lets shift the stove. We will burn the fire there. Adding eggs. Finally adding pepper.

100 thoughts on “Cooking Vegetable Scrambled Eggs with 20 Different Vegetables and 200 Eggs – Healthy Indian Food

  1. Looks so yummy but I don't think it's a good idea giving it to your dogs to eat, I've seen on a few of these cooking programs that they feed the dogs what they cook, half of the things shouldn't be in a dogs diet.

  2. ervilha direto na chapa,errado a camada da ervilha e sensivel e queima assim que posta em uma chapa quente perdendo os nutrientes…

  3. Amazing video! And I love that you always share with friends and the dogs!! Can't forget about them!! 😀

  4. I mean like where is this, and like are you rich or something. It's weird, an I know I sound American as fuck right now but you also got internet over there.

  5. I absolutely loved watching that! It's so clear, too! Kudos guys 👏🏼
    I also loved the scenery in this video, it reminded me of my grandmother's place in the countryside in Syria 😍 We used go there every summer and it was very peaceful and beautiful ❤ Sadly, it was all destroyed by the war, but it will stay in our memories and hearts forever 😢

  6. do you grow your own peas? they are huge compared to what we get in the US! you are welcome in my kitchen any day! you obviously know how to cook. I own a set of the same Fiesta knives…aren't they wonderful and sharp?? 😆

  7. i watched manny videos and everytime you give food to a dog or a cat you give it in a paper plate or a leaf, that's nice !

  8. the only thing that bugs me about these videos is when they always eat with their hands, can someone explain to me why is it culture? religion? not like they don't have access I see all these knifes, peelers, etc so why not forks and spoons?

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