‘Cooking with a Dad’ Mac n Cheese Hot Dogs- Brewed for Food Education Series

Hey, this is Goose Island’s Brewed for Food- Hey, welcome back this is Goose Island’s Brewed for Food Education Series. I’m Mike Smith, and today you’re Cooking With a Dad So having a conversation with my oldest daughter, she loves mac and cheese, she loves hot dogs, so she suggested “Dad why can’t we just put them together?” Light bulb went off, and we made mac and cheese hot dogs. It’s never been that- So here’s mac and cheese hot dogs, Dad style. First we want to start with some hot dogs, I picked up some Vienna Beef franks, Chicago born. They really Fort Knox these things. All right, so let’s steam our dogs. Go ahead and throw them in there, no rhyme or reason. Put that lid on there and set the timer for about 12-15 minutes. You just want to heat them up, they’re already cooked. Usually when I make mac and cheese, I just grab Annie’s family style and do that, but we’re gonna dad recipe it up today, make a little adult mac and cheese So we’re gonna start with some just macaroni elbows. Go ahead and open your one-pound bag of elbow macaroni and dump her in there. That’s gonna take about five to seven minutes so it’s gonna get done a little bit faster than the dog should be, but we’ll keep an eye out on it And now for the special time, this is where we’re gonna make the bechamel sauce, but not your traditional Bechamel, it’s gonna be beerchamel, and that’s where we bring in the 312 Wheat. So we have our saucepan here, got it on medium heat. We’re gonna start by melting the butter. Throw that in there. While the butter is melting we’re gonna take three tablespoons of flour, go ahead and add that in. Make the roux. You’ll want to stir it pretty good the whole time so it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan. It’s thickening up a little bit. While that’s going we’re gonna go ahead and add the half-and-half And the beer. Just keep stirring it, a little bit of salt in there The beer So you want to cook this for about two minutes now, let’s make sure it thickens up a little bit. And from here, a little fresh pepper. Freshly ground nutmeg, or a little shaker on the side. A little Dijon mustard. Now it’s time to slowly start adding the cheese So I got some bagged Gouda here, two cups, and I got some bags sharp cheddar there, four cups, so you can grab any kind of cheese you want. I just like the Cheddar gouda mix right here. Couldn’t find any smoked cheddar this time, that’s always a good one, too. Let’s just slowly start adding some of this cheese in here. While you’re doing this while it’s melting you just want to constantly be stirring it. A little gouda here, a little cheddar there. Stir it in. You know when this is cooking slow, you can really smell, really smell the beer, the pepper, the nutmeg, the cheese. It’s all coming together. Really nice. You know if it gets a little too thick you can’t always add a little bit more 312 in there. Look at that. It’s almost like we could just Grab a fork and eat it, right? All right, so those noodles are gonna be done here in the next minute or two. Our cheese has a little bit of melting to do, and I’m gonna add a little bit more 312. One for the cheese, one for me. This time I’m gonna put a little bit of hot sauce in there. Look how thick and gooey that is. All right, so the noodles are done. Go ahead and dump it in the strainer here. Hot, hot, hot, hot, should’ve gotten some gloves. But it’s all good, it’s all good. Dad’s hands, they’re so fragile. I did save some noodle water, I guess huh? Just because the sauce is a little bit thick so we’re gonna go ahead, dump the noodles back in oh, yeah dump that cheese in there. Look at that. Oh Mercy, have mercy, that is good stuff. So put that in there even though it’s a little thick I did add a little bit more 312 throughout cooking the noodles. Little pasta water never hurts and let’s just go ahead and get that all up in there. Oh yeah. All right, so we’re set to go. So we’re just gonna let that sit for a second, we’re gonna go back and get those hot dogs out. These went for about 12-13 minutes. You just want to plump them up. So now it’s time to construct the dog. What I like to do is you can get this little cool- That’s good You know you get this, this is a spiral hot dog cutter. I don’t know what end does it go? In we go ahead and stick it in the tube. Uh This side There we go. And just we’re gonna go ahead and go ahead and slice it down there. It’s just got two blades that it’s slicing There we go, all the way to the end. Look at that, look at that guy. Be gentle. Be gentle. There we go. So kind of cool it slices and spirals up that hot dog so you can get maximum exposure to the mac and cheese Let’s go ahead and get a good healthy scoop here. Right there on the dog, look at that guy stringing along. There you go. One last thing you can put some freshly cut chives, green onions, on there. Look what I have right here my little friend, bacon. Go ahead and just do it. Hey if you want the recipe, it’s right down below Please remember to like, comment, subscribe. And this has been Mike Smith, and you’ve been Cooking With A Dad. That cheese sauce is awesome.

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