Cooking with Chef Shameless: Jerk Chicken Salad

Welcome to the Shameless Cooking! You are now… in the presence… of Chef Shameless! Jerk chicken wine! You not ready for this yet, bwoy! Move ova, Miley! We been windin’ since zion days! Whaddup beautiful people? It is your homegirl Chef Shameless, all up in your kitchen! We welcoming she I flip-flop between Trini and Jamaican. My bad. With Jamaican I’m kind of weak. So a lot of you guys watched this video, my diet, how I stay fit. If you haven’t watched it, you might wanna watch it at the end of this video. And the link is in the description box, okay? So step number 1! The things you’re gonna need is this track! You can download it; make sure you guys read the description box for all the information, along with other awesome tracks by da tune masta, da beat masta! Da music man, Jay Ellyiot–to wine up ya waist side to while ya cooking! ‘Cause cooking, and all things in life are supposed to be fun! So I’mma share my secrets with you, okay? Here we go! And first thing you need is jerk chicken seasoning. Yes, it is mild. I am already hot-headed! Then you get yourself some chicken! Chicken breasts-tststs! You’re gonna marinate that. Overnight, 24 hours! With coconut milk. This stuff is bomb. Now, I am not a fan of dairy. All those recipes that call for milk; butter milk–get yourself some coconut milk, this stuff leaves your chicken moist! Then some sea salt–just a little sprinkle, a little dabble. Whole spice, AKA pimento–I think it’s the same thing, but for whatever reason some places out here call it whole allspice.. Get some bay leaves, you need some bay leaves. You can get some thyme. Little, little, little, rosemary. A little cracked pepper. Peppercorn. Garlic? You could put some garlic, that would be bomb. What else?! Onions, if you like onions you can put that in there. I didn’t put any onions in this one. But before we get into that, clean your chicken! And this is how I do it. Put some water and a little bit of vingar, and I let that sit for like, 5 minutes. ‘Cause I want a clean chicken! And then you wash your hands because you don’t need that salmonella. And 2 little teaspoons of jerk chicken sauce. Rub it in. Little sprinkle of thyme. Rosemary. Couple bay leaves. And just a few of these little pimento balls. Like, 3. And then you take the coconut milk and you drizzle it. And you mix it around. And then you cover it. Then you put it in your fridge, okay? Put it in your fridge! And then the next day, you cook it! You just pan sear it; you put a little olive oil on the pan, just enough to get the bottom coated. Then you put the chicken on it, then you put the lid on it–and then you make sure that that flame is low. Let it cook… I don’t know–I don’t know like what, 6 minutes? Just check–and then you turn it over, cook the other side another 6 minutes; that’s 12 minutes. Just keep checking. Eyeball it–you know, I didn’t even really time it. Yeah, but while that’s cooking for like 6 to 12 minutes, you’re gonna prepare your salad! Get some of your baby spinach and… shablam! Shablee! Shablow! And just put it in this bowl–cooking is fun! I need a cooking show! So then you get de cucumber, you get de cucumber! Cut it into little slices; little, little, little thing there! Like so, you cut it into quarters! And then your chicken should be done at this point. So once all that’s set you get your chicken off of the grill, or whatever you’re using to cook. Chop it up–look at that, fresh off de stove! And then get your favorite toppings! This is ‘ahh’ so good! So good! Now! If you feel real diva-like… Shredded coconut! You just put your hand in de bag like so! Then you sprinkle to de bowl like… Then, you wanna get your dressing. This is the deal right here, okay? Then you mix it and you twirl it around like so… See, and you do your jerk chicken wine! Stay fit! Have fun! Body break! You should be sweatin’ by the time you’re done cooking, okay? That’s it! If you like this track, read the description box! I wanna know what your favorite salad dressing is. Is it creamy like a ranch, or is it a vinaigrette? If you happen to make this jerk chicken salad, make sure you guys instagram it, okay? I’m on instagram, yo! Instagram it, @ me. And my username is @mayasworld. Hashtag it! Be shameless. Do you boo! Chef Shameless loves you! I love you! Te amo mucho! Hold on, we’re in… Me love to slow wine, pon it, jerk chicken wine pon it–that’s not slow Maya! It’s hard, tho! It’s hard, jerk chicken wine! Jerk chicken wine!

100 thoughts on “Cooking with Chef Shameless: Jerk Chicken Salad

  1. i first found you via your video about curly hair (which thank you btw for the variety in that video! it's hard to find videos about curly hair that's not aimed just for african americans =/) and now you are teaching me about beauty, working out and eating healthy! (now I'm hungry!!! I am definitely going to try this!!! can't you tell I'm excited?! XD lol) you are awesome!! =)

  2. Maya I love you girl you are such an inspiration ughhh I love you boo keep doing you boo, keeping us all shameless and true ! 💜

  3. My son Shayne is in love this video and he's only six, he wants to see it everyday and he also sings along with it!!! He says she's so funny!!!

  4. Lmao Damn yes gyal u were more trini lol but as long as u repping the Caribbean its all good. Im a new subi and love how different and random Ur videos are i definitely love the fun bubbly personality and jerks chicken wine does.sound like something we jamaican wud create lool nuff luv n big mi gyal! Hope u understand that lol

  5. U make your salad the same technic I make all of my food ( bam, pow, blam, shazam! ) LOL my fiancé peeks in the kitchen like wth r u sayin/doin. Lol PS: I dance 2 when I cook!! They say a positive attitude when cooking reflects the out come of your meals. So I cook with happiness, excitement, & love love love love….well I try 2 that is. LOLOLOLOLOL

  6. Nahhh. Luckiest set ah cupboardz in NYC. LMAO I'm Trini and you had me weeping at "yuh put yuh han in dee baahhgggg" you're too much fun! Haaaaa

  7. ohhh gosh gyal …. yuh hit meh a lil trini dey …. ah luv yuh to bad inno 😀 Hey its me samuel hailing all the way from Trini keeping it real shameless <3

  8. Maya…Love ya like cooked food, but that chicken was waaaay too white to be jerked!  Get some more color on that chicken next time.

  9. I was crying lol! i had to watch the "pop" at 4:08 and "put ya hand in de bowl like sooooo" a few times. ::crying&laughing::

  10. I actually don't use salad dressing most of the time. I just add toppings that I love which often includes fruit in someway shape or form. –You are so silly! LOVE IT

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