Cooking WILD GOOSE Burger In The FOREST (Start-to-Finish) | ASMR (Silent)

This is late season goose opener. Setting up goose decoys. Making sure they face into the wind. Warming up the goose call, it’s cold. The geese will start to fly at day break. The geese come in for corn left here by the farmer. We are hiding just inside the edge of the trees where the birds won’t see us. This one dropped a long ways away. They are quite large birds. A big flock is coming in. Waiting for them to commit to our spread of decoys. Brushing off the decoys from snow and setting them right. This one needed a final blow. A nice amount of food for our families. We are removing the breast meat to make a goose burger. An old channel carved out by the river. This rock wall will provide shelter from the elements. Dry wood is a must in the winter. I need kindling too. Dry sticks work well. Birch bark is good for fire starting because it contains oils. I set the birch bark at the bottom and throughout the pile so it catches well. The fire burns high with all the birch bark. I will need to let the fire burn down before I can cook. Slicking the meat on an angle will make it easier to mince into burger. Slice, fold, flip, cut will make it very fine and like ground meat. Spices make all the difference. Goose meat can be chewy so cut-grind like this will make it taste a lot better. An onion for added flavor. A fresh burger from wild game like this is a real treat. Tomato, lettuce go well on any burger. Toasted bun in hot oil. This burger was so very great! A pickle on the side to clean the palate before the next bite.

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  2. I love these kind of videos. What you could have done is after preparing the patty, pop it in something and place it under the snow to let it firm up for about 30mins, that way it would hold its firmness to make it easier to work with.

  3. I'd only eat goose if it were harvested this far north. It's best to get them before they've crossed through populated areas on their southern migration.

  4. Beautiful birds. Always begin your shots by saying "In the name of God ". (Bismillah). Bethankful to the creator for his infinite bounties. I'd love to hunt abroad one day. God bless and stay safe. Feather out the birds and roast them with the skin until the oils start spitting. Curry them Trini style and eat with roti.

  5. Well my ground turkey sure don't look like that dang that looks good man you need to put a disclaimer on videos saying if you're hungry and on a diet do not watch. LOL.

  6. Ha ha! Look at that smile! You should create quizzes where the winners will get something original you make, like jerky, or even a jar of your maple syrup. It could earn you money too!

  7. Do as my grandparents did. Save the outer tip of the wing with feathers and all. Let it dry and then use it as a brush to dust of snow, dust etc.

  8. No wonder these things hate humans. Every year they come to my country for a while and as soon as humans are getting close to feed ducks, swans and also them they leg it, hiss at us and are incredibly scared. IDK man, that sucks. You actually traumatize them long term… They "do not" forget. Otherwise they wouldn't be scared of every human in sight. Not saying you're cruel or should stop – it's just also sad to me to see how it changes them mentally for the rest of their life and I wonder if they remember visually what happened to their other flock members. But yes, that's about it. There is just ONE thing I am actually concerned about. If you shoot into the air at that whole flock, what if you injure other geese but they survive? What if they die some time later somewhere else? Is that preventeable? Do you have good aim?

  9. Who needs words !that food speaks for itself simple as 👌🏼💯🤤( I do this with game animals not minced diced very tasty on nanbread and similar salad ) fullstop .👍🏻

  10. Question when was the last time you and your brother (kevin) went out together on a trip like this.. alone and doing the things you both like to do? 🙂

  11. you just take the breast , what happens to the rest of the bird . I sure hope you dont throw it away . that is a waste of meat

  12. That looked so good Chris, I have never had wild goose, my mate used to tell me cook it in cardboard and eat the cardboard!!! that of yours looked lovely,,I like the way you did it. I love wild duck, keep warm. 🙂

  13. Oh man this was cool. 😂 I can see it on your face right before you take a bite “oh man can’t wait to eat this”. Such a dope video thank you

  14. Full stop. Yet another great video. I could tell that it was so hard to not talk about how delicious that burger was. I'd have probably put a little more garlic in but I love garlic. Got to keep the vamps away. Lol.
    Thanks for sharing and love these "silent" videos. 👍

  15. I know you can't do it out in the woods, but have you ever thought about livestreaming? I think it would be cool to be able to interact with you live, plus you can get donations with questions and suggestions!

  16. Love to see you guys speak about country life but you live it too. W p Ulf like to see you make a channel about that life. Keep it real bro

  17. Hey Wooded I can see it all in your eyes while you are the Goose Burger that you wanted to TALK SO BAD, lol 😂 because that’s why we love you and watch your stuff because of the knowledge and passion that you share through your words and actions In your videos.

    From Texas with love!!!

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